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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

June 28, 2016

Single and Married - 3 Ultimate Ways to Keep a New Relationship Flourishing

  Whenever a guy gets the approval of a girl he's been asking out for weeks, if not months, it's expected that he's would want to do too much to prove his love/likeness for her. It's normal and definitely ok if  only if you don't go overboard with your efforts. So why not just do these three simple things to keep that brand new relationship going stronger.

1.) Stay in touch
  It's important to keep in touch regularly with each other while trying to build up a new relationship. Staying in each other's space is inevitable at the start of any relationship although its not so great calling or texting million times a day. That would send two different messages known as desperation and obsession. Call during break, closing hour, almost bed time or early in the morning. Let your calls be meaning full and fun.

2.) Send surprise gifts
  A young love is normally nurtured with good behavior, constant communication and yes, you got it, gifts! Small meaningful presents during the day is just perfect. As for me, cupcakes and ice cream are all I need to bless my hectic day. So, think about it. Besides, receiving that call full of thanks could really make your day.

3.) Take short trips
  A new couple is open to so many things including going on weekend getaways. You could book a splendid hotel for two-three days and just spend time with each other. These moments helps shape your relationship. Plus, you get to know each other way better than the first time you met.

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

May 12, 2016

4 definitions of love you should know about

   Love means different things to different people but it is important in everyone’s life. To some love is more emotional than physical while for others, it is the reverse.
   On the other hand, people tend to confuse lust with love. Lust is fleeting while love is way more than just liking someone; it is a bond that is shared by two people.
  Inspired by Lifehack, here are 5 definitions of love you don’t know about

1. Love means expecting nothing in return

  Love means not giving up on your partner. People have different expectations but putting your partner on a pedestal and expecting them to return everything you do for them isn’t love.

2. Love means avoiding misunderstandings

  In a relationship, you try to avoid misunderstandings whenever your opinions and that of your partner are conflicting. It’s easy to jump into conclusions in certain situations but letting things blow out of proportion every time isn’t love.

3. Love means not being jealous
  Jealousy and possessiveness has no room where love exists. Rather love creates understanding between both parties involved. There’s always a way to work out issues and move on.

4. Love means not rushing into a relationship
  While lust does the opposite, love takes things slow. Love stays even after seeing the bad side of your partner.
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