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Friday, 11 November 2016

For Women - 3 Ultimate Things You Need To Know Before You Cut Your Hair

For Women - 3 Ultimate Things You Need To Know Before You Cut Your Hair

Cutting your hair may be just another hairstyle design to you, or even another step to looking like your favorite celebrity or just you telling your self you need a new look however, you must consider a few things before chopping your hair off.


1.Be Sure to Make Up Your Mind.

Make up your mind properly, because cutting your hair is a big deal and you should be ready for anything, like your look will change, your styling will have to change, your hair-care products will change, people’s reception about you will definitely change. So you have to make up your mind for all that. 

Some of your friends and family members around you might initially frown at your new hair style but with time they may eventually appreciate it. Also if you are not sure of making such radical changes, another way is to cut or trim your hair down step by step and ease in the new look. It’s also good for you to use it as a test ground and see how well it could work.

2. Get A Good Stylist

Getting a good stylist is hard to get but you should have one anyway no matter how long it takes you to get one. 

Having you hair lowered might look so simple and all but it’s a lot complicated than it seems. A mistake by unqualified stylist can be disastrous to your look, that’s why you need one with the know-how and experience with short hairs. 

A good stylist would give you the necessary advice you need in either making up your mind or choosing the hairstyle that would suit your short hair. You can choose to an all natural curls, a pixie hairstyle, you could dye your hair, do some dreads or straw curls or blow you hair out and have a mini-fro.

3.Rock Your New Hair

Wearing a shorter hairstyle is really cool and will give you a young, fresh, sexy and original look. It might me so much to bear at the initial stages but trust me, they come good later.

Its important for you to maintain this new hairstyle with hair cream, spray, dye etc which are necessary and have to be right so don’t forget to ask your stylist for a good recommendation. 

You also might have to visit your stylist more often than when rocking longer hair because you have to trim some hair running free back in line so you look well kept.

Note however, just like other hairstyles ,short hairstyle does not fit every lady. It is important you speak to your stylist or else your face will look like a big water melon with hair attached to the top. 

I’m sure you don’t want that. You can also always grow back your hair if you are not satisfied with your look.

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