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Saturday, 12 November 2016

How To Build Workplace Communication in Relationships

How To Build Workplace Communication in Relationships

Communication in relationships at workplace is another method to build communication outside work.

Communication in relationships at workplace is a conscious way of considering how you talk to others.

 If you are an employee of an organisation you must work with different kind of people.  You must understand that while working you will be communicating with them, Also , as time goes by, you will be building relationships, influencing and persuading them.

 All of this requires a type of communication that may be different from the way you use communication outside work.


 When you communicate face-to-face with another person, they are three things or method to enage in .They are :

  • The words you say, the exact text of one's speech
  • The way you say those words, your voice tone, pacing, accent and thus on
  • Your nonverbal communication

 Often you'll put effort to the words you say and how you'll say them, and which word is good enough. However, the main aim of aim here is your manner of communication. The impression you make while communicating matters and it shows from your body gestures.

 For example can tell a person that you respect their standpoint. These are respectful words, and you will well say them respectfully. However, while taking, you should not make eye contact with other other person, if you do this then ,you are sending an absolutely different message.


 1. Use Outcome Thinking as an alternative to Reactive Thinking. 

Don't just reply to a situation, stop and think. Plan what you need to achieve in each communication. Focus on the outcome, and identify carefully and precisely what outcome you intend to achieve. Then plan the top strategy or method to attain that outcome.

 2. Think carefully about which channel of communication is best fitting for this particular occasion. 

Would it be safer to email, phone or meet the other individual? Don't depend upon emails to speak, these are impersonal and misunderstandings easily arise. Ensure that you are also using more direct kinds of communication, calls or face-to-face meetings.

 3. Ensure that each communication brings about respect for others. 

If you communicate in ways that will hurt, insult or lower the self-esteem of others, they're going to reject the content and you are going to damage their bond. Remember that people in the office have their own relationships, and they'll talk to one another. Take care to talk respectfully of everyone.

 4. When you study others, identify the different communication styles and learning styles. 

Appreciate that everyone isn't like you. Other people vary. Your goal is to talk in a way that they will understand. This is particularly true of your respective Manager. Study her or him and use the communication style or methods which they use and prefer.

 5. Don't get frustrated no matter what.

If you get in touch with someone along the line and find out that the result is just not what you wanted, don't just get angry or frustrated. If the communication method you use doesn't work. Try to find out why. Was the channel a bad one, was the approach bad, was the timing inappropriate? What would become a better means of achieving achieve? These and more are what you have to address. 

 6. Learn from good role models.

 If you can observe somebody that clearly communicates effectively, watch and learn the way they achieve this. You may even need to, concentrate on their body gestures. How they stand, how they sit.

You can also focus on their language style, and analyze the way they phrase things. This is one of the best strategies to learning communication relationship and learn to become proficient at observing and using the good pointers from others.

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