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Monday, 22 August 2016

August 22, 2016

5 Qualities Of Mr Right

5 Qualities Of Mr Right

 Love is a criterion for relationships, however, certain qualities need to be checked. Beyond the physical and emotional qualities, every woman wants from a man there are important factors that make him MR RIGHT.

Below are 5 qualities of Mr Right.

1. He's Visionary
  Be sure he has a detailed plan for his life, knows where he wants to be in five years.  From his career to his finances, he needs to have figured out his path
  Does plan on starting his own franchise or plans to work for people forever? Do his plans align with yours? These are questions you need to ask yourself.

2. He's Honest
  His ‘Yes’ means ‘Yes’ and his ‘No’ means ‘No’.
People sometimes believe honesty is hard to come by in relationships, because of the absurd word, ‘white lie’.
  A white lie is the kind of lie said to spare their partner grief. In my opinion, there is nothing like a white lie, it is either you say the truth or you don’t.
 An honest relationship builds chemistry between the couple.

3. He's Committed
  Is he committed to the relationship?
 There are no keeping secrets, thoughts or behaviours in committed relationships. All committed relationships are on the basis of trust, love, honesty, clarity and discipline.
You have to consider at all times that it is not only about what you want but about what is best for the relationship.

4. He's a Man of Integrity
  Integrity is a strong quality in every relationship. Does he make promises and honour them? Integrity is not something one compromise about, it is a way of life.
  Discipline, compassion, reliability and honesty works hand in hand with integrity. Ensure he walks, breath, sleep, and eats with integrity. .Know what he stands for.

5. Empathy
Does he abide by the golden rule? “Do unto others what you want to be done to you.”
Empathy is the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes and being able to connect with their emotions. Does he listen
Every Mr Right should have these qualities, it is all or nothing!

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

August 11, 2016

3 Varieties Of Communication To Improve Your Relationships

3 Varieties Of Communication To Improve Your Relationships

How To Improve A Relationship

   A Proper communication in every relationship can destroy or make a relationship. One of the causes for relationship failures is termed at lack of proper communication. We all face these challenges daily but need to overcome them with persistence and patience.

  There are three main varieties of communication which are verbal, non verbal, and visual.

Below are 3 Varieties of communication to Improve Your Relationships

1.Verbal Communication:
 Verbal communication in a nutshell is using your words when you first speak with other people.
This way of communication includes oral and written communication. When anyone compose an instructions there would be  time for rational thought as well as a brief amount of reflection. Texting has provided us the ability to blurt out our thoughts as soon as our fingers can type. It also comes with an effect a lot like 'liquid courage' where suddenly we could be big tough people behind a text. Some people take advantage of this as a psychological dumping ground to pour out feelings that eat away at them.The insane part is that the insecurities you would have in your relationship commence to shine through. The next thing you will realize is that you are arguing about why the individual didn't say 'Good Morning' using the animated smiley face. Cheater! This type of irrational thought only fuels more arguments and frustration.

  The Bottom line is that most of us text because it is convenient as well as simple. This is probably not how the other person would like to be viewed and treated. If you have something to convey pick up the telephone or walk up to the individual. Unless someone is dying or severely hurt it could possibly wait. Master your oral communication and focus on using the written communication in a very more effective way. 

2. Non Verbal Communication:
  Non verbal communication is conveying some text and not using's important to recognize, though, that it's our nonverbal communication like our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and tone of voice that speak the loudest.and these are  ways we can easily show that people are conscious of our non-verbal communication.

 3.Visual Communication:
   Visual communication to put it simply is communication which has a form of aids we can easily view, or communication through a visual aid and is described as the conveyance of ideas and information in forms that can be read or looked upon.
  A sign range from or exclude certain people while conveying an exceptionally strong message. Do you remember the development paper hearts we accustomed to make in education for Valentines Day or even a parents birthday? Your writing then may possibly not have even been legible nonetheless it didn't matter. When you deliver the card it said lots of words and they also light up with delight. It's the feeling we have  when we take a look at photographs that represent meaningful events within our lives.

  This way of communication can be so underused because we master it as a children and lose focus on it as adults.

 As individuals, we can easily improve a relationship by fine tuning these varieties of communication. I believe all of us have much to know in regards to proper communication with one another. There is a plethora of information at your finger tips so take advantage of it!

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

August 09, 2016

How To Overcome Long Distance Relationships

How To Overcome Long Distance Relationships

  Long distance relationships may be trying.  The person you adore is very much away, so you are not aware of what they're doing, or who they're meeting.  There is no reason to fret however, these kind of relationships share the identical realities and problems each and every other relationship.

  A long-distance relationship gives you its differences that you will have to take care of.  for an example,you won't see each another on a consistent basis, which requires a lot of trust.

Below are 5 ways to overcome long distance Relation

1.Don't Fight Over Little Issues -.Since you do not talk normally as you desire, everything will turn into a bit more magnified.  All couples fight once in a while, however when you are in a long distance relationship, save the fighting for your vital issues instead of silly, small ones.

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2.Accept Uncertainty - There will be many unanswered questions in a long-distance relationship which will have difficult answers.  Questions like ""Do I still love him?" or "Is this relationship still worthwhile?" are completely normal.  then you should definately expect a breakup of the relationship.

3.Plan a surprise Trip - There are times when phone conversations and emails won't work.  You definitely need to see each other. pack your bags and simply undertake a surprise visitation trip.  It's adventurous, spontaneous, and you also verify your love.

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4.If you Discover Problems Don't Hide Them -  If you see your bond drifting apart, don't ensure that it stays that way.  Talk to your partner and don't hide anything.  Don't leave a  message on his or her voicemail or send it in an email. try to confront him or her an resolve whatever the problem is

5.Watch a TV Program Together -If the two of you have a very favorite TV show. call each other right before the show begins and also be on the phone in the duration of the T.V show.  This way, you will get fun together, while you're miles apart.

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

August 03, 2016

Relationships- 7 Ultimate Reasons Why most people are afraid To Love!

7 Ultimate Reasons Why most people are afraid To Love

 Sometimes we just can’t really commit to a partner, though he or she could be the one. Being afraid of love can keep us from leading a happy and loving life. Here are 7 reasons why most people are afraid of love. Read on and find out if you can relate to them.

1. Unrealistic Expectations
In this modern era, you come across many stories, articles or movies about love.They create a frame of references about how you want your partner to be, and lead you to comparing this ideal with your partner. Finding that the qualities you were expecting are missing with your partner makes you feel bad about them. Love is supposed to mean finding a person who really matches your soul, but after this effect of social homage in your mind because you compare your love, you expect something that matches those social norms instead of your soul.

2. Fear of losing one’s self for a partner
When a person finds someone they love, they find it morally correct to accept their parner’s tastes and struggles without allowing their own thoughts to contradict them. By doing that, the original image they had of themselves gets blurry. The original person and the person which their loved one wants them to be are constnatly fighting to take over.

3. Fear of rejection
Kakorrhaphiophobia, as it is said, means fear of rejection. When love flows through body, emotions are produced. These emotions play the role the role of lava, as they can either create a land for your livelihood or can destroy it. So there is this fear of rejection at any stage of your relationship.
7 Ultimate Reasons Why most people are afraid To Love

4. Inferior past experiences
It is known that what we are today (our personality, behavior) is what our past events have made of us. Whenever there is a situation when you’re judging something, you will probably rather decide for the side which you can relate to, because of experiences in your past. Whenever something affects you deeply, your mind creates a picture of it, which will make it harder for you to decide in the future because the picture it has created could clash with your new situation.

5. You are afraid that it might not work
As it is said, “Love is magic and magic is just an illusion”. The magic of love spreads its fragrance as soon as you go along with it. But even if the fragrance might be the one of a rose, every rose has thorns. So the possibility of failing at your love life is the same as getting a head while flipping a coin. The fear of failure is a quiet natural phenomenon which deprecates the relationships which do not come naturally.

6. New relationships affect older ones
Your family relationships could get ruptured as soon as your partner comes out of the cocoon and steps into your everyday life. The priorities change as time passes, and there comes a time when telling a lie for your loved one won’t bother you. The friends who used to be at the top of your priority list will now occupy the second place. Because your first priority is now your loved one. But the fight for first placecan be really close, and it is the rule of love that you need to pay for every decision you make, as it might affect you tomorrow.

7. Love does not arrive alone
When love comes into your life, it’s not alone, it comes with time consuming responsibilities and the need for space for the loved ones. Love can becomes a serious distraction for someone who is targeting a goal, as love and time are directly proportional and can go as long as you want. But after a certain period of time of being in a relationship, love becomes everlasting and time flies by. It feels good to spare that extra time for your loved one, even if it takes your time away from working on your goal. But, every case is not the same. Some do manage the sleepless nights for their love as well as for their work.

culled from lifehack

Sunday, 24 July 2016

July 24, 2016

Comunication - How To Build Intimacy Through Communication

How To Build Intimacy Through Communication

Building Intimacy Through Communication

   What do you consider of after you hear your message intimacy? Perhaps it conjures up images of sexy lingerie, a deep true love connection or maybe a passionate, sexual relationship. Certainly, it may talk about all those aspects however the entire concise explaination intimacy is a lot higher than that. In our relationships, whether or not they are marriages, long-term relationships, exclusive partnerships or casual dating experiences, true intimacy can often be missing. In fact, many of us are not aware of the way to acquire a high a higher level intimacy with his spouse. When intimacy is lacking within a relationship we have that dark, lonely feeling. You know one in which you feel even lonelier sitting right beside your spouse?    Nobody desires to feel this empty, so although intimacy takes some work to obtain, it's really worth effort.
  Open communication, vulnerability, transparency and reciprocity have to realize intimacy. It requires letting our partner into our hearts and our minds. Since you have thoughts and feelings and we don't even accept in ourselves, it appears as though a good stretch to discuss several of these shameful ideas web-sites. We often think that our household would think a reduced amount of us as we were completely honest. This leads to our revealing hardly any about our true nature.

  Disclosing private information inside a romantic or sexual context is significant, when you are intimate involves far more than this. It requires imparting our ideas about everything, including negative opinions. Sharing how we try to be touched or kissed can be an illustration of open communication. Another is telling your companion within a kind and respectful method in which you'd probably have fun here should they would do his / her share in the laundry, rather than just doing the work yourself and saying nothing. Speaking within a calm, confident manner is assertive and noteworthy. How many of you select instead to 'pick your battles' figuring it is not worth speaking up? When we 'sweep it within the carpet' by not implying anything, or elect to blame and criticize, we inhibit intimacy. Some of maybe you are believing that 'speaking in the direct and considerate manner might be employed by many people, yet not with my partner!' Fortunately, this calm, respectful communication style works together with everyone. Having ongoing conversations about your lifestyle goals and what your daily life was like growing up are necessary, much like discussions about your preferences. Most importantly, you need to be certain of letting your significant other know very well what you'll want to feel loved, what your values are and why you cheerful, angry, jealous or sad. Who are you behind the social mask every one of us wear in public areas? We drop the mask a great deal in romantic relationships, but a great deal of nevertheless remains.

How To Build Intimacy Through Communication

   When our partners only know a portion of the personality, they could only love us simply, leaving us feeling deep down that if they really knew us some may possibly leave or love us less. This type of thinking keeps us stuck in unsatisfying relationships and infrequently brings about the tip of your relationship. By exchanging our ideas directly and sincerely we can easily create a loving bond that may be sufficiently strong enough to recover or maintain our relationship instead. If we say it gracefully, we could say anything, because our messages are primarily transmitted through our 'tone' of voice. It's our tone that conveys love or hatred, as opposed to our words. Without honest, upfront communication it's impossible to feel an end connection. The more our partner knows about us, the harder he / she is competent to love us. The more we're also loved, the happier were. Happy folk have fulfilling relationships.
  Since we can easily only feel lasting intimacy when our partner knows us at the deep level, we regularly think which means that we have now to express our most personal secrets. This is neither necessary nor advisable. We all need a location inside that's just each of our, that and we don't present to someone else; a particular space that's sacred. Outside of this though, we have a ton we stick with ourselves from fear that individuals could be judged harshly, ridiculed or maybe left.
  Fortunately, those fears are largely unfounded. Sharing elements of ourselves that we're embarrassed with provides the exact opposite effect that any of us think it's going to. Being vulnerable enough to disclose things we presume silly about or embarrassed about creates real closeness web-sites if it is done inside the right context. The reason for this can be that all of us hold quite similar pessimism. For example, when your spouse is busy at all times, while it's unhelpful, it's normal to get started on convinced that the individual is losing interest, which in turn triggers a fear of abandonment. Most likely, once this situation arises, your spouse is just emphasizing other essential elements of her or his life.  Instead of feeling abandoned, we could choose instead make use of this time around to get familiar with interests and activities individuals own. This will make you more vibrant and attractive. When your significant other starts working on you again, and she or he will, you might have a great deal to share with you and possibly new stuff to train the other. Sharing novel ideas with each other creates both increased interest and intimacy and is also essential to maintain relationship exciting.
  We all feel inadequate about specific things. It's common to feel we aren't sufficiently good, feel insecure about our competence or that individuals're unlovable or unworthy sometimes. Part of studying to create and keep a romantic relationship includes accepting these elements of ourselves; our humanity. As humans all of us share similar frailties, a similar fears and shame. I know several of that you are thinking, 'but I don't take on that portion of me.' To say you do not accept your weaknesses is precisely the same as saying that you do not believe that that you are human. There isn't anyone without weaknesses. Some people pretend these are without fault. However, people who have only positive traits, with no shadow side, will not exist. Everyone is consisting of both bad and good characteristics. If for no reason accept our weaknesses, within ourselves and our partner, we can't fully appreciate our strengths since they can be two sides on the same coin. If there is to become any change, it'll begin with your acceptance of one's perceived faults.  We are not able to alter them we tend not to identify as existing within us. Admitting that people lie on occasion, make a few mistakes, fear standing up for inside us specific situations or mistrust our partner sometimes is very freeing and fosters a kick off point for change.

How To Build Intimacy Through Communication

   When we have now the courage to talk about information that is personal, our partners can loosen off and love us more. If your family member is honest, the individual will admit to getting similar concerns of their own own like feeling inadequate or unlovable. Disclosing these records increases trust and understanding. How many of yourself feel that saying 'no' to requests from your lover and spending some time clear of her or him to complete items you enjoy will probably be detrimental? Although the fear and anxiety around admitting for a weaknesses and achieving the courage to get independent is quite real, it really is unlikely to finish your relationship. In fact, the alternative will occur and also your bond will end up stronger. This degree of self-disclosure and self-sufficiency will release extra energy since you might be not pretending to become somebody that you're not. Another added benefit is the fact that your lover will learn more people to adore. In order to have to the stage, it's required to tolerate and continue bodily sensations just like the queasy stomach, racing heart and dry throat very often surface after we embark on conversations which will make us feel vulnerable. Based on each of our individual experiences and personalities, this is going to be easier for several of us as opposed to runners. In order to accomplish an appealing volume of intimacy, some individuals might tend to make use of a therapist who makes a speciality of assertive communication and relationships. 

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   So, just how do these intimacy-building skills correspond with passionate lovemaking and sex? As physically gratifying as sex could be, it reaches the height of ecstasy when real intimacy is involved. When you keep the vast majority of what you believe and feel inside, it's that all of the thoughts and feelings stand between you and your significant other. Remember the laundry? When we say/don't say or do things outside of fear rather then desire, a great deal of resentment builds inside. What appears like a pleasant gesture is definitely not nice in any way. When that resentment reaches the limit, as inevitably it can, you happen to be guaranteed to perform something to obtain your lover back. This is typically unconscious and quite often takes shape in a few type of acting out behaviour. When we're struggling to express might know about really think and feel we become very angry inside. Depending on your personality, if that you are somebody who never gets mad, you will possibly not understand how angry you're. If you happen to be vulnerable to feeling depressed you will be a person that is disconnected from the anger. When anger and resentment accumulate enough we'll rebel unconsciously by hurting our partner in many way, like making sarcastic and rude remarks, withholding affection, becoming impotent or by cheating. Although we're not consciously aware on the connection between acting out and our mishandled laundry one example is, we could become conscious 'sweeping it underneath the carpet' or complaining ensures there are going to be a superior volume of emotional damage as part of your relationship. When intimacy was in short supply, assured that there are lots of unspoken thoughts, dreams, bitter resentments, interesting ideas and assumptions standing involving the two individuals and blocking the closeness you need.
   When we not have the skills to get fully transparent, we're also not able to feel close, which leaves us offered to stepping outside in our primary relationship to get the love and security we have to feel whole. Frequently, were not able to ask our partner for whatever we need, so that it is seem better to manage the emotions of emptiness this creates by employing infidelity, pornography, food, alcohol, drugs, activities, religion, work and television to fill ourselves up. When we be taken in by these outside forces, we're usually not even aware why we're so interested in them. All we understand is that people feel good or better after we do them simply because take our minds off from the feelings of shame, abandonment and loneliness that surfaces once we hang out alone with the thoughts. Starting with acceptance, communication and individuality (using a life within your own, outside of living you present to your lover), we can easily eliminate many individuals humiliating feelings that will create the level of magic we crave with his significant other. This is possible regardless how dismal things might sound and safeguards us from wanting to separate our relationship or fantasize about someone new.
   An incredible transformation occurs when both partners risk feeling vulnerable enough to talk about without reservation. Our hearts and minds start allowing us to glance at the sparks there were once we first met. Do you remember the butterflies, laughter and endless conversation? When we begin to reveal might know about think and feel, our loving feelings and desire revisit. During this time around, there is an possiblity to create an exciting and dedicated relationship. Let's say that you've learned to accomplish a higher amount of intimacy. What now? Having this strong bond we can feel together even if we're also apart, improves the volume of laughter and causes us to feel deeply loved.  When we've this volume of safety within our relationships the sex is usually outstanding. I know many of you happen to be wondering precisely how this occurs. Surely this doesn't happen just spontaneously occur by itself? The same skills you cultivate to generate and sustain a joyful connection are primarily exactly the same skills you may need inside bedroom. These are courage, confidence and cooperation, together with the fourth required 'c', compatibility, which we'll assume exists issues managed to get this far.
  The same inadequacies we discussed earlier, including fear, shame, and guilt often show up within the bedroom. Being mindful of these, accepting them and discussing them openly with your significant other is vital. An attitude of equality between you and your lover can even help set happens for any sensual, trusting experience. Both partners need being capable to give and receive, and feel safe enough to state vulnerabilities, desires, dislikes and fantasies. Bringing a sense humour, playfulness and imagination for a love life, will intensify your feeling of pleasure and intrigue.
  When real openness and communication exists between two of yourself, you've got made a relationship that will sustain sexual requests along with the sharing of dislikes and fantasies without your companion feeling unloved or incompetent. There is a collective misnomer our partners should just know how you can satisfy us should they truly love us. Most individuals don't even know very well what we'd like sexually or else to get happy. If we do not know the way to really satisfy ourselves would it be even practical for our partner, it doesn't matter how much they love us, to know very well what we require? How many of yourself have made statements for instance 'if she really loved me she would do this for me' or 'if he really loved me he wouldn't have said that'? The way we end up needing to get loved making desire to is exceedingly personal. The only technique your companion will understand what you would like is when you tell your ex in the kind and respectful way.
  Making requests within a positive manner works very well. Instead of saying, "I dislike it if you reach orgasm first and do not consider my tastes," you try saying "I likes it whenever we guaranteed that I reach orgasm first the next time." In the first instance your companion will feel criticized and won't be very prepared to provide you with what you would like, but inside the second scenario, your significant other will feel respected enough to honour your request. What if they doesn't want to complete what you've asked? Well, don't stop trying. Perhaps with time he / she are going to be more inclined to fulfill your particular needs. Depending on your request, it is critical to acknowledge that everything else you do sexually needs to become mutually satisfying. If that is not the truth, it's essential for being competent to say 'no' in a very kind and respectful manner. Many folks feel that once we've had these discussions, our partner should really know what we want for those future sexual liaisons. However, such a thinking won't usually get us whatever we want. To get our sexual needs met we must become confident about producing direct requests during every lovemaking session. Our needs change after some time along with the best to realize new strategies to connecting sexually is actually by communicating in a very self-assured manner (a way in which suggests you think your spouse would like to please you), rather than dropping hints, that's rarely effective.
  Once you start out expressing what you will need in the friendly and forthright manner, making specific requests for the sexual enjoyment can be automatic. You might be convinced that asking for the purpose you want on a regular basis is just too difficult or is actually unfair. This may be true, nonetheless it works! If you will not ask, on your own standing from the way of your respective own sexual satisfaction is that you. Nobody is incredibly good at mind reading, so help your spouse out and let them understand what to complete and stuff like that to perform. An added good thing about sexual cooperation and experimentation is it is going to greatly transform your attraction for example another making challenges and conflicts outside with the bedroom better to manage. In the conclusion, you might enjoy sustained intimacy, eroticism, sensuality and long-term loving.
July 24, 2016

For Couples Only - 10 Ways to Maintain Intimacy in Your Relationship

10 Ways to Maintain Intimacy in Your Relationship

                          Intimacy in Relationships

  It is tough to go into detail the rush and excitement, pure joy and excitement to become in a very relationship with someone you really love. Relationships end inside a variety of ways, coming from a slow burn that becomes an extinguished pilot light to the people that crash and burn. A loss of intimacy inside relationship was cited because most usual reason behind ending a relationship. How do we maintain your fires burning?
  When asked the things they spend one of the most time on in maintaining their relationship, the email address details are strangely surprising. Men list providing for family inside a comfortable manner first, accompanied by exercising and caring for their general appearance, taking their wife or partner out socially and remembering special dates.
 Women cite looking after their look first, then maintaining a house their husband or partner is going to be like to show off, taking good care of your kids, focus to meal preparation and hosting special attractions. Many women lament stretching their time coming from a fulltime job beyond the family and household duties which are still essential to them, saying there's bit of time to get the level of wife or partner they will really want to get.
  Does being the right provider who's going to be physically top fit, the right trophy wife that has a beautifully decorated home and super mom really make it in its entirety? Are these what cement your relationship? They don't even make top! 
 Check the following pointers to ascertain if any are helpful in your relationship and keeping it intimate and lasting.
1. Both genders said which has a partner that's there for the kids, really there, and sharing what they are stressed about is critical to feeling safe inside the relationship.
2. Being available in your partner is crucial to keeping things stable. Both genders complain loudly regarding spouses/partners being too busy to hear what you want to talk about or are unwilling dropping arrangements with friends after they need them.
3. Be kind one to the other! It is wearing along with a total drag on a relationship when either is hard most likely. A demanding, controlling, diva attitude acts just as one energy drain on the relationship, it truly is destructive and wearing and unbecoming into a king or queen!
10 Ways to Maintain Intimacy in Your Relationship
4. Be compassionate. You can listen instead of really hear the other person. Being compassionate means you'll be able to feel their pain, you have empathy for the things they are going through and are also prepared to make alterations in enable them to to handle the issue.
5. Transparency builds trust. The foundation of intimacy is trust. Transparency means being truthful and open, no matter if they fit the mold of perfection you learn about. Build enough trust to feel safe revealing yourself completely.
6. Pretense for any excuse would be the mark of the shallow personality. It is also wastes some time and is determined to dissolve; it wouldn't last. Be real, be fearlessly so.
7. In the early days of any relationship, we simply cannot stop making the person we've fallen for. Being thoughtful is really a natural response. Unfortunately, life gets inside the way therefore we find ourselves more concerned with being thoughtful to friends and co-workers than our partner. Yet it really is one of one of the most important attributes of intimacy. It says loud and clear, "How you are feeling is crucial that you me, you might be essential to me."

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8. Be real; say what we mean and mean what we say. Present yourself as well as your opinions honestly right away and respect the other person's directly to disagree. Don't complement to obtain along by selling out in your own ideas or thoughts. This leads to repressed anger and diminishes intimacy.
9. Being attentive on a regular basis means you observe the direction they look, the limited things that happen to be peculiar one to the other, the quirks as well as the best regions of your spouse. Pay attention! Notice and touch upon the things which are vital that you your lover.
10. Sexual attraction ignites the hearth that propels cupid's arrow directly to one's heart. Love play could be the packaging that sells us. Be sensuous; keep your love play alive between each other, in and out of the boudoir.
It's really about maintaining precisely the same a higher level joy and surprise with each other; marching in tandem and remembering the things which mattered from the beginning.
Those things still matter as time marches on.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

July 20, 2016

Relationship - 4 Signs To Know That Your Ex Wants You Back

  4 Signs To Know That Your Ex Wants You Back

  It is a very great feeling to see signals that your ex still wants you back. This is such a great chance for former couples who are still interested in putting back the relationship on track. Various persons have different ways in showing their openness to a reconciliation and their interest to alter the breakup. A large number of people just can?t say it because they are afraid of rejection, embarrassment and other reasons.

 While the ways of showing interest in getting back to the relationship vary from one person to another, there are common signs that people show. Such signs can easily be seen by some, while others may find them hard to recognize. Recognizing these signs will be beneficial for you and you can also take advantage of them. And if you fail to see these signs and acknowledge the, you may only let the chance to pass and your ex may grow tired of waiting. Worst case scenario is when your ex may think that you are not anymore interested and chooses to move on.

1.  Maintains Communication with You.
 If your ex still communicates with you through sending messages, striking a conversation it you, asking advices and other ways to connect with you, this is a sign that he or she can be really interested in reconciliation. An ex who has already moved on would never exerts such effort to get your attention. There are other more obvious signs like sending love messages, sending thoughtful notes and talking to you in every given chance.

 2. Confides Her/His Problems to You.
 One more sign that you ex is still interested with reconciling with you is when he or she begins to confide personal problems to you and asks for your advice. This is a way of telling you that he or she still trusts you and that you are the only one whom he or she is comfortable sharing problems with. If you see these attempts, do not ever ignore them of you may give the impression that you are not anymore interested in getting your love back.
 3.Continues to Tell You that He/She is Still Single.
 One of the most obvious methods of showing that you want to win back your boy or girl is by constantly telling him or her that you are still single. This is just another way of saying, "Hey, I am waiting for you!" If a person is not interested for a second chance, there is no use in telling his or her ex about her single status.
 4. Hangs Around Longer When You?re in the Same Place.
 If a person is not interested in a reconciliation, it is usually hard for him or her to hang out in a place where his or her ex is. So if your former partner stays longer in the place that you are and even tries to talk longer to you, it is a signal that a reconciliation is also welcome at his or her side. One more instance is when he or she personally invites you to an occasion where you will see each other.
July 20, 2016

Relationships: 10 Ultimate Reasons Why People Hold Onto Past Relationships!

 While some people can let go of a relationship once it is over, there are others who are unable to do so. When someone is able let go, it will be possible for them to move on and to embrace the present moment.
 However, if they are unable to do this, it is not going to be possible for them to move on and to live in the present moment. Based on this, it is clear to see that letting go is the best option.


 1.A Gradual Process
 Even if someone is able to let go, it doesn't mean that this will always happen straight away or that they won't experience pain. There is the chance that part of them will want to hold on, but another part of them will play an important part in them moving on.
 The time it takes for them to let go of a relationship may depend on how close they were or how long it lasted. And as time passes, the attachment they had to another person will gradually come to an end.
 On the other hand, this is not going to take place when someone holds on, and while this could because they were close, this might not be the case. It could have been a relationship that wasn't in their best interests and it might not have lasted for very long.
 In this case, it is a good thing that is over, and they are then in a position where they can find someone who is a better match. If they had a special connection with the other person, it would be easier to understand why they still hold on.

3. Pressure
 The ideal would be for them to face up to the fact that the relationship is over and even if they did have something special together, this is all in the past. Every part of them may be holding on and they are not going to feel the need to move on.
 This is not to say that they won't feel any pressure, and this could come from the people in their life. They may tell to forget about the other person and to move on, and while this could have an effect on then, it might end up falling on deaf ears.
4. Conflict
 Yet, just because someone is unable to move on, it doesn't mean they don't want to. What this is likely to show is that they are experiencing inner conflict, and this is stopping them from being able to change.
 When people tell them to move on, it is then going to match up with what they tell themselves. They have the need to move on, but another part of then won't let them carry on with the rest of their life.

 5.Head over Heart
 It could be that their heart is still attached, and this is then in direct opposition with their head. This part of them is going to be aware of what happened in the past and what is happening now.
 And because their heart is holding on and their head is telling them to let go, it could cause them even more pain. There is then the pain they are experiencing in their heart and the pain they are experiencing through not being able to let go.

 When someone doesn't want to let go, they are likely to have moments where they imagine having the other person in their life again. This will give them two choices: to either feel down through facing how they feel, or to feel good through fantasising about what will happen.
 And as the first option makes them feel bad and the second option makes them feel good, they are going to feel the need to do everything they can to avoid facing reality. The above scenario can also happen when someone does want to let go, but in this case, there is likely to be a greater willingness to face up to reality.
7. Moving On
 If someone has the ability to move on, once a relationship is over, it could be because they have a healthy relationship with their emotions, and this stops them from carrying emotional baggage. As a result of this, the end of a relationship is not going to trigger painful emotions from the past.
 When they experience loss, they will face their grief and allow themselves to mourn. Through doing this, it will be easier for them to let go of relationships that are not fulfilling, and when they are, the pain they experience will not be backed up by what has stayed in their body from the past.
8. Holding On
 However, if someone finds it difficult to move on, it could be because they haven't got a healthy relationship with their emotions, and this then causes them to carry emotional baggage. Once a relationship comes to an end, they can end up being overwhelmed by a sense of loss.
 When their relationships come to an end, they may stop themselves from mourning, and while this may allow them to feel better in the short-term, the pain they avoid will stay trapped in their body. It then won't matter what kind of relationship they had or how long it lasted because the end of the relationship will trigger their unmourned grief from the past.
9. Going Through the Pain
 Holding onto a relationship is then a way for them to avoid the pain that is within them, and if this pain has built up over the years, it is going to be normal for someone to behave in this way. Yet, in order for them to let go, they will need to face the pain that is within them.
 This is not something that will happen through force and someone can't just 'get over it'. The only way to truly let go is to go through the pain, and this means that one will need to surrender to how they feel.
10. Awareness
 It will be important for them to cry out the pain that is with them, and as this takes place, they will gradually begin to let go. There is no set time for this and this is partly because this is not a linear process.
 This is a process that can take place with the assistance of a therapist. The main thing is that someone allows themselves to mourn the grief that is within them and doesn't give up.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

July 17, 2016

How To Create Friction Free Relationships

  Do you have an awkward interaction with your spouse/partner, Do you blame her and wait for an apology, or do you proactively reach out to 'own' your part in it?
Your assistant does your marketing promotion wrong. Do you get irritated at her or do you calm yourself down before asking her to help you understand what went awry and how you can prevent it next time?
 In the car, your spouse/partner is lost and aggravated, but won't stop to ask for directions. Do you snap at him to 'calm down' and remind him he 'always does this', or do you take out your iPhone GPS and make a 'note to self' to print out directions next time (thus averting the usual spat.)
Your answers depend on whether you follow the 50% rule. Usually you want to change what the other person is thinking and doing because it is annoying you or making you feel upset, and you think they 'shouldn't' do it that way.

   The 50% rule is an approach to all relationships (romantic, business, parenting, friendship, family) in which you focus on being impeccable for your 50% of the interaction. It's not about 'being nice' or 'giving in to keep the peace'. Its about taking responsibility for your part, relying on your own tools to get yourself into the right emotional state, and acting in a way that aligns with who you want to be in the relationship.
  The benefits of being impeccable for your 50% are many: you walk away from the interaction feeling proud of yourself rather than guilty for lashing out. You preserve your relationship rather than chip away at it. You decrease the other's defensiveness so they are more likely to listen to you (and if they are not capable of much change, you are already 'in a good place' and thus detached from the ill effects of their behavior).
And this is the most important: you are 'in control'!
To try out the 50% rule, think of a relationship in your life you want to be better. Draw an imaginary line in between you and that person everything on one side is your 50% (what YOU think, how YOU feel, what YOU say, what YOU do), everything on the other is theirs.

  Notice that what you have been doing until now in this relationship may be efforts that;crosses the line. You may have been taking on their 50% (e.g., absorbing their negative energy, feeling responsible for their feelings, trying to rescue them) or getting them to act differently (e.g., blame them to get an apology; tell them they need to change; do favors for them hoping they will approve of you and appreciate you). The other person probably experiences your efforts as controlling and it may have backfired.
Instead, influence them to improve the interaction, but stay within 'your side of the line.' There are so many possibilities, here are a few to practice:

1) Take charge of handling your own emotional response
  Its so tempting to scream at the other person to Calm Down!!! When you are being impeccable for your 50%, you don't try to get the other person to relax, you focus on relaxing yourself (so that you can actually deal with the other person in a way that is more calm, that will surely help them to relax!)
Before you snap at your spouse like in the example above, calm yourself down. Try a technique called reverse breathing: breathe in slowly through your mouth and breathe out slowly through your nose (this calms your liver where your frustration accumulates). You should feel a cooling sensation across your tongue if you are doing it right. This technique is so powerful that you will notice a big difference within 10 to 30 seconds!

2) Accept others' level of evolution and work on yours!
 Accept that others are generally doing what they do for good reason (at least within their own worldview). Know that whenever people are being rigid it's usually because they are stuck on an emotionally unresolved issue that deep down makes them feel bad about themselves (even though its not apparent to them). If this is the case, then expecting the person to come around and apologize is a lost cause. Instead of assuming your friend is a jerk, think through what you did before or after their awkward behavior that might have contributed to the breakdown, and take responsibility by clarifying and apologizing for your part.
By doing this you have cleared your conscience and smoothed the way for them to come back with a constructive response. If she doesn't, its 'proof' that there is something going on in 'her 50%' that has little to do with you, and though it might be sad for you, she is essentially showing you her ability to deal with her feelings. Staying mad at her for not being more evolved goes nowhere; instead focus on your 50% and how you set yourself up to be hurt by hoping she would be more capable of being the friend you desire.

3) Be a bulletproof in your word and deed
  Instead of blaming others, put your attention on communicating clearly so you can't be misunderstood. Focus on using a tone that is motivating and respectful (e.g., say help me understand what broke down here instead of you did this wrong). Focus on noticing what the other person is doing right and let them know. Don't give unclear directions and then blame your assistant/business partner for not producing what you wanted.
As you say what you mean and mean what you say but your assistant/business partner doesn't, it becomes very clear with whom the problem lies and who is going to need to change as part of the solution. It shifts the balance of power and gives you strong leverage in negotiation. others cannot point a finger back at you, they must take responsibility or you will choose not to work with them.
In short, take 100% responsibility for your 50%. Decide who 'you want to be' in the interaction and focus on being HER! The irony is that by concerning yourself with your own 50%, you raise the odds of getting the other person to act how you want them to act. Enjoy the power of being 'in control' without being controlling!


Monday, 20 June 2016

June 20, 2016

Relationships -5 Breakup signs of an ending Relationship

                              5 Breakup sign of an ending Relationship


which of these 5 reasons are threatening the survival of your relationship and create a battle plan on how you want to handle the situation.

Managing a relationship is a two way effort, both of you need to make a conscious effort to make it work. Starting a relationship is easy, maintaining it is a whole other ball game.
Check out Below 5 Breakup sign of an ending Relationship.

1. Jealousy
Too often one person in a relationship might start going a little green. Jealousy can be related to someone else or even your own partner. While this normally occurs because that person might be feeling distant, insecure and threatened, it can have disastrous effects on a relationship. The best way to deal with is to increase security in terms of your relationship and within one’s own self.

2. Not enough time
If one of you is always out doing your own thing, then it becomes hard to feel close and connect. And that leads to one or both of you feeling unloved. While many times you may feel like you just don’t have enough time to give your partner but you should always try to take out time for your partner or at least give them the attention they deserve once you are with them.

3. Selfishness
Being in a relationship means thinking about and taking care of someone other than yourself. Additionally it means acting selflessly without expecting return. Selfishness drives couples apart like nothing else. Both partners need to be compromising and understanding in order to make the relationship flourish.

4. Picking faults
Lastly, too often we tend to pick faults in our partner. It might be well gestured, but expecting someone to change everything about themselves makes them feel like they are unloved and even unwanted. Both partners need to be a little tolerant and forgiving when it comes to each other’s mistakes, and they should let go instead of harboring their feelings. If you’re both constantly playing the blame game, then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to break away from the vicious cycles that is tearing your relationship apart.

5. Too much time
If you’re spending every waking moment with each other, then get ready for some serious problems. It’s natural that when we all need time for ourselves. While you or your partner might love spending time with each other, if both of you are scheduling time away from each other, your relationship might be suffering.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

June 19, 2016

Relationships - 4 Ultimate Reasons Older Couples are getting Divorced



  A lot of older couples are getting divorced and calling it quits. It has been observed that the divorce rate for those aged 50 and older doubled between 1990 and 2010. 

 Couples can divorce later in life for the same reasons younger couples split up as infidelity, financial pressures, regrets about earlier decisions, or a desire for greater independence. But when you’re over 50, these reasons are framed by aging and the realization that you have more years behind you than ahead of you.

Below are 5 Ultimate Reasons Older Couples are getting Divorced-

 1. Loneliness
A husband or wife tries to reach out to communicate a desire to spend more time together. He wants to go out more often. She says she’s too tired and besides, she can’t leave the kids at night. She asks to talk together more and tries to communicate her fears or frustrations. He says ‘it’s all good, stop worrying so much’ and does not give her the feeling that he is listening. These are missed indications that keep repeating themselves until a person just grows too weary and stops trying.

2. Becoming strangers to each other

Couples who have spent years parenting and working hard on their careers through their 20’s and 30’s surprisingly discover that they are not the same people they were when they began their journey together. Over the newly quiet dinner table they find awkwardness. Husband and wife realize that the person sitting across from them seems unfamiliar. Through all the chaos of the ‘wonder years’ they sometimes evolve into different people. They wake up one morning, the kids are gone and they don’t recognize the intimate stranger with whom they shared their lives with.

3. Withdrawal
When asked to extend oneself physically or emotionally, some individuals withdraw instead. Both men and women find it easy to discover different avenues where they seek a safe haven. These could be long nights on work projects, after office get-together, being consumed with a hobby or leisure activity, child rearing responsibilities, caring for aging parents, too many hours in the gym, community events or intense social friendships. Of course we all need outlets and personal space. But once we use these outlets as means of retreat from a spouse, the danger to future stability becomes obvious.

4. Loss of romance
With all the stress of daily living, it becomes easy for older couples to put off intimacy and romance. Long discussions about paying bills, school issues and difficulties with the children usually overtake their conversations. Sentimental walks and sweet talks between husband and wife seem to be part of a past life which has slipped away. Faced with new couple time after years of living all about the kids, this time together can feel strange. It becomes easy for husband and wife to lead separate lives each on their own laptops or mobile phones or in the daily newspapers. The empty nest is filled with silence; there is barely what to say to one another so their passion for each other is gone.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

June 12, 2016

How to Keep Peace in Your Marriage

 It is a painful, hurtful emotion to suspect that your partner is cheating on you, because a woman’s intuition is always, almost 100% correct. Nine out of ten times you most definitely will be right. The signs are always there. The regular air of distraction, the ‘cockroach chasing chickens’ arguments that are as senseless as the phrase sounds, the late night office hours, broken promises of family or couple time, the whole ten yards.

You need to understand where your position is first. You need to ask yourself the following questions. Are you ready to face the truth? , Do you love him enough to let bygones be bygones and move on? , Will you be able to ever trust him again and Are you strong enough to end the relationship if he chooses the other woman or man over you?

Once you know your answers then you can prepare. First it is a popular saying that assumption is the mother of all mess-ups, so DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE RIGHT. BE SURE THAT YOU ARE.  That means physical, irrefutable proof that can stand alone that he is cheating. This makes the conversation you have with him easier on your psyche since he wouldn’t be able to deny it or distract you from the facts.

4 Words that Can Destroy a Relationship

You want to keep calm and contemplative at all times, believe it or not prayers and meditation helps. Cry if you have to, throw a temper tantrum if you must but ensure it is on your own time and you get rid of all the angst piled up. This puts you in the right frame of mind to plan. You don’t want to spread your fears or thoughts on the matter before actually having the conversation (not confrontation, conversation) with him. Not only will it alert him, it will also give him the moral high ground and lots of room to wrangle himself out of it especially if he isn’t yet guilty (yet to go to second base) or he is actually honest to God innocent (girl you were delusional about the whole thing). You are mature about it, tell him your feelings after he has owned up to it and explained himself. He may have been confused, seduced, blackmailed whatever.  Depending on his outlook (Relief that the truth is out he doesn’t need to pretend anymore or Guilt that he got caught and shame because it meant nothing to him) then your decisions come into play.

You need time and space; a period of separation to regroup and deal with it because no matter what proof you have hearing his admission of guilt will still hurt. Chances are he either ends the affair or your relationship. You need to be prepared for either/or unless you are willing to share (…and girl I hope you think more of yourself than to share a man with anyone because HIV/AID and other itchy STDs are real!)

Make you your First Priority, take care of yourself make time for leisure activities with your friends, family and colleagues. Take up a hobby and try something new. Stop believing, he is your only chance at love and start a daily self-worth journal telling yourself each day why you are worthy of true love! Don’t let the crisis dominate or direct your life. Chances are if he sees you moving on so soon he will strive to have you back.  Ha! Now that’s what I am talking about.  If he wants you back now is the time to slay the beast in him that was sneaking around with “Funke with the Fake hair!”.  Make sure you play a long game that lets him know if he tries it again he’ll lose his wife!

Seek out counselling for yourself or for both of you whichever applies. Do not spend long periods of time alone gather fun loving people around you and take each day as it comes.

Weigh the pros and the cons and play devils’ advocate always maintain your composure and mental maturity it goes a long way to win back your man, if not him some other dude will come along.

 courtesy -Diamond woman

Sunday, 5 June 2016

June 05, 2016

Men Only -5 things to Consider before dating a woman who like being Single

   -5 things to Consider before dating a woman who like being Single

   -Guys if you have made up your mind in dating such a lady. Then you will need to know some things at the back of your mind.


  Staying single is a matter of choice. For most ladies, they prefer it that way.
  She is also surrounded by men who know her confidence is the sexiest thing ever. If you are a guy and you’re willing to date such a woman, here are a few things you should keep in mind.
Inspired by life hack here are 5 things to consider before dating a woman who like being single.

1. She isn't looking for a handbag but a partner
She doesn't need to be smothered. You should be able to push and inspire her instead.

2. Her heart may have been broken recently
She’ll be extra sensitive and is prepared to walk away.

3. She likes her freedom too well
Asking permission to do everything is part of what she signed up for.

4. It’s all or nothing for her
She will never settle for less in romantic relationships. She’s giving all the love she has to everyone around her and her last relationship doesn't define her at all.

5. She knows what she wants
She’s not ready to play the mommy role for partner which means she bears no responsibility except that of a lover. She’s self-aware and isn’t into trial and error which means she knows how she likes her man.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

June 04, 2016

Marriage Advice - 9 ways to Keep Falling in-love with Your husband

Marriage Advice - 9 ways to Keep Falling in-love with Your husband-

Ladies! No matter how long you are married, the most important thing is to keep your marriage fresh in other to attain that furfilment you desire. here are 9 ways to kep falling inlove with your husband.

  Ladies! No matter how long you are married, the most important thing is to keep your marriage fresh in other to attain that furfilment you desire. here are 9 ways to kep falling inlove with your husband.

1.) Go on a vacation Together.
 Kiss the kids goodbye once a year and check-in to an adults-only tropical or romantic hideaway. Why? Because you deserve it. No questions asked. Sign up newsletter from your favorite hotel and airfare deal sites, so you won’t miss your chance to travel for less.

2.) Dance like you are alone.
 Dance break…well, just because. Movie stars aren’t the only ones who get to live in the moment. Bask in your love whenever you feel it, no matter who’s watching. Show a little PDA if you want to.

3.) Go on a road trip Together.
 The best journeys don’t always have destinations. Rev up your romantic engines and take your love on the road –literally. Every state is blessed with a scenic highway somewhere within state lines. Find it, drive it and enjoy the quality time. You can make a romantic throwback playlist for the ride.

4.) Do something new Together.
 There are always new things to discover as a couple. It could be something you found at the park or train station or something someone advised you both should go explore. However, together, find your own little corner of the world, claim it as your happy place and give it a nickname.

5.) Try staying indoors together.
 There’s nothing like a hotel bed, a room service menu and the warm embrace of the one you love. Take off Friday, check into your favorite local hotel and enjoy a cozy and romantic three-day weekend close to home. It’s no-fuss and oh-so-fun, we promise. So, sleep in and order breakfast in bed!

6.) Make sure to capture all moments Together.

 Great dates equal great memories, so don’t forget to capture them. Pause from the fun to pose for a silly selfie or capture that breathtaking sunset you shared. The photos will make the memories last forever. Your Homework: Turn your favorite date night photos into a memorial album.

7.) Use all five senses on a date.
 Sit back and listen to each other’s deepest desires over a great dinner conversation as you let the scents from the kitchen tempt your taste buds. When the meal arrives, you’ll taste-test a five star menu while feasting your eyes on romantic views and tenderly touching hands. Now that’s perfection. Make reservations, now!

8.) Stay away from all devices on date.
 When you’re together, the only thing that should matter is savoring the magic of the moment. Learn how to use the “do not disturb” modes on those smartphones.

9.) Celebrate the big and small victories.

 From celebrating promotions to being five pounds lighter on the scales, there’s always a reason to celebrate your successes together. Do it as big as you can and as often as you can. You’re love is worth it.  Your Homework: Write a list of all the little moments you have yet to toast to, together.