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Saturday, 24 December 2016

5 Ultimate Tips To Remain Healthy This Winter

5 Ultimate Tips To Remain Healthy During Winter

We are now in winter season again the time of the year when our lips start cracking; people get thirsty easily and mud and tree leaves starts flying everywhere. In some parts of the world it is called Harmattan and other parts its know as winter.

Though some parts of west Africa, specifically Lagos, Nigeria is yet experience the harmattan while other parts now experience what is called terrific harmattan particularly the northern parts Nigeria. 
No matter the part of the country you might be, below are a few tips to help you through this winter period.


1.  Drink Enough Water. 

It's normal to experience dehydration at this time because of the weather. So it is best to avoid carbonated drinks and juices, you can alternatively drink at least 1.5 liters of water each day as this can help keep your liver system functional optimally.

2. Always sleep in warm clothing.

The weather is usually really bright and hot within the afternoon periods and most times get very cold during the night. To be around the safer side, wear warm clothing when going to bed in the evening. This will really help to keep the colds away from you.

3.Take lots of vitamin c. 

Vitamin C is known to act as a cold resistant. Taking lots of it will assist to reduce the probability of you contacting the flu and running nose. As there are cold and snow everywhere, taking vitamins C generally can help combat the negative effects the weather might have on the body.

4. Always use Your Lip balm and moisturizers. 

Always remember to have a lip balm and moisturizer inside your bag, pocket or somewhere readily available for instant use. Apply the balm on your lips and also the moisturizer around your skin when you notice dryness around or any part of your skin.

5.Be careful and Mindful of Fire. 

Avoid burning items indiscriminately of course, if you have to burn anything, ensure that it is attended and well monitored. Because most fire accidents occur in this season because as long as everywhere is dry, fire can travel easily without restrictions. So be very cautious.

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