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Friday, 3 February 2017

6 Early Signs of Heart Attack In Women

Heart attacks are deadly and surprisingly they present different symptoms that face men and women.

The common symptoms like chest pains all the way down which can be linked to males may necessarily occur in women. With women the symptoms usually are less prominent and almost 'missable'.

6 Early Signs of Heart Attack in Women

These symptoms tend to be pointers to strokes in women:

1. Chest pain

Chest pain is undoubtedly an indicator of the onset of heart attack in females. It comes with an uncomfortable feeling and usually a feeling of tightness around the chest as well as in some cases difficulty in breathing around the chest rather than the left side as common in males.

2. Lightheadedness

A constant and persistent sense of dizziness and light-weight headedness generally is a pointer to cardiac arrest in the nearest future.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue is a large indicator of the start a cardiac arrest. Unexplained fatigue, getting excessively tired after small chores or exercises etc are signs to watch out for.

4. Stomach Discomfort

Stomach discomfort is usually a sign of heart attack common in females. It appears in way of severe abdominal pressure and usually uncomfortable.

5.  Neck/Jaw/Back Pain

Jaw pains, back and neck pains can be looked out for in females. Back and neck pains come suddenly without any kind of physical activity plus in some cases pain could be experienced throughout the lower left side in the jaw.

6. Shortness Of Breath

Unexplained shortness of breath can be a warning sign specifically when it (a suffocating feeling) gets worse when lying down and continues when one gets up. Sometimes it can be accompanied with nausea and sweating.

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