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Thursday, 15 September 2016

September 15, 2016

How To Develop The Winners Mindset

How To Develop The Winners Mindset

  A certain man was nominated to represent his community for an event. On getting to the venue of the competition he found others that appeared to be better qualified. The first thing that came into his mind was fear of his inability to win the game.

Soon another person came along looking quite frail and without any good background. He does not even have all that was required for the event. Most of what he was putting on was borrowed. As soon as he arrived the venue he said thank God this is my chance. He held on to that confession, he was very confident in himself . Everyday he trained hard, he did not allow himself to be distracted by what others had.

  When it was time for the event he went to God and said" Great God, the time has come for you to proof your supremacy over nature. Today i have it recorded agin how you gain victory through me, thank you for making me a winner, he kept himself in the right frame of mind and continued to back it up with prayers and actions.
 The difference between a failure and a winner is that a failure is full of excuses and reasons for failures. He has a very low esteem and his passion and purpose is always lost in his inabilities. While a winner defines his purpose very well, his passion to deliver is his strong asset for his winning and he believes that his ability to become the best or getting his desired objectives lies within him.

Who Then Is A Winner?

  A winner is a person who emerges the best in a given task, having a big vision or great dreams does not make you a winner but achieving them. To become a winner is not automatic, it is something you work for.
  Winners live a life of sacrifice, they are not lazy. They take decisions and act on them.
Winners are self motivated, purpose driven, time conscious calculative, optimistic, courageous, proactive and focus minded people.

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

May 26, 2016

Ladies Only - 5 crazy things to know about today's men

      -   The crazy things today's men do! find out more.


  Incase you are amazed at what most men do and the way they behave toward women? well , below are 5 crazy things to know about today's men.

1. They are broke
  Besides being lazy, today's man is in always debt. He loves to borrow from friends and family and sometimes finds it difficult to pay back. He also doesn't care what he spends his money on so long as he assumes he'll get some cash tomorrow. He also spends on useless things and loves to brag about his parents' riches.

2.They always want to eat their cake and have it
  Generally, a today's man wants everything without losing a thing. He wants it all. He wants to sleep with five girls without them knowing and even if they find out, they should be ok with it. He want's you to treat him with love and respect at all times even when he doesn't do same for you. He wants to you to feel priviledged dating him.

3.They are heart breakers

Today's man will date you for more than two years then dump you and marry some other person almost immediately. He hardly feels rumors for his wrongs and doesn't want you to get angry/upset for his mistakes.


4.They are lazy
Today's man wanst to live large but don't want to work. He wants to have everything given to him on a platter of gold without losing anything in return. He doesn't mind being financially dependent on women he dates or sleeps with. He also plays the role of a gigolo perfectly.

5. They lack gentlemanly behaviour
Gone are those days of ourfathers and grandfathers. Today's man will not think of opening the door for a lady or pull her chair at the dinner table. They'll prefer to have you come to their house on the first date instead of an outdoor location. They don't even call to find out if your home after visiting and are quick to tell you "I'm not a phone person."

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

April 12, 2016

Self Improvement : 24 Steps to Fight Stress

 Stress levels are largely determined by interaction with others, your personal life, work, cultural changes, your self-image and your environment. Because of all these factors, you simply must have tools to deal with it if you want to be healthy and content. The more stress management tools you learn, and use regularly, the better off you'll be.
 Stress is a major factor in the health problems plaguing people today. Taking steps to learning how to manage it will go a long way to making you healthier. Not only that, being able to manage stress will help your mental well being. Thinking positively has an effect on our health, our bodies actually respond to our emotions on a very deep level.

Below are 24 Proven steps to Fight Stress.

1. Calm down - Before anything else, calm yourself down. Don't panic. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths, check #17 for full description. PRAY. Go to your happy place. Think of a beautiful landscape. Anything to help you get control of your emotions. Getting a hold on our emotions can be as easy as recognizing that we are about to have a melt down and not letting ourselves go there.

2. Feed your mind with positive thoughts - When we're depressed, it's easy to fall into a vicious cycle of negative thoughts. It's important that you break this cycle. To do that, feed your mind with positive thoughts. You can read spiritual texts, motivational books, or inspiring quotes. You may also listen to positive tapes or upbeat music.

3. Remember the good things - Direct your mind to the positive. Remember the good things in your life. Remember the good people around you or the fact that you are able to breathe and move around. Make a Blessings Chart and list all the wonderful things you are thankful for.

4. Look at the big picture - An event that seems bad right now might not seem that bad if you look at the big picture. Put the event in context. Can you change it? If yes, then take action. If not, then let go of trying to control it.

5. Believe that everything will be all right - What you believe has a big effect on you. If you believe that things will go wrong, that will usually be the case. On the other hand, if you believe that everything will be all right, you will have a winning attitude and better able to cope with what is stressing you out.

6. Exercise - When you're depressed, take time to exercise. Exercise relieves the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Take a walk out in nature, do some kickboxing or other cardio workout according to what is safe for you. Make sure to listen to your body and give it the proper nutrients afterward to promote healing. You'll want the right mixture of protein, fat and carbs.

7. Forgive - Sometimes the reason you feel stressed is because you aren't forgiving someone who hurt you, or perhaps you had made mistakes and you are not forgiving yourself. The act of forgiveness releases us from the stress of being overburdened with anger or worry.

8. Take action - Things won't get better if you just sit and do nothing. Instead of thinking about how bad things are, think of what you can do to solve the problem and take action. Come up with a plan. Identify your triggers and practice recognizing and stopping them.

9. Say something positive - Negative words have devastating effect on our confidence and motivation. So whenever you're about to say something negative, stop yourself and take a deep breath. Re-frame what you were going to say and make it positive. A positive outlook can make stress seem like a challenge to defy.

10. Think about other people - One of the best ways to make yourself feel better is simply by taking the focus away from yourself. Start thinking about other people and how you can help them, then put your plan into action. When you do that, your problems will no longer seem so hard to face and overcome.

11. Reduce Caffeine Intake - Consuming caffeine too late in the day can affect sleep quality, which impacts stress levels. Consuming too much caffeine in general can make you more emotionally reactive to stress. Learn how much caffeine is too much.

12. Learn Assertive Communication Skills - Relationships can be great stress relievers. Knowing how to keep your relationships healthy through effective communication is one of the best investments of time and energy for stress relief. Talking with family, friends, a pastor, or a good counselor can be a great for relieving stress. Sometimes we just need to let someone else know what is going on inside. As a certified Health Coach, I know how important this step is. Just having a safe environment to get in touch with emotions we want to deny is a game changer.

13. Listen To Music - Finding a music therapist isn't the only way music can help as a stress reliever. You can become your own. Create playlists for various moods: a therapeutic mix for when you want to process feelings, an upbeat mix for when you need more energy, a softer mix when you are nostalgic, an angry mix when you need to release emotions, etc.. This is an easy and enjoyable way to help you to relieve stress.

14. Eat a Balanced Diet - A poor diet can bring greater reactivity toward stress. A healthy diet can bring greater physical and emotional wellness. Find some simple go-to meals and snacks, and feel less stressed in your daily life. Start by limiting or cutting out sugar and processed foods and increasing water, vegetables, and healthy fats like avocados.

15. Laughter - The physical act of laughing releases tension and brings positive physiological changes. Finding ways to work more laughter into your day can be an effective route to stress relief. After all, it is the best medicine.

16. PMR - Progressive muscle relaxation, or PMR, is a technique that allows you to relax all of the muscles in your body, group by group. Usually you start with concentrating on relaxing your head first and going down the body to your feet. Beginning sessions take several minutes, and allow you to feel physically and emotionally relaxed when done. With practice, you can achieve full-body relaxation within seconds.

17. Breathing - Breathing exercises provide convenient and simple stress relief in that they can be used anytime, anywhere, and they work quickly. One exercise that is quick and easy to learn is the 4-7-8 method developed by Dr. Andrew Weil. Simply breath in through your nose for a count of 4, allowing the breath to go into your belly. Hold for a count of 7 and then exhale trough your mouth for 8 seconds making sure all air gets expelled. Repeat 3 times.

18. Plant a Garden - Getting outside and enjoying the scenery is just one of the ways that gardening can contribute to stress relief. Whether it be vegetables or flowers, getting in the dirt grounds us to the earth and helps remove excess static from our bodies.

19. Start a Journal - Do you have things that keep rolling around in your head? Write it down. Pour out your feelings on paper. This can help you find the triggers to your stress and help you deal with it.

20. Find a Hobby - Do something you enjoy that can take your mind off of the current situation and take a step back. You could read, garden, cook, knit or crochet, scrap book, play with and take your pet for a walk, volunteer to help someone, build RC planes, color or anything else YOU ENJOY. Go for a hike, a boat ride or walk through the park and enjoy nature.

21. Play a Game - Crossword puzzles, word searches, puzzles and other solitary games are a good place to start. Play games with others, like Life or Monopoly, Dominoes, or other games. Go play some racquetball, tennis or golf. Get out there and play football, volleyball, or other physical activities. You could even race against your best time around the block or arrange flowers. Get a used Wii or other gaming system that allows you to use your body to play games.

22. Take Time to Have Fun - Do something fun. Leisure activities can be a great way to de-stress. What do you like to do? Make time every week to allow yourself some fun.

23. Massage Therapy - Of course, we all know how relaxing a good massage can be. But the benefits of a therapeutic massage are greater than any old massage. Find a good therapist in your area. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful massage therapist who really takes her time and gets to the heart of the problem.

24. Take High Quality Supplements to Reduce Stress - Without the proper nutrients our bodies won't be able to fight or recover from constant stress. Eating a well balanced diet is key when you can accomplish it. If you feel you are not able to get enough nutrients from your food, a multivitamin pack with your daily needs is a good place to start. Make sure you are getting all the B vitamins, vitamin c, vitamin d3, calcium and antioxidants to help your body fight the effects of stress and be better equipped to deal with it.

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April 12, 2016

Self Improvement : 8 Tips For Complete Body Relaxation

  We are definitely living in a time starved world and relaxing body and mind is becoming increasingly hard to do. We don't have time to relax. We don't have time to devote to self care and self love. We don't have time to truly take care of ourselves. Or do we? We've got 8 tips for total body relaxation that aren't difficult. Some of these relaxation techniques can be done anywhere and in five minutes. Everyone has 5 minutes to relax. Do it for yourself!

1. Deep Breathing - There are many deep breathing techniques to help with stress and relaxation. We like the 4-7-8 method. Inhale for 4 counts, hold your breath for 7 counts and smoothly exhale for 8 counts. Repeat a few times and focus on letting all of the stress out of your body as you exhale. This takes just one minute to start relaxing body and mind.

2. Massage - There's nothing better than relieving physical tension. Many of us carry our stress and tension in our shoulders. They might tend to burn and ache as you sit at your desk daily. Try a chair massage to loosen tight muscles. 15 minutes can help tremendously but a true one hour or 80 minute massage might be more effective.

3. Progressive Muscular Relaxation - PMR is the practice of tensing up muscles and then releasing them to promote relaxation. We like to start with our feet, tensing and relaxing every muscle group for a few seconds as we move all the way up the body to the face. For example, clench your toes tight and then take a nice big inhale. Exhale and let your feel relax. After a full round of this, you'll be well on your way to total body relaxation.

4.Visualization - Close your eyes, even if just for a minute, and visualize that you are relaxed and in your favorite location. If you love the mountains, visualize that you're completely relaxed and stress free enjoying the scenery and fresh air of the mountains. Let your mind escape to a place of complete happiness and peace. This can be done for minutes or hours.

5. Yoga - Practicing yoga and achieve balance within body and mind. There are many different types of yoga to explore. Gaining strength, flexibility and releasing stress within the whole body may be achieved by practicing yoga. There are many types of yoga to explore to find the style that suits you the most.

6. Essential Oils - Essentials oils can be a great way to relax. They can be used topically, diffused in a room diffuser or sprayed with a mix of essential oils and water to freshen up a room. Lavender is especially nice for relaxation.

7. Music - Listening to your favorite relaxing music can also help put your mind in a relaxed state. Spa music, light jazz and orchestral are some ideas of where to start. Your favorite type of music, whether a specific genre or not, is also a great idea. Any type of music that puts you in a good mood and mindset will do the trick.

8. Laughter - Laughter is a sure fire way to help relax you completely. Whether you spend time with friends and family to laugh or visit your local comedy club, laughing is important and can help reduce stress.