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Friday, 23 December 2016

5 Ultimate Things Every Stomach Ulcer Patient Must Avoid

5 Ultimate Things Every Stomach Ucler Patients Must Avoid

Stomach ulcers have become so common that if not treated or paid attention to, they end up becoming so fatal.

Ulcer are painful sore formed in the stomach which comes about when the thick layer of mucus designed to protect the stomach digestive juices is reduced, this enzymatic acids (ulcer) eats away the tissues lining the stomach!

Stomach ulcers is often curable if prompt attention is given to it like taking the required drugs, good lifestyle management amongst other preventive measure and so on, something else that helps to help keep ulcer in order is the style of food one eats.


1. Spicy Seasonings Foods

Spicy foods irritate the lining in the stomach and also extension the sore area. Spicy foods can also be known to make ulcer symptoms worse every now and again.

2. Coffee

Coffee actually doesn't cause ulcer but irritates it. The caffeine found in coffee erodes the already sore area of the ulcer turning it worse of course, if the goal is always to heal the ulcer, i suggest you stay away from coffee or reduce taking it towards the barest minimum. 

3. Alcohol

An ulcer patient should avoid alcohol and every alcohol beverages all together. Because alcohol intake boosts the stomach's acidity level making the ulcer worse and making healing very difficult.

4. Red Meat

Ulcer patients especially those with peptic ulcer should stay clear of red meat! Red meat take more time to digest making acid level inside the stomach to irritate the spot and worsens the symptoms. Instead of red meat substitute red meat with chicken, turkey and also other lean proteins.

5. Refined Foods

Pasta like white bread sugar and even other processed foods should be substituted for leafy greens and vegetables, antioxidants loaded fruits with numerous water.


Its important to stay alert and monitor ulcers in other for it not to degenerate into something worse. The above listed items must be avoided to treat ulcers effectively and progressively.

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