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Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Ultimate Health Benefits of Herbal teas

Ultimate Health Benefits of Herbal teas

Herbal teas have gained recognition throughout the world. Herbal teas have been incorporated in healthy foods found in natural pharmacies. Nature has found healing where doubt exists.

Great herbalist like Maria Treben discovered benefit in combination of herbal tea. Father Kneipp completely cured tuberculosis with cold water treatment from herbal tea, Pastor Felke considered earth to be closest element to human when he cured many aliments from herbal tea bath. Theophrastus Bombastus also discovered potency in combination of herbal tea.

In 1534, paracelsus cured many people with non- curable disease with Phyllanthus Amaratus and Dissotis rotundifolia in the plague infected city of Sterzing. Medical professionals at the time told the authority that miner's disease was a punishment for sin and it was untreateable.

Metal and mineral were used with Dissotis roundifolia and Phylilanthus amarus herbal tea that cures miner's disease, Arthritis,Arteriosclerosis, Diabetes,Pneumonia,Osteoporosis, Infections and Detoxification of liver and kidneys.

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Christopher Hufeland, a medical scientist was an ardent advocate of preventive medicine. He used Dissotis roundifolia herbal tea to prevent diseases in the year 1815 to 1836 in his community.
The government recognised him for this and gave him many awards. John Kunzle learned the uses of medincinal plants from his father. In 1918 John Kunzle was successful in treating parishioners, neigbours and visitors with the combination of Urtica dioica and Phyllanthus amarus herbal teas.

During the outbreak of deadly influenza and different infections, the government invited him to rescue the people when all hope on medical scientist failed.

Other great herbal healer also used herbal tea to rescue their people in time of crisis. These days, modern scientist have realized the usefulness of green tea.

Green teas include Phyllanthus amarus, Dissotis rotundifolia and Urtica diocia. Herbal teas are avialable all over the world and have come to stay. 

Ultimate Health Benefits of Herbal teas


1. Green tea Detoxifies.

2. It prevents and treats different ailments.


1. Sorghum Bicolor

This herbal tea is indicated for treating heart problems. It is a good blood tonic also.

2.Hibiscus Sabdarifa

This herbal tea is used in the treatment of blood  pressure, cough and chest pain.

3. Urtica Dioica

This is an antipyretic astringent and emmenagogue. It is used for kidney diseases and menstrual disorder. Good for the treatment of rheumatism and inflammation of the urinary tract.

4. Dissoitis Rotundifolia

this tea is indicated for veneral disease, staphylococcus, asthma, ulcer, cough, conjunctivitis and infections. It is hemostatic, aphrodisiac and antimicrobal.

5. Phllantus Amarus

This tea is effective for the treatment of Jaundice, ringworm, asthma, diabetes,hypertension,stomachache,typhoid fever,staphylococcus,unrinary tract diseases  and gonorrhoea.

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