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Sunday, 18 December 2016

December 18, 2016

5 Things to Consider When Choosing A Good Marriage

5 Things to Consider When Choosing A Good Marriage

A good marriage is the legal union between a man and the exclusion of others, it requires inseparable joining of husband and  wife throughout their life time.

A good marriage must begin with a leaving of all other relationships in other to establish a permanent relationship that must involve the consent of both a man and a woman. A lot of planning goes before marriage and the most important of all these planning is the official or ceremonial joining of the couple.
This event is always joyous. But on the other hand many marriages end up in the court room.

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In other to avoid the incidence of divorce and unhappy home, there is need for people to look closely and acquire self understanding before going into marriage. Statistics has shown that approximately 50 % of marriages these days end up in divorce court.

Therefore, factors like the age of other partner, educational level, religious belief, family background, should be put into consideration in making a good choice for a good marriage.


 1. Courtship

God has designed a good marriage to meet the first problem of humans which is loneliness, but strongly prohibits fornication.

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Having a long  courtship makes or creates room for you to be acquainted to have mutual understanding and interest except in the area of fornication which should be avoided.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing A Good Marriage
When it comes to courtship try as much as possible to date around, don't be in a hurry because a life companion is not an experiment, and don't marry the first person you date.

2. Be Prayerful

It is only God that knows the best. Then try and get a closer look at our partner to see if he or she is really practicing his or her religion effectively.
Then both of you should try not to governed by your emotion rather be governed by your principles.

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 Make sure your friends and parents think success for the prospect of both of you. The age gap should not be too far apart, closer intellect, if not similar, a closer religion out look, close social relationship and none determinant personalities will make a good marriage far more likely to succeed.

3.Build Up Commitment 

This plays a very vital role in the success of a good marriage, where there is not enough commitment, there is bound to be flaws in the home.

It should be full commitment, and not just partial commitment as this will help to strengthen the bond between the partners.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing A Good Marriage

4. Always resolve Your Differences

Never go to bed with an unresolved conflict. Whenever there is any misunderstanding, try as much as possible to resolve a conflict within a week.

5. Intimacy

Intimacy or sex is  another thing to consider, if your mate is constantly unable to attain good sexual experience , seek counsel because this is the most vital issue. Both parties should try to be committed to each other in this matter.

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A good marriage is attainable, only if you can pay the price and work it out deliberately.

Please d rop your comments below and remember to share below. 

Friday, 25 November 2016

November 25, 2016

4 Ways To Fix A Boring Relationship

4 Ways To Fix A Boring Relationship

In other to fix a boring relationship you have to maintain a high level of excitement in your relationship, you should develop the ability to surprise your lady every once in a while especially when you go out for a date with her.

Every woman out there desires to reach a place in her relationship where she would completely understand her man and to know exactly how his mind works, but they still expect to be surprised by there partner, to have their minds blown often.

If you are not meeting this expectation, then know for sure that your relationship is going to be very boring and you have to start changing things very quickly. 

For you to fix that boring that boring relationship see below tips to work on to achieve that change you desire.


1.Stop Been Too Predictable

Stop been predictable as it could term you to be so boring. Develop other ways that would be surprising in everything you .

2.Throw a Surprise Occasionally

When you are in a relationship with someone for a very long time, both parties will have to understand each other in every way possible. And to maintain an excellent  excitement in your relationship endeavor to surprise your partner once in a while no matter how little. It could be gift or even an amazing place for dinner.

3. Learn How To Say No

There are times that you should be able to say no to your partner, though not in every situation.

You have to know that being too nice to women actually pisses them off. Women hates it when they are over-pampered, they even take you for a ride for it. So learn to say No to some of her demands and don't over do it. 

4. Don't Avoid confrontation, Face It!

Every relationship experience all manner of fights and quarrels and even say careless things to each other. But confronting negative experiences in your relationship really makes it exciting.

And if you are the type that avoids confrontation by every means and your partner notices it she could be labelled you and the relationship as been boring so be confronting no matter the issue.


Following the above tips will help you fix your boring relationship. They have been proven to helpful for couples and those that aspire to get married.

Please drop your comments below and remember to share.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

November 23, 2016

7 Awesome Experience In A Good Marriage

7 Awesome Experiences In A Good Marriage

Many good marriages out there are different in several ways, and some are unified in their own special way. They all depend on the effort and input of both partners in the marriage and their decision to make the marriage work.

When you get married there are a lot of experiences you encounter, many new behavior springs up some may be good or even worst.


1.Love Life changes

The love life in the marriage can change for the better, or even for worse, but definitely there is going to be a change in the love you have for your each other as you spend more years in your marriage.

But in many cases, the love grows without any reduction.

2.Many Little Things Matter as the Big Ones.

This is very true, you will discover that little things you do for your partner are just as important as the other acts of love you show to him or her.

Actually in some marriages, the little things are more valued than the great ones.

3.Good Times and Bad Times Comes

Yes, they are different moods to be expected, good times do not always last forever, and also life itself is not always a bed of roses.

It is wise to always appreciate the good times while it last and stick by your spouse through the bad times. (This is the true test of love) These are the phases all marriages passes through, and how you handle these phases will play a great role on how lasting your marriage will be.

4. Go a Date Together Always

Dating doesn't stop when you get married, infact this is the moment real dating starts. Doing this keeps the bond together.

5.You know the Things That Matters

If your marriage will stand the test of time, both partners have to get to know the things that hold weight in the heart of the other, as in the things that should come first and also the burden of each other.

Both partners have to understand each other more, and realise what to put more emphasis and preference on.
7 Awesome Experiences In A Good Marriage

6.Your Sex Life Gets Better

It might not be as frequent as when you first got hitched, but then, it gets a lot better and really, that’s all that’s going to matter in the end.

7. Saying Thank You and Am Sorry Becomes Very Important

Remembering to always say a 'thank you' for every efforts your spouse makes remains very import, and as well as learning to defuse every tensed situations by giving prompt apologies are very vital  tools to ensure the longevity of your marriage life.


It is very important to know that every successful marriage is built, and still stands on the above mention points. Build your marital life on them and experience drastic changes in your marriage.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

October 09, 2016

Marriage - 5 Communication Styles Between Couples

5 Communication Styles Between Couples
 Communication between  couples is a channel through which the human emotional force is convey in words which may be transferred to actions that control the atmosphere of the marriage.

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Marriage peace is channeled through communication and human emotions are often expressed in words.
Our manner of communication give meaning to the words we use, and it is now proved that styles of communication make more impact on our emotion than the idea being communicated. See Our Sponsors Here

The feedback or reaction to a piece of information depends on the style. The emotion behind the words is what gives it a meaning. People pay more attention to the style in which an idea is communicated. The communication style determines the next action, either positive or negative, sooner or later.

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Until the individuals understand the styles of communication among couples, they will communicate but won't respond emotionally. Marriage without effective communication never works and the effectiveness of any communication is determine by how much you understand the style of the communicator.

Communication in marriage is not communication until the styles are fully understood by both couples. The misunderstanding in marriage or among couples and other kinds of relationship often starts with communication and ends with communication.

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Every marriage is built by someone and every marriage stands on styles of communication. Using this method will help you understand your partner better in your emotional engagement in marriage and relationship through styles of communication.


1. By Sermonizing.
 Thus when couples communicate by sermonizing. Both couples here are straightforward and they  give direct answers to all possible criticism. Both couples use arguments and they also show some level of anger in their engagement or communication.

2. Communicate By Compliments.
This is when couples communicate by compliments and affirming each other with doses of advice.Both couples also put words into each other's mouth. They always prefer one thing to another in their conversations, they are not always open. They communicate by touching each other to be sure they are listening and understanding.

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3.Communication By Summary.
This is when couples communicate in a summarized form. They make short statements in order not to be misunderstood. They love to talk last in a gathering and they are always controversial in their ideas and opinions.

4.Communication By Command 
This is when couples communicate using command tones and shouting. They preach aggressively, and aggressive words are at their beck and call and their words must be obey by all. They have no apology and they are always  ready for action.

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5.Communication By Lamenting.
This is when couples communicate by lamenting. both couples uses poetic manner for expression. They also express their anger in lamenting, using sighs and they also use phrases like ''in short you won't understand''.

The above are what is typically found in some marriages out there. Do your best to communicate in a romantic manner so as to enjoy your marriage effectively.
What do you think?

Please drop your comments below and do share.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

September 22, 2016

5 Marriage Tips Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Shared Over The Years

5 Marriage Tips Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Share Over The Years
  Jolie and Pitt, during their blissful marriage life gave some outstanding marriage advice before their own marriage hit the rocks. It's sad to see such marriage breaking up , inspite of different marital counsel delivered by them. Yes both couples spent 12 years together, having enough time  together to gather some marital advice.
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Let check out some 5 marriage tips they shared over the years.

1.Taking a leap of faith

Brad believes in taking a leap of faith, so everyone should give themselves a shot at love in their  marriage. You really will not know what your marriage will be like if you do not actually marry.

"A family is a risky step, because the greater the love, the greater the loss. That's the trade-off.

But I'll take it all ... One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom. She is such a great mom. Oh, man, I'm so happy to have her," Brad tells Parade.

2,Family first, all the time

According to Brad Pitt , family first before work.

Brad pitt is of the opinion that putting your career ahead of everything is fine, until you start a family.

"The work has gotten better because I worry less about it — it's family. Family becomes the source of joy or worry. It takes any pressure of self-absorption away; it just evaporates. It makes it freer," he says.

5 Marriage Tips Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Share Over The Years

3.Insipre Each Other

In an recent interview , Angelina advises that couples should love each other. and also push each other to attain the best at whatever you do.

"You get together and you're two individuals and you feel inspired by each other, you challenge each other, you complement each other, drive each other beautifully crazy," says Angelina Jolie.

4.Save Your Wild Side For Your Partner Only

Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie believe the ‘bad’ side of everyone Character should be kept for their partners. 

Anyway, when both the couple appeared on 60 Minutes, Angelina said she still retained her ‘bad’ side.

"I'm still a bad girl," she says.

“Yes, she is, but that's not for public consumption," Brad adds.

5.Let Your kids know That Daddy and Mummy Need Special Time Together.
5 Marriage Tips Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Share Over The Years
"We tell our kids, 'Mom and Dad are going off to kiss.' They go, 'Eww, gross!' But we demand it," Brad tells USA Weekend.

The lesson here is this; never let kids come between the romance you and your spouse had before their arrival.

I belive that working with above marrital advice can save some mariages, even if it did't work out well for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Please share your comments below.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

September 20, 2016

Marriage Counseling - How To Avoid A Rocky Marriage

How To Avoid A Rocky Marriage

   In other to avoid a rocky marriage, You have to trash out important matters before you walk down the aisle with your intending spouse. Because there is a popular saying that prevention is better than cure, then it becomes very necessary for individuals that are courting, engaged, or if you are in a committed relationship to discuss the following issues to avoid a rocky marriage.

 How To Avoid A Rocky Marriage

1.How To Ease Work stress.
   This is an important area of pre-marriage conversations between intending couples that many people hardly bother discuss.

  People have different ways for relaxing after a long days work, and it's important for talk about it. In other to avoid issues of feeling tired and not paying attention to each other's feelings after a longs days work. Discussing this will help both you and your intending spouse to make adjustment where necessary or even know what to expect after saying ''I do''.

2.Handling In-laws
   The matter experiencing bad in-laws is quite unimaginable, that even some ladies pray for having good in-laws or even praying for not to meet their in-laws.
Its best for you to prepare your mind in relating with them positively,because they will be very present in your marriage.

  There is a tendency that couples may feel divided or even threatened by in-laws, it is very important to discuss how you and your intending couple relate with your individual parents in other to find out if there is any form of serious ties like being a mummy's boy or daddy's girl or being matured to stand up and resist any interference from both mummy or daddy. You must sit down and address this matter to avoid a rocky marriage.

3.Ask Financial Questions
    Though the issue an already laid down matter for discussion. Remember you have to ask the right questions in respect of monetary income.

   The main question here should not be how much he or she earns or how much he or she saves from the salary, your concern should be the questions of his or her relationship with money, that is to mean telling you of his or her history of financial dealings.

   You also have to ask questions about his or her financial strength and weakness, being able to save or not, and even find out if he or she is a waster of resources.

Please don't forget to ask about his or her financial dreams and goals, too.
How To Avoid A Rocky Marriage

4.The Place Of Sex.
   Talk about sex, because sex is a part of marriage as it could break or make it. You are getting married to your intending spouse because you are attracted to her or him sexually besides every other consideration.
  Don't be shy when discussing this matter, be clear,be honest and open with every questions and answer.

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 5.Having Babies and Using contraceptive .
   You should be able to discuss how many babies you both want And also the child spacing methods both of you would like to adopt. And finally, the kind of contraceptive methods both of you would like to use after childbirth and child spacing. These questions are really important, so don't forget to ask them. 

please feel free to share your comments below.

Monday, 19 September 2016

September 19, 2016

How To Save Your Relationship And Make It Work

How To Save Your Relationship And Make It Work
   If your relationship is going from bad to worse, it's sometimes challenging to see any solution to remedy the situation.  But the good news is that in spite of the negative situation you are in, you can still can remedy it.  Saving your relationship and making it work is not an easy step, nevertheless it can be easier once you discover or know exactly what to do.

3 Ultimate Ways To Save Your Relationship And Make It Work     

1.Discover The Reasons Behind The Problem.
   Try to discover the reason behind the issues in your relationship. Beacause behind every negative issues in a relationship there must be a concrete reason why things are going wrong. If your relationship has lost its bliss, then it could possibly mean that something has gone wrong between you and your partner, it could even be that you are not romantic anymore or perhaps you are not communicating effectively .

   Do you know that issues like cheating in a relationship is just a warning sign and not a contributing factor. For your partner to cheat you have to know that there is something definitely wrong. Because if you are in a happy relationship that is working you will hardly cheat.

   The best way to fix this kind of issue is for you and your partner to sit down and talk about what you don't like, i can tell you that this method works very well. Getting the issues out of your heart relives the tension within you and  stops every form of unhappiness. This situation calls for honestly in how you feel and also make a list of what both of you like.

2.Maintain Good Communication

   Good communication is the key to any thriving relationship.You have develop and maintain good communication in your relationship. In other to maintain good relationship there are 3 levels of communication you have to maintain well.

  • Forgiveness. Remember both of you are not saints. You should be able to erase any wrong in the past and start out clean. Forgive your partner and stop any attitude of pointing accusing fingers to your partner. In other to save your relationship you need to forgive  and let go.

  • Honesty . Be open in your dealings and make everything bear. Honesty resolve issues, though sometimes it can hurt but you need it to make your relationship work.

  • Good Listening. Communication goes beyond mere speaking. Communication entails sharing your emotions, being honest to each other and been able to listen effectively to each other. At this moment you need to focus at what your partner needs to say. 

3.Fix The Problem.

   Saving your relationship and making it work is a not a one man's work, it entails the effort of both couples. Its all about reaching an agreement collectively.

    When saving and trying to make your relationship work avoid any mistake of making it short term, as this would eventually make you unhappy as the issues that almost cost you your relationship would certainly sneak back in.
    To fix the problem you must make it a priority to tackle every issue one by one, deal with the difficult issues first and then face the other ones. If you are prompt to fixing issues in your relationship you will discover that the spark that once existed in your relationship will return without much effort. Remember if you and your partner  devote yourselves to fixing issues in your relationship you will end up saving your relationship. Make it a point of duty and reignite you love for each other by doing it.

Please drop your comment below and share.

Monday, 22 August 2016

August 22, 2016

Marriage Counseling - Preparing For Premarital Counseling

Preparing for premarital counselling

 Marriage Counseling Questions to Be Prepared For 

  Partners preparing to get married often seek premarital counseling, as it might improve their possibility of staying happily married. Many couples intending to attend marriage counseling before their marriage often wonder  what questions their therapist or specialist would ask them in their first counseling session. If you are feeling tense about your premarital counseling session or would like to know what type of questions will likely be asked, here are 4 Premarital Questions-


 Some questions that you can expect within your premarital counseling appointment are matched to your financial status and plans. Listed below are some likely questions you would be asked:
  • Do you then have a financial plan? If yes, how's it going going to stay with your budget? Do you have medical insurance or any retirement plans? If one individuals dies, who'll handle your financial plans or how will you divide your cash and other assets? Do you have any investment plans or personal savings? If sometime soon, you have a divorce, how will your capital as well as other assets be shared?

2.Problems In The Relationship

 Every couple experiences relationship challenges at some point. Preparing for how you will be able to tackle a number of this situations that couples frequently experience will be really valuable.
  •  In case some misunderstanding happens, you can you overcome it and work it out? If you are arguing, do you approach your partner's feelings and thoughts? Is there any trait or habit that you'd like your spouse to improve? Do you explore sex comfortably using your girlfriend or boyfriend? Does your lover satisfy you sexually?

3.Life After Marriage

 Talking about what your expectations will be to your life as soon as the two individuals get wedded can be quite beneficial. By talking things through prior to marry the other person, you are able to steer clear of a great deal of misconceptions and arguments. So, in your premarital counseling appointment, you have expect being asked the below questions:
  • How are you about to share housework after marriage? How vital are close relatives and buddys to you? Will there be somebody from a friends or family who is going to be living with the two individuals? How much of your respective everyday time can you devote to your sons or daughters? Who will conserve the family spending plan?

4.Spiritual Beliefs

  If you're Catholic, you will probably be asked questions that concentrate on your beliefs for example your  religious and spiritual viewpoints. Below are many of the questions that you can expect to get asked you and your lover:
  • Do you believe in Jesus and exactly how important is He to you personally? Do you believe that God came up with the two individuals to be together?  Do you think that you are going to be blessed by God as being a wedded couple? Will you share your religious and spiritual belief with your children?

This is a few questions your particular counsellor will likely ask you. Preparing for these questions along with your marriage should give you an excellent start.

Please share your thoughts below.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

August 21, 2016

Marriage And Godly Character Part 2

Marriage And Godly Character Part 2
  Today i will be sharing on the part two of this topic, remember in your marriage anything that goes wrong is the man's fault as in for an example when you board a bus the driver is in charge because he is the one steering the wheels. so also the man is the head of the home and the driver,pilot of the home so therefore whatever goes wrong in the home is the man's fault.
  Remember the garden of Eden when Adam eat the forbidden fruit, who did God looked for? Adam!, why because he's the one in charge.
  Today we will be looking at How to access godly character for marital fulfillment and also godly character for marital fulfillment.


  Until Christ is formed in your life, you cannot exhibit godly character.

  There are things you cannot do by your self, and also there are things you don't want to do, but find yourself doing it. but when you are empowered by the Holy ghost, you will see yourself overcoming those negative character.


  Take time to study the bible and meditate on should also allow the word to guide you on what to do. good fellowship with the word helps you to build godly character.

  Remember wisdom is the right application of knowledge. we need the wisdom of God in every situation of life. the bible says that a wise woman builds her own home and the foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. a wise woman does not allow issues in her home to degenerate into divorce.

 Your thinking patterns is important to your godly character. because whatever a man thinks in his heart so is he.


This simply means affection for someone and devotion towards someone. God is love and love is visible.
husband and wives are to love each other. when you love, everything works.

  This means delight and excitement. joy has nothing to do with emotions or happenings around. happiness can't  be controlled by emotions or happenings around, but joy is like a river that keeps flowing from within. joy gives strength in every battle of life. in your marriage, joy is the strength that keeps you going no matter the challenges.

  Peace means calmness,quietness,stillness and serenity.supernatural peace is given to believers. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, when you are born again, he will come and live inside of you and then you will be able to make peace and to rule and reign in your home, and the more mature you will become.If you are a fighter, and every other person's is wrong except you, then you are not matured.

 This talk about forgiving, tolerance,being patient and selfless. these qualities when directed towards someone, shows you have good character.

  Gentleness is a great fruit in the sight of God. Gentleness is good, when you are gentle then you are good.

This talks about kindness, righteousness and decency. the Bible says you should be good even to those that hate you and also pray for your enemies.even if your spouse is bad, pray for him.

  This means confidence, trust,belief, loyalty,reliance and assurance. so, you need trust between husband and wife.

  This means restraint discipline or self-control. we must learn to control ourselves, spirit, soul and our body.

  A woman or man should learn who to appreciate, to learn to say thank you ,see what your spouse has done for you and appreciate him or her.

 The man should go an work. you lack character if you don't work. you are lazy if you are not working. a virtuous woman will gather money to buy and sell and not to give to her husband.

Friday, 19 August 2016

August 19, 2016

Marriage And Godly Character- Part 1

Marriage And Godly Character- Part 1
  Character simply means the qualities that forms someone's behavioral pattern. character is who you are especially in the dark or when no one is there and you are alone. it is your personality or the way you think,feel and behave. Character is the attribute or feature that makes up or distinguishes an individual.
  Character is important to the success of one's marriage. your character is ''you''it is what informs the way you behave,relate,speak and perceive things. many homes today have succeeded because the partners involved are men and women of characters. we also have some marriages that have failed because the partners involved are men and women of bad characters. most of the problems in the home of believers today are traceable to lack of good character. this is the reason for separation in marriages, consistent fights and misunderstandings.
  Anything that goes wrong in a marriage is the man's fault . although, a woman can make mistakes but the man determines what happens next.
  Immaturity is a factor that will make you sit on a problem and turn it into a separation. a man of character knows when he is wrong; you do not need to tell him. No matter your position, whatever brings you out of your home,shows that you are not mature physically, emotionally and spiritually. therefore, couples who always point accusing fingers at each other, should look inward first. the Bible says if God should mark iniquity, who can stand? both parties are not perfect and they are bound to make some new discoveries when they get married. it is the character of the people involved that determines the outcome of the kind of marriage they would experience. seperation and divorce are for babies. The Bible says that what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.
Marriage And Godly Character- Part 1

  Marriage is the acceptance of responsibilities. everything about your spouse, good or bad becomes your responsibilities. what you do not want about the woman, you confront it and vice versa. your physical beauty is not enough.


1.To bring Glory to God.
 Any character or conduct that does not bring glory to God is Bad.

2, For a Testimony.
To have a testimony towards all men so that in your absence the majority will speak in your favour, you have to know that people are watching you.

3.To Enjoy Favour.
When you are god, you command favour.

4.You will not Miss Heaven.
When you are born again and you join it with godly character, then your heaven is sure and your crown in heaven will be super. this will make your work on earth count.

5.To have a successful home.


 Godly character is visible and can be discerned, below are ways to know a godly character-

1. By the way you Talk.

  Many do not know what to say, when to say , how to say, when to say and it: and even where to say it. before you talk, be reasonable and think about the outcome of what you are about to say, will it stir up trouble or will it bring about peace?
you can know a godly character through the way the person talks.
when your utterances are dirty, it shows your person is dirty and you lack character.

2.The way you act.
your actions speak louder than words. it has been said that character is like smoke, you cannot cover it because ti will still find a way of expressing itself.

To Be Continued

Thursday, 18 August 2016

August 18, 2016

Importance Of Sex In Marriage

Importance Of Sex In Marriage
  Sex goes a longer way than fulfilling sexual fantasies. Asides from the most obvious reason of connection between couples, having sex has great benefits medically.

 Sexual experiences are more precious and passionate when you share it with a significant other.

Below are 3 importance of sex in marriage

1. It relieve stress
 Sex is another form of exercise. When we exercise, the body produces chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers, endorphins. Endorphins improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduce stress.
Did you know you burn over 114 calories per 30 minutes while having sex?
According to experts, people who have sex regularly respond better to stress than people who do not.
Importance Of Sex In Marriage

2. It keeps you healthy
Sex keeps both your physical and emotional state healthy.
According to several researches, sex helps defy aging process, strengthen the cardiac muscles, reduce the risk of prostate cancer, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, balance your hormones, improves bladder control and also act as an amazing immune booster.
It manages emotional issues like anxiety, depression, and infertility.
It has been proved that having one orgasm per day keeps your oxytocin, estrogen and testosterone levels at its best.

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3. Keeps you and your spouse connected.
It is not news that your bedroom chemistry can spice up your relationships. Sex makes couples emotionally and physically connected.
culled from

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

August 02, 2016

For Couples - 4 Ulimate Ways To Create A Bond In Your Relationships

4 Ulimate Ways To Create A Bond In Your Relationships

  Strong relationships are formed after a long period of tolerance, acceptance, and acknowledging differences. Therefore, being in a new relationship can become stressful and frustrating these days.
There are many ways couples can ensure their relationship stays together and moves past the initial phase. However, many often give up within a few weeks, with little or no effort put into ensuring the relationship’s longevity. “Couples who play together, live together” isn’t just a saying — it’s a mantra for new couples.

In other to create a long lasting relationship, the effort of both parties are required.

Inpsired by Lifehack, Below are 4 Ulimate Ways To Create a Bond In Your Relationships-

1. Place Less Importance On The Word “Me.”
  In order to create a bond, one has to take the initiative to get to know their counterpart. Instead of focusing on your strengths, ask your partner about theirs. Play to their strengths and allow yourself to be vulnerable. If the best of you is the only part visible at the beginning, when your flaws do show up in the midst of your relationship they may be a surprise to your partner.
one of us are perfect beings, so let your partner see the real you. You should both place a focus on each other rather than on yourselves.

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2. Share Hobbies Together.
  Shared hobbies are the best way to create bonds. We use hobbies as a way to bond with ourselves and understand ourselves; therefore, creating one together allows you to better know one another. The best way to find the perfect hobby is to indulge in activities where you can fail, learn, and grow together while still having fun.

3. Get A Pet Together.
 They give you the incentive and need to cooperate and make decisions together. When you’re new in a relationship, fights over differences are common. However, many fail to realize that having a pet together could actually be a solution.

Animals are generally very intuitive towards their masters; they understand their moods and auras around them. A negative ambiance makes them react differently compared to a positive one. Having a pet can allow a chance for better communication because instinctively your pet might initiate the reconciliation to avoid anymore negative energy.

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4. Take an Adventure Trip Together.
  The couples who are capable of constantly creating memories together are the couples that are able to make extreme decisions.
Understand your partner and take them on an adventure they will never forget. You may fail, you may laugh, you may talk, and you may be forced to make decisions. Overall, you’ll create memories with one another. These memories may help you to develop a tolerance to your partner’s habits and serve a purpose as reconciliation tools in the future.

Monday, 1 August 2016

August 01, 2016

For Couples - 11 Bad Habits That Can Crush Your Marriage

11 Bad Habits That Can Crush Your Marriage
  As much as we all want to stay married and/or enjoy a blissful marriage forever, it's also good to know that even the most wonderful, 'perfect' couple can end up divorced.
Two people start off genuinely in love but somewhere down the line, despite everything looking rosy on the surface, they shock their families and friends and announce they are ending their marriage because it couldn’t work out. How? What happened? They seemed so good and happy together!

This isn't unusual at all. Many couples struggle to maintain a 'happy relationship,' but their marriages still falls apart. Here are 11 bad habits they likely left un-addressed that slowly but surely eroded love and connection between them:

1. Neglecting each other. Blowing each other off, forgetting to follow through on things promised, failing to pay attention. Neither of you necessarily meant to make other things more important than your spouse, but you did.

2. Letting disconnect become the norm. This is when couples start to say things like "I love you, but I am no longer 'in love' with you."

3. Not being on the same page with each other. Often couples lack alignment on the things that matter most, and feel like their own personal goals/feelings are the most important ones to focus on.

4. Allowing intimacy to dwindle. The affection, connection and tenderness you once shared dries up from lack of effort, leaving you merely roommates.

5. Not meeting each other's needs. Every person has unique needs they hope their partner will fulfill. But often couples fail to speak up about those needs or presume their partner's needs are the same as theirs.

6. Criticizing each other. When you nitpick each other in your minds and out loud, soon you only see your partner's faults. After awhile, complaining and criticizing become a comfortable habit which compromises your willingness to communicate and interact in a compassionate, supportive way.

7. Harboring resentment for each other. Unspoken or unresolved resentment festers and severely poisons a once healthy relationship. One partner (or even both) can think: You did this thing to me, and I can't get over it.

8. Not dealing with things head on. You know things are off, but it's easier to do nothing about it. You avoid facing the truth or handling the real issues in your marriage.
11 Bad Habits That Can Crush Your Marriage

9. Turning your attention (and affection) elsewhere. Whether by having an affair or pouring all of your attention into the kids, one or both of you checked out and sought attention and affection elsewhere. After that, it's easy to completely give up.

10. Letting stress control your lives. Life is hectic and many couples accidentally let stress (big and small) come between them. But once stress takes over and shared togetherness fractures, it can feel incredibly difficult (if not impossible) to get back.

11. Fighting to win. When you're more focused on 'being right' than truly connecting, attempts to 'talk about it' usually make things worse.

The longer the above issues remain unresolved in ANY marriage, the more these habits intertwine, intensify and steadily reduce the flow of love and connection in your life. Each day, love dwindles and stress builds until even formerly happy couples reach their breaking point.

culled from Pulseng