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Friday, 2 December 2016

Women's Health Issues - How To Prevent Vagina Candidiasis

Women's Health Issues - How To Prevent Vagina Candidiasis

Candidiasis or vagina thrush has been a major women health issues that has caused many pain. It is caused by candida, an organism which causes vagina candidiasis.

Candida Abibicans which can become an everyday inhabitant of a woman's body is found in various parts of the body, the skin , the vagina, the rectum and digestive systems.

The presence of Candida in the body is not normally detected, but when something happens to upset the natural balance, it maintains under control in the body the result is thrush or candidiasis. The itching, the mounds and the discharges which you have probably noticed are typical symptoms of vagina candidiasis.


The exact reasons for this ailment in the body is when the body is unable to keep the candida under control.

1. Too Much Antibiotic Usage

You may have taken antibiotics recently, although antibiotics are prescribed for the destruction of bacteria harmful to the body, but they can also contribute to the multiplication of Candida. Abuse of antibiotics is therefore not good.

2. Contraceptives.

If you use oral contraceptives, the probability of you developing an infection of candida increases. 


The increased levels of a hormone called oestrogen which is normally present in the blood circulation of the body can stimulate the increase of candida because oestrogen increases the level of a type of carbohydrate which candida uses as a nourishment, it is for these reasons that many women experience vagina candidiasis attacks after their menstrual periods, when the oestrogen concentrations reach their peak.

3. Pregnancy.

If your pregnant your vulnerability to these infection is greater than that of other women. The increased levels of oestrogen during pregnancy, as well as during the premenstrual period creates a climate favorable for the growth of candida.

4. Unusual Body Activities.

Certain conditions that predispose the body to fluctuating metabolic processes as a result of iodine in the body could also favor the growth of candida. Such conditions include hyperthyroidism otherwise called goiter and hyperthyroidism.

5. Diabetics.

You will be  more susceptible to vagina candidiasis if you are diabetic. The high levels of sugar in the blood associated with this illness can also stimulate the growth of candida.

6.Vagina Tension.

Anything that causes tension or irritation in the vagina tissue for instance, child birth, sexuak intercourse without sufficient lubrication, internal adsorbents or intrauterine devices can increase your chances of developing vagina candidiasis.

7. Ingestion of Drugs.

Ingestion of high quantity of certain drugs with high alkaline base could also result in elevation of pH both in the vagina area and the body in general. In view of the fact that candida thrives well in basic medium, suffice it to say that increased alkalinity will enhance fungal growth.


1. Carefully wash the vulva lips (your external genitals) which are usually a location favorable for the growth of candida.

2. Avoid using underwear from synthetic fibers and panties that are to tight. This kind of underwear retains moisture and heat which promotes the proliferation of candida.

3. When cleaning after defecation, clean towards the anus ( away from the vagina) in such a way that the candida presents in the anal region will not have access to the vagina region.

4. Use a lubricating gel during sexual intercourse to avoid brushing or irritating the vagina tissue, the vagina being point to entry of the yeast.

5. Avoid the excessive use of vagina douches (not more than once a week) , because this can affect the equilibrium of the normal bacterial flora which help to prevent infection.

6. Ensure you completely rinse off soap from your private areas after taking your bath as left over can diffuse into the vagina area, to increase the pH and promote candida growth.

What do you think? Please feel free to drop your comments below and remember to share this information to help someone out there.