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Monday, 28 November 2016

Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose

Home Remedies For Stuffy Nose

A stuffy nose is as a result of thick mucus in the nasal passage. A stuffy nose comes both during the winter time and spring time and of course most people usually fall prey to the problem of cough and cold. 

Among all the symptoms of the illness, the most irritating and common one is that of a stuffy nose. 

A Stuffy nose really makes you uncomfortable, like not been able to breathe properly, sleeping becomes like a torture and even heaviness in the head. 



One sure way to relieve a stuffy nose is with steaming. Steam from a shower bath, a kettle, or even a steam from a cup of hot chicken soup can definitely help. 

2.Drink Fluids.

Drinking fluids is another natural remedy for a stuffy nose. Drinking fluids like warm water,hot tea, will thin the mucus and in turn relief you of the stuffy nose .But  make sure to avoid beverages that contain caffeine, because caffeine will make your stuffy nose grow worse. 

3.Avoid all irritants

Irritants increases mucus production rapidly, irritants like cigarette smoke, and sudden temperature changes are all irritants that should be avoided.

In other to unblock your nostril as a result of irritants.

* Get a bowl of hot water, put a little eucalyptus oil in the hot water, then put your face in bowl, covering your head with a flannel.
This method should relief you.

4. Yoga

It has been proven overtime that Yoga can relief you of stuffy Nose. 

5.Saline Nose Spray.

Instead of blowing your nose hard, its advisable to use a saline nose spray. Saline nose spray is really soothing and effective in relieving stuffy nose and even makes you feel better.

6.Drink a Lot of Vitamin C.

This another natural remedy. Drinking a lot of orange juice or fruits that is very on vitamin C  works like charm. This option is very vital.


The above tips has been proven overtime that stuffy nose can be cured in no time naturally.

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