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Friday, 3 February 2017

February 03, 2017

6 Early Signs of Heart Attack In Women

Heart attacks are deadly and surprisingly they present different symptoms that face men and women.

The common symptoms like chest pains all the way down which can be linked to males may necessarily occur in women. With women the symptoms usually are less prominent and almost 'missable'.

6 Early Signs of Heart Attack in Women

These symptoms tend to be pointers to strokes in women:

1. Chest pain

Chest pain is undoubtedly an indicator of the onset of heart attack in females. It comes with an uncomfortable feeling and usually a feeling of tightness around the chest as well as in some cases difficulty in breathing around the chest rather than the left side as common in males.

2. Lightheadedness

A constant and persistent sense of dizziness and light-weight headedness generally is a pointer to cardiac arrest in the nearest future.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue is a large indicator of the start a cardiac arrest. Unexplained fatigue, getting excessively tired after small chores or exercises etc are signs to watch out for.

4. Stomach Discomfort

Stomach discomfort is usually a sign of heart attack common in females. It appears in way of severe abdominal pressure and usually uncomfortable.

5.  Neck/Jaw/Back Pain

Jaw pains, back and neck pains can be looked out for in females. Back and neck pains come suddenly without any kind of physical activity plus in some cases pain could be experienced throughout the lower left side in the jaw.

6. Shortness Of Breath

Unexplained shortness of breath can be a warning sign specifically when it (a suffocating feeling) gets worse when lying down and continues when one gets up. Sometimes it can be accompanied with nausea and sweating.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

November 03, 2016

Women's Issue - 5 Causes Of Vaginal Odor

Women's Issue -  5 Causes Of Vaginal Odor
There are quiet a lot of unimportant factors that have been over looked by ladies which have majorly contributed in causing vaginal odor.

To start with healthy balanced vagina naturally has an acidic pH level as well as healthy bacteria to help keep infections away, that is to say, the vagina is self cleansing.

 Though it's important to always keep your virginal area well maintained and catered for, it doesn't necessarily mean high maintenance, but due diligence to keep it healthy.

For an example,wearing cotton panties ditching with nylons, keeps the area dry and prevents moist, is a few are ways to keep the area in top shape. 

There is a normal saying that says prevention is better than cure, below are 5 causes of vaginal odor.


1. Vaginal Douching 

Your vagina doesn't need to be douched all ,what your vaginal needs is clean water to wash the area. 

It's strongly advised to keep any perfumed fragrances wash or soap away from your intimate area as they end up disrupting the PH level balance of the vagina.

2.Moist and Sweat When Exercising 

Always clean up properly after exercising or engaging in any strenuous activity. The vagina become moistly or wet during exercising and if not washed can cause unpleasant odor in the area.

3. Condom Allergies

Sexually active ladies should check for allergic reactions in the types of condoms worn during the 'intimate session' as research show reactions to condoms can cause funny vaginal odors.

 If you suspect this might be the case, switch to another brand that suits the area.

4.  Tight Clothes And Panties 

Clothes and panties that are too tight around the vagina won't allow the area 'breathe' causing odor from the area which is very unhealthy.

5. Excess Pubic hair

When the hair around your pubic area is not tamed or trimmed regularly it can cause vaginal odor because sweat, moisturizer and more moistly substance get trapped in the area when not kept clean.

The best prevention is to shaving often and keep the your pubic area clean as much as possible.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

September 22, 2016

Avoid Doing These 6 Things To Your Vagina Again

Avoid Doing These 6 Things To Your Vagina Again
You must have known by now that the vagina is self-cleansing so there's usually no need to over clean it because it does that itself.

The vagina has the ability to maintain its own pH level and also having the ability to make clean water to keep the vagina smelling right.
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1. Piercing
Most ladies out there like piercing their genitals in other to meet up with the latest fashion trend, but I can tell you that piercing your genitals paves way for infections and also damages the nerves in your genital area. Note it is unsafe.

2. Avoid Douching.
Douching distrupts your body's pH level which also affects your intimate area and can cause you harm.

3. Avoid Steaming Your Vagina.
Steaming your vagina also causes hormonal imbalance and opens the door to bad bacteria in your intimate area. the vagina contains some natural good bacteria for cleansing the vagina and when they are restricted it opens the door to infections and other problems.

4. Avoid Scented (Perfume) Soaps and Wash.
It is not necessary to use scented soaps and liquid wash for your vagina. It is advisable to use unscented soaps instead which is very safe. Scented soaps and wash contain cleansers which disrupt the good bacteria in the vagina and this can pave the way for infections.

5. Wear Comfortable Undies
Underwears like tight nylon facbrics causes irritation to your vagina. it's advisable to wear free cotton underwear so as to enable air inflow and thereby reducing the risk of infection.

6. Don't Shave off Your Pubic Hair.
There are proven result that states shaving off your pubic hair increase the chance of getting bacteria infection. The pubic hair on your vagina effectively absorbs moisture and protects it optimally. Note this, instead of shaving your pubic hair, I suggest you trim it down.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

September 21, 2016

Vaginal Health - How To Make Your Vagina Healthy Using These 4 Foods

 How To Maintain A Healthy Vagina Using These Four Foods
  Having a healthy vagina is desirable for every lady and maintaining that area doesn't cost a dime as long as you can follow the natural remedies in this article.

  Having a healthy vagina means your PH level is well balanced which will in turn keep bacteria at bay. It's important to note that eating a well-balanced diet and  maintaining a good hygiene life helps in keeping the body as well as your vagina healthy.

How To Maintain A Healthy Vagina

Below are some Natural remedies that can effectively keep your PH level optimally well balance.

1. Kale

 How To Maintain A Healthy Vagina Using These Four Foods

  Kale is very rich in vitamin C and A, which aids the immune system as well as improve proper blood circulation.

  It is advisable to include Kale in your diet or even use it with other vegetables, as this works to lubricate and prevent itching and dryness.

 2. Garlic

 How To Maintain A Healthy Vagina Using These Four Foods
  Garlic is known for its antibiotics properties. Garlic purifies the blood, it also contains antimicrobial nutrients which fights infection and can also prevent abnormal vaginal discharges and burnings.

Include garlic in your diets or better still you can still eat it raw daily.

3. Lemon
  Lemons are rich in antioxidants which helps in improving the pH level of the body and it also work to fight infections.
 How To Maintain A Healthy Vagina Using These Four Foods

Drink a glass of lemon water daily. For better result, drink it first thing in the morning. 

4. Yoghurt 
Yoghurt is very good for your vagina health , as it can effectively normalise the vagina's acid level.
 How To Maintain A Healthy Vagina Using These Four Foods

When taking yoghurt , make sure is not just any ordinary yoghurt. Greek yoghurt has been recommended for overall vagina health. Note yoghurt provides or enhances ''good bacteria'' for the vagina.

Follow the above tips in other to maintain a healthy vagina.

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Monday, 12 September 2016

September 12, 2016

Natural Remedies For Endometriosis

Natural Remedies For Endometriosis
  Endometriosis is common condition that most females encounter. Endometriosis takes place when the endometrium, the tissue which is found inside the surface of the uterus, grows outside the uterine cavity. It can develop within the ovaries, bowel and tissues lining of  the pelvis.

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  Endometriosis can also be found in women who are experiencing infertility, and the rate of endometriosis is higher in women who are experiencing infertility than women who are fertile. however it is a point to note that backflow of menstrual flow is a major cause of of endometriosis.

Natural Remedies For Endometriosis

  They are different natural approach for treating endometriosis which include herbal supplements and other therapies. see below natural remedies for endometriosis.

1. Herbal Medicines.
 Fuyan Pill is a herbal medicine which has been proven to be effective in treating endometriosis. Herbal doctors believe that Fuyan Pill works perfectly because of the estrogen found in it. Herbs contained in this pill, include poria cocos, radices scutellariae, Gardenia, Atractylodes ovata, Dioscorea Batatas, Atractylodes sinensis, Talcum, Angelica, semen persicae, saffron, liquorice,which are helpful in relieving endometriosis.
  Acupuncture is another natural therapy used by the Chinese,this therapy brings good relief and energy in the body. Acupunture has the ability to release an organic pain killer known as endorphins. This natural remedy is by the insertion of needles into the skin at many different points.

3. Diet Plan.
 Diet plan is another measure to adopt to cure endometriosis.Eating a well planed diet with low carbohydrate and also avoiding sugar,caffeine,red meat and  refined foods which are know to aid endometriosis.
Natural Remedies For Endometriosis

4. Workout
Engaging in Exercises have been proven to be effective in reducing stress,overcoming depression,reducing pain and much much. Engaging in exercises helps in discharging endorphins. 
5. Aromatherapy.(Use of Natural Oil)
This is the use of natural oils which are found in plants. These oils contain anti-viral,anti fungal  and anti bacterial properties, oils for treating endometriosis like sage, cypress, fennel, bergamot and geranium.


The above outlined natural remedies have been proven to work by previous endometriosis patients. Use this natural remedy and get the lasting relief you have sought for. 

 Please leave your comments below and remember to share this article to help someone out there!

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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

September 06, 2016

Natural Remedies For Irregular Menstruation

Natural Remedies For Irregular Menstruation
    Menstrual periods can occasionally be a real pain. Experincing your menstrual periods can make you fall  sick, like having a headache or even a stomach ache. Yes, menstrual periods can be a genuine pain, and its a painful experince  when they become irregular.
 Irregular periods are the most common menstrual complaints around.Usually, irregular periods are not anything to be worried about, but sometimes, they do signal health complications.

What Is Irregular Menstrual Periods?

  Irregular Menstrual periods is known to be labeled each time a lady has a bleeding that isn't connected to the regular cycle, when periods are longer and heavier as evaluate on track.

  When time or there is a gap stuck between two periods which is longer or shorter in contrast to standard or if there is certainly any uterine bleeding, then also your situation falls under menstruation disorder or irregular menstruation.

Causes of Irregular Menstruation

1.Extra weight or Fat increase in a woman.

2.Too much exercise.

3.Hormonal Imbalance caused by poor nutrition.


5.Smoking causes irregular periods.

6.Excessive intake of coffee.

Drinking excessive alcohol.

Symptoms of Irregular Menstruation


2.Pelvic infection.

3.Inflammation in the uterus.

4.Weight gain or loss.

5.Prolapsed Uterus.

Natural Remedies for Irregular Menstruation

   Parsley (ajmoda) is a simple and effectual home cure for irregular menstruation.

 This is helpful for girls that either have painful or no menstrual flow.Take 1/2 cup of parsley juice. This juice is usually taken with vegetable extracts like carrot juice.

2. Sesame Seeds.
   Women with anemia suffer a lot during menstruation period. Sesame seeds are good home remedies for relief from the severe pain through the menstruation period.

  It also enhances blood flow during menstruation. Take 1-2 teaspoon of sesame seeds with a glass of water and boil it. Allow it to cool for some time, then drink one or two times daily.

3. Papaya.  
  Papaya is useful in treating menstrual problems. Women especially young females who experinces poor blood flow in their monthly period or individuals who experience severe pain all the way through their periods should eat raw papaya.
  Eating papaya strengtens the wall of the uterus, which allow for the proper circulation of blood.

4. Banana.
  Banana can be another useful fruit for irregular menstruation period. Women struggling with excessive hemorrhaging and severe pain in the stomach should take banana leaf,mix with oil curd.
 This remedy gives fast relief from pain and as well controls the excessive blood circulation.

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Friday, 2 September 2016

September 02, 2016

Women Health - How To Maintain Your Pregnancy While Working

How To Maintain Your Pregnancy While Working
   Being pregnant is like a full-time job, particularly if you are gainfully employed. There is no harm being pregnant as well as an employee of an establishment.However, you have to be more cautious about your body system and your unborn child while carrying on your activities in the office. Below are Tips on how to maintain your pregnancy while working.


1. Eat Healthy Meals Daily:
   As a working Pregnant woman you need to eat nutritious snacks, vegetables, fruits, yoghurt, cheese, pulses, sprouts, soya chunks, milk, and egg products. These types of foods are highly nutritious and perfect for pregnant working women. During pregnancy months, you have to eat at least 3 to 5 healthy meals a day. Pregnant women also need to take nutritious supplements as prescribed by their doctor. It is also vital for a you to keep your mental and physical health in-check.

2. Keep Some Healthy Snacks At The Office:
  You need to carry some healthy snacks along while going to work. Snacks like popcorn, peanut butter, crackers, cheese, boiled eggs, and fruits are essential nutrients that expectant mothers should the during the day. You should be careful not to allow yourself to get hungry for long because when a pregnant woman gets hungry long hours it can result to nausea and dizziness. It is also essential as a pregnant working woman to learn how to keep yourself hydrated continually. 
How To Maintain Your Pregnancy While Working

3. Stay Organized:
 As a pregnant woman you should live an organised life, like keeping a diary handy and writing  reminders for yourself at your workplace and at home. You should also list all your doctor appointments and other responsibilities at workplace within your calendar. And try to keep your calendar within your reach both at home and in the office.Because it is important to hold track of all your tasks and adhere to your schedule to avoid been over worked and excessively fatigued.

4.Don't Miss Your Full Night's Sleep:
  A good night's sleep is significant in other to ensure the stable flow of blood to the baby. Good sleep will even help prevent swelling. As a pregnant woman you should ideally try to get ten or eleven hours of sleep per night.

5.Exercise Moderately:
  It is also very important for a pregnant working woman to try and do moderate exercises as instructed by a doctor. For example, taking a short walk round the office block, may help eliminate the chance of blood clots and swelling in the feet and legs. However, you need to avoid heavy exercises and strength straining during pregnancy.

I hope the above steps will help keep you and your unborn baby healthy till delivery time. But note to always keep in touch with your doctor when you experience any challenges.

Please share your comments below.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August 31, 2016

Healthy Pregnancy - How To Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy

 How To Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy

  Congratulations for your new pregnancy! Now the real work begins. You'll want to be sure that you're very healthy during your pregnancy, Below are some important tips you should follow to help keep you and your baby healthy.


1.Always Visit Your Doctor.
Now that you are pregnant,make it a regular schedule to visit your doctor .You can visit your regular doctor, or you may select an obstetrician who delivers babies routinely. Either way, you must make sure that you get this scheduled so that you and your baby will both be healthy.

2.Eat Well.
  Ensure that you are eating a well balanced diet. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and make sure that you are drinking enough water. Staying hydrated doesn't just help you feel great, it will also allow you to stay healthy.

 How To Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy
3.Stop Smoking
 If you are a smoker, you have to put a definite end to it,because babies who're born to smokers are likely to be born early that is prematurely. If you want your unborn child to be fully developed and healthy you have to stop smoking now and reduce the many risks for both you and the baby.

4.Avoid Street Drugs
 Street drugs for like cocaine, heroin and marijuana can harm both you and baby. If you're using these drugs, get help now before it will be too late. They can greatly damage your babies body and they're not good for you can. You can confer with your doctor or possibly a rehab center but get help before it's too late.

5.Exercise Always. 
 Its time for you to start exercising .You can start with a walk everyday . Exercise can help keep your body in tone and make it easier for you to prepare for delivery. It will also allow you to feel better. Exercise is a great mood lifter in case you are feeling down and it can help your body to adjust to its new demands.

 How To Maintain A Healthy Pregnancy

  Do not be afraid to consider naps every day, this doesn't mean that you are weak. Your body is constructing a baby and you also need all the rest that it is possible to get to aid that baby grow and develop healthy.

7.Wear Comfortable Shoes.
 Always wear comfortable shoes. Your shoes must not be high heels because they can throw you off the ground . Your shoes should be comfortable, as this will prevent you from sleeping or falling while walking on various surfaces.

 8.Beware of Over The Counter Medications.
  Most Over the counter medications usually are not really safe for babies. Yes, you will begin to start having  some aches and pains as well as perhaps even some nausea and heartburn. Do not take any over the counter medications for these conditions without first consulting your doctor. Your doctor will in best position to prescribe medications for taking during pregnancy.

9.Take Your Prenatal Vitamins
  Prenatal Vitamins are crucial for both you and your baby. Your prenatal vitamins will aid in developing the baby in the womb wholesomely. Prenatal vitamins also have a lots of folic acid included. The folic acid will assist to prevent spina bifida plus some other conditions that sometimes happens during pregnancy.

 Pregnant mothers please follow the above steps in other to ensure a health child and delivery and also be intouch with yor doctors when you experince any issues.
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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

August 16, 2016

Causes Of Vagina Itching

Causes Of Vagina Itching
   Itching in the genital area can be very embarrassing especially when in a public place. It is a feeling on the skin that makes one want to scratch and it has no respect for anyone. Every woman has experienced slight itch around the vulva (area outside the vagina) once or twice in her lifetime. When the itch becomes consistent causing distress, it’s called Pruritus Vulvae. When the itching becomes too consistent, it leads to vigorous scratching that can break the skin or cause soreness giving room for infection. Sometimes, this itching occurs more at night while asleep or at work during a serious business meeting. There are different causes of vaginal/vulva itching, but most women believe yeast, candidiasis and Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) cause it. Although it’s one of the many symptoms of the mentioned infections, but itching around the vaginal/vulva area might have other causes.

Below are causes of Vaginal/Vulva Itching -

1. Skin conditions: Some skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, lichen simplex, lichen planus and lichen sclerosus can also irritate the vulva/ vagina.

2. Sensitization of the vulva skin: The kind of soaps, perfumes, deodorants, excessive sweat, condoms, wet wipes, textile dyes, detergents, fabric conditioners, sanitary wear, used on that area can also trigger itching 

3. Urinary incontinence: This can make the skin of the vulva moist and irritated. In little girls, a particularly common cause is careless or inadequate washing or drying of the area, and wiping the bottom in the ‘wrong’ direction (towards the front). Scrubbing too vigorously with toilet tissue can also contribute.

4. Menopause: Because of lower oestrogen levels, the vulval skin tends to become thinner and drier after the menopause, and this can make it prone to itch. 

5. Pregnancy: This can also cause itch due to vulval engorgement. There is also an increased risk of vaginal discharge and thrush during pregnancy, which may also cause itch.
6. Breast-feeding: During this period, a woman have itch around the vagina too due to low oestrogen levels. 

7. Any cause of a generalized body itch: This may also cause itching of the vulva. For example, a generalized body itch may be a side effect of some medicines or due to some blood disorders, thyroid problems or kidney or liver disease.

 8. Diabetes: It can cause itch in the vulval area, particularly if the diabetes is not well controlled and sugar levels are tending to run high. 

9. Lichen sclerosus: Is a condition of the vulva that causes itching and soreness and is more often seen in women with immune conditions such as thyroid disorders or diabetes. 

10. Cancer of the vulval skin is an uncommon cause. Usually in these cases a small lump or nodule is present. 

11. Unknown causes: In some cases, including some severe cases, no cause can be found. Treatment: Never ever try to give self-medication, visit your doctor for proper diagnosis to avoid further damage to the vagina.

courtesy -evermagazine

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Friday, 12 August 2016

August 12, 2016

5 Home Remedies For Cramps

5 Home Remedies For Cramps

 Every month ladies observe menstrual flows, during each menstrual period, if there is no sperm to fertilize the egg, the uterus contracts to expel its lining hence the blood flow that comes.

  For some reasons,women have terrible cramps that makes anytime of the month almost unbearable, while it is important to eat right, stay off junk food and other wrong lifestyle habits.

Below are Home Remedies For Cramps

1. Exercising
Exercising plays a great role as a remedy for menstrual cramps, nothing over the top but regular exercise, do things that keep you moving, do not stay idle or lazy, when you are active your body automatically doubles up and cramps become virtually non-existent.

2. Take Warm  Baths
Taking a warm bath (or hot-only as hot as the body can bear) helps the blood flow out much more freely which reduces cramps almost immediately.

3.Use Heating Pads
These are useful during the time of the month as they help relax the muscles and usually when body is relaxed, the organs do as well thereby reducing cramps. We have different heating pads available at stores around.

4. Abdominal Massage
Getting abdominal massage helps greatly to ease menstrual cramps, they give an instant relief to cramps while ensuring the flow comes unhindered which is good.

5. Eat The Right Food:
Magnesium And Calcium: These two minerals reduce muscle soreness. Although it can take time for you to see a noticeable effect. Research also suggest that getting up to 1,200 milligrams of calcium a day can help lessen many menstrual symptoms. Raw milk is a great source of minerals.

Fatty Fish: Fish that contain Omega 3 fatty acids not only help a woman’s heart health it also contains an anti-inflammatory effect that can help with cramps as well as bloating. Be sure to include Cod Liver Oil; It has the benefits of Omega 3′s AND vitamin D which is essential for mineral absorption.

Plenty Of Good Fats: Aim for 30 – 50% of good fat in your diet, including butter, cream, coconut oil, and whole milk. (these are where to find quality fats)

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

August 11, 2016

Vaginal Care - Home Remedies for Viginal Yeast Infection

 Finding a Quick Solution for Vaginal candidiasis

Home Remedies for Viginal Yeast Infection
     A candidiasis is a common bacterial infection and the effect of the fungus is called candida albicans, which can be normally found in small amounts within the vagina. The acidic environment inside the vagina prevents yeast from growing. If the acidity in the vagina decreases, then a lot of yeast grow, causing vaginal infection. The acidity in the vagina may be changed due to menstruation period, pregnancy, intake of antibiotics, steroids, diabetes or birth control pills. Improper personal hygiene too is a primary cause of vaginal candidiasis.


 Symptoms of Vaginal Infection

1. Itching and burning sensation within the vagina

2. Odorless vaginal discharge

3. Swelling across the vulva

4. Burning sensation while Urinating.

5. Rash and soreness on outer surface of vagina

Many women feel embarrassed to go a physician for vaginal yeast infection and would rather cure this fungus infection using some proven home remedy. 

Home Remedies for Viginal Yeast Infection

Here are some home remedies that are used for the infection-

1. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar and Garlic Clove inside Infection Area. This would stop the growth of infection. For people who face itching problems as well, the best option would be to steep garlic clove within the diluted apple cider vinegar treatment.

2. Prepare a solution by mixing 5 grams of Potassium Sorbate in a very pint of water. Using a cotton tampon, insert it into the vagina over night. and remove it in the morning.

3. Take a glass of buttermilk daily, especially at night, works in killing the candida albicans.

4. Insert capsules of boric acid inside the affected area, overnight, for several days. This is an excellent way of treating yeast infection.

5.Curd is an effective home remedy for yeast infection. Soak a cotton tampon in curd and insert inside vagina for 2-3 hour. Repeat the process 2-3 times a day.

6. Prepare a blend of olive leaf extract and grapefruit seed extract and add them on a glass of water. Use it to wash the affected region. This is an efficient cure for treating candida albicans.

7.Another effective treatment would be to have warm, salt hipbath.

8. Applying honey externally on the affected region will be effective in treating infection. Keep it on for fifteen minutes and then wash the location with  hot water.

9. Tea tree oil is often used as a home cure for candida albicans. For this, dip a cotton tampon in tea tree oil and insert it in the evening, removing it in the morning. Repeat the process for 3 to 4 days. This will decrease the vaginal pain and inflammation.

10. Cut a number of garlic pods in small thin pieces and wrap them in cheesecloth. Insert in to the vagina approximately for 20 minutes, leaving part of cheesecloth lurking for easy removal.

11. Fill the bath tub with hot water adding a cup of vinegar to the hot water. Soak the affected area in this bath solution for around 20 minutes. This is an effective way to cure yeast infection.

12. Applying baby oil with aloe and vitamin E probably will bring relief from irritation and itching.

13.Olive oil can be used in curing yeast infection. Take 3-4 drops of extra virgin olive oil and grapefruit juice and mix in two servings of water. Drink this mixture to get relief from the infection.

How to Avoid Yeast Infection:

Prevention is better than cure. Taking these precautions will ensure that you do not have problems with vaginal candidiasis.

1. Rinse your underwear in pure hot water, use unscented detergents

2. Do not use scented products when washing your body

3.Cut down on sugar in your diet

4.Wear underwear made only from natural fibrics

5. Avoid alcohol and steroids

6. Women should wipe from tailgate to cab after going to the toilet

7.Do not use spermicides or latex condoms, these could cause irritation

8.Uncircumcised men should wash under their foreskin daily

Hope you found this Article resourceful, Please help share for someone out there that may need this information.

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Sunday, 31 July 2016

July 31, 2016

Women's Health - 2 Ultimate Reasons Never to Steam Your Vagina

 Steaming the vagina actually does a lot more harm than good! see the following reasons why?
It's not uncommon to see ladies 'steam the vagina' to get it to 'smell nice', 'keep it good shape' and generally 'cleanse it'! Some ladies even go as far as sticking things into it or diluting the hot water (steam) with herbs and more to 'clean it inside out' but it's time to stop!
The vagina is self cleansing so there's usually no need to overly clean it! The vagina restores its own PH balance all by itself meaning even soaps especially perfumed/scented/medicated should not be used on it. It's best cleansed with water (and to go the extra mile with very mild soap)

 A lot of ladies sit of steam usually mixed with antiseptic and others to cleanse the vagina and the uterus inside out, more like a steam douche on the vagina which many ladies believe help balance the vagina PH/hormone level but it's not true

Here are 2 Ultimate Reasons Never to Steam Your Vagina.

1.  Destroying Vagina's 'Good Bacteria'
Steaming the vagina can entirely disrupt the hormonal balance and the natural bacteria in that region. There are 'good bacteria' necessary to cleanse the vagina and when their functions are disrupted this could result in imbalances and even infections.

Clean the vagina with water and in extreme cases mild, unscented soap, NEVER douche. Eat more yoghurt, fruits et al to keep the area smelling fresh and retain the good bacteria.

2. Burn
Since steaming the vagina requires hot water steam, there's every tendency to burn oneself and that's not even the heat felt while sitting over the steam!

The vagina can be burned while steaming and this goes past the physical as it could get so bad that the lining between the bladder and rectum (where the vagina sits right next to) and can cause a whole lot of serious health issues.
To ensure a clean and nice smelling vagina, toss tight pants, tame pubic hair, wear more cotton down there to allow the vagina breathe, never use anything perfumed down there and keep it clean all the time by rinsing with water.

culled from Pulseng

Friday, 29 July 2016

July 29, 2016

Women's Health - 5 Menstrual Symptoms Never To Ignore

5 Menstrual Symptoms Never To Ignore

 For some ladies, the monthly cycle is a time of unbearable pain/cramps while for some it's not such a big deal but in recent times while it's totally normal to observe few 'abnormal' signs due to hormonal/body changes at this time, some symptoms shouldn't be totally ignored as these  symptoms may sometimes be a sign of an underlying health issue.

1. Fever
Continuous high temperature is a symptom to monitor! Some ladies record a higher than normal temperature during the time of the month but it subsides especially when painkillers are used but when it doesn't and if there's a 'sickly' feeling it's time to see a physician to be sure it's not Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

2. Terrible Persistent Cramps

Severe pains/unbearable menstrual cramps that painkillers won't offer relief to should be investigated as they may be a pointer to serious uterine issues.

3. Excessive bleeding
Heavy menstrual flow occurs in some ladies but in cases where tampons and sanitary towels have to be changed every thirty minutes then there's a problem as this could result in (excessive) blood loss which can cause dizziness or weakness amongst other things as well indicate an underlying health issue.

 4. Spotting in-between periods
Spotting in between periods is usually something not to be toyed with. When you're not on any pills and you spot in between periods then it's time for routine check as this could be an abnormalty in the cervix which when left untreated could result in cervical cancer.

5. Irregular Periods
Irregular periods may be caused by excessive stress and other factors but severe delay/irregular cases may be caused by hormonal imbalances and other health issues which shouldn't be ignored.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

July 27, 2016

Women's Health - 4 Ultimate Healthy Eating Plan For Women

 4 Ulimate Healthy Eating Plan For Women
  Eating right being a woman incorporates very many benefits. There are many weight loss and management diets which have been reviewed and discussing online but few will just pinpoint the right type of food for women. These are not just about losing weight but maintaining health. A good, healthy diet program for women can do more than manage the load. It will keep the system running optimally allowing for the most crucial functions with the body to occur. This is far more ideal than running derived from one of diet to a new managing weight, health conditions and the likes.
Here are 4 Ulimate Healthy Eating Plan For Women

1.Eat More Greens Vegetables
 A healthy diet plan for women includes greens. Greens possess a myriad of advantages when contained in every meal. If you are planning for any main meal, make certain you have greens like cabbage, kale, sprouts, broccoli and spinach. The reason for this is that they become brooms that sweep the colon, rejuvenating it, keeping diseases away, and making it possible for good pooping. Research shows broccoli stops breast cancer. Add spinach within your sandwich, more vegetable salads between meals and during snacking.

2.Gluten Free
A healthy diet plan for women calls for a diet that has no gluten is a good way to go. Gluten loaded meals are available with a lot of cholesterol that's harmful to the body. A Paleo diet can do you a lot of excellent. This is the sort of meal plan which has foods which are prepared by simply grilling, boiling, steaming or raw. This is the way the traditional man maintained a lean healthy body. You will be able to nibble on all the necessary foods with no accumulation of harmful fats into your body.

 4 Ulimate Healthy Eating Plan For Women

A healthy weight loss program for women should be laced with plenty of water intake. Be careful however, to not intoxicate yourself with water. Make sure you follow about 2-3 liters of water every day for that ideal body hydration. Water acts like a way of eliminating wastes and healing along with digestion. Water also improves nutrient absorption and cleanses the skin by allowing sweating and skin hydration to happen.

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4.Make Plans on Balanced Diets

Make sure you have a plan for any occasion .. A healthy eating plan for women has to be well planned and executed with commitment. Do not always eat the first thing that comes in your mind. This is a sure strategy to mess your quality of life. Just like life's planned, make a really good plan for your meals. A healthy weight loss program for women needs to be well designed for it to be executed well. This means that each of the days in the week and each of the meals starting from breakfast to dinner should be well set. A good plan will make sure that you take the time to prepare the correct food for you. Bad eating habits develop from spontaneous decisions about food.

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

July 24, 2016

Women's Health - How To Sleep your path thin!

Women's Health -  How To Sleep your path thin?

Sleep your way thin!

 Sleep is a vital section of health.  It occurs when the body does a lot of the repair and recuperation that you might want. 

  It A recent survey discovered that the best way to are sleeping less than six hours an evening, and sleep difficulties visit 75% folks at least a few nights weekly. A short-lived bout of insomnia is generally not even attempt to be worried about. The bigger issue is chronic sleep loss, that may help with health conditions such as weight gain, high blood pressure levels, along with a decrease in the immune system's power, reports the Harvard Women's Health Watch.

  While more studies needed to explore the hyperlinks between chronic sleep loss and health, it's reliable advice that sleep is just too imperative that you shortchange.

Here are 6 Reasons You Need It -

1. Learning and memory: Sleep helps your brain commit new information to memory by having a process called memory consolidation. In studies, people who'd slept after learning a task did better on tests later.

2. Metabolism and weight: Chronic insufficient sleep could potentially cause weight gain by affecting just how our systems process and store carbohydrates, and also by altering degrees of hormones that affect our appetite.

3. Safety: Sleep debt plays a role in a larger tendency to fall asleep throughout the daytime. These lapses may cause falls and mistakes for example medical errors, air traffic mishaps, and road accidents.

4. Mood: Sleep loss may result in irritability, impatience, inability to concentrate, and moodiness. Too little sleep also can leave you too tired to do the things you like to do. 

7 Tips for Achieving a Good Night Sleep 

5. Cardiovascular health: Serious problems with sleep have been linked to hypertension, increased stress hormonal levels, and irregular heartbeat.

6. Disease: Sleep deprivation alters immune function, like the activity with the body's killer cells. Keeping up with sleep may also help fight cancer.So get some sleep tonight, your body will like you correctly!