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Thursday, 22 December 2016

10 Healthy Habits To Improve Your Life

10 Healthy Habits To Imporve Your Life

Many bad healthy habits which are adopted by individuals is believed to be as normal over time and are usually reasons for health issues like high blood pressure, obesity, burnouts all of which can be curtailed before they degenerate amongst other health problems and eventually death.

Everyday living like working, thinking, economic situations, relationships take its toll on the overall well being and when a conscious attempt to ignore all these factors to focus on quality healthy living isn't in place then there will be a cause for health issues .

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1. Switch off your gadgets

It's important to once in a while silence all noise around you. Turn off loud music, take a break from your gadgets to refresh and gain sanity.

2. Use the Toilet everyday

Strive to use the toilet every morning especially just before taking a bath, this ensures your colon is clean and clean of waste which is refreshing.

3. Dry Brush The Body Before Shower

Dry brush the body just before showering once in a while, this helps aid blood circulation all over the body while leaving your skin fresh, clean and exfoliated.

4. Take Vitamins Daily

Take vitamins especially if you work is stressful. supplement with vitamins everyday. Get your doctor to help with a prescription that works for you to help boost energy level as well as replenish the whole system.

5. Always Sit up straight

Sitting up straight especially if you work long hours, sitting in a place is a great way to keep a great posture. Sit upright on a firm chair with feet firmly on the ground. This also helps to keep blood flowing without issues.

6. Drink Water First Thing in the Morning

Drink a glass of clean water every morning to cleanse the entire system, it's also a great way to kick start the day healthy and fresh.

7. Take a Quite Break During the Day

Take a time out every day to freshen up and think. If you have to stay away from a noisy office, friends etc to get into a zone where you can hear yourself think, do just that. This refreshes the mind and the whole system.

You'd be much more effective and better afterwards.

8. Listen to Soft music

Replace the loud music on your play list with soft, soothing music once in a while to keep your tensed nerves calm.

9. Take Time To Breathe Deeply

Take a timeout often to exhale deeply. Take a deep breath and exhale, doing this will leaving the baggage of work, friends etc to focus on yourself at the present moment.

10. Treat yourself Well

Once in a while take yourself out, splurge on yourself, go to the spa, treat yourself to a nice dinner, movie and generally do what makes you happy, you deserve it ,no matter what your bank account and situation might says

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