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Thursday, 12 January 2017

8 Dangerous Habits That Will Lead To Kidney Issues

8 Dangerous Habits That Will Lead To Kidney Issues

The kidneys help to keep the whole body functioning perfectly ensuring it stays in good shape everyday.

The kidney filters waste and excess fluid through the body, it is also great for blood circulation and blood pressure levels, the kidney keeps bones healthy amongst other functions that will make the body function effectively.


1. Not taking Enough Water

Not drinking water or taking enough fluid causes the kidneys to overwork and at last break down which may result in kidney issues.

2. Not Emptying the Bladder 

When you make it a habit of not emptying the bladder as at when due/holding urine also damages the kidney.

3. Continuously eating diet full of Protein

Eating protein filled diet continuously leads to damage of the kidney, since it overworks it making the kidney to wear out completely.

4. Smoking Cigarettes

The term 'Smokers are liable to die young' is apt! Smoking is just about the fastest and easiest strategies to cause irreparable injury to the kidneys.

5. High salt Intake

Excessive intake of salt eventually damages the kidneys. It's best to keep salty snacks for the barest minimal along with keep salt in meals small.

6. Taking a lot of Caffeine

Consuming excessive caffeine (usually in coffee), taking it a lot over the years will accumulates to breaking the kidneys.

7. Excessive Alcohol Intake

Taking strong alcohol is often a quick way to kill your kidneys.

8. Excessive use of Analgesics

Abusing or excessive usage of painkillers in the long run can cause lasting problems for your kidneys.

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