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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

7 Awesome Experience In A Good Marriage

7 Awesome Experiences In A Good Marriage

Many good marriages out there are different in several ways, and some are unified in their own special way. They all depend on the effort and input of both partners in the marriage and their decision to make the marriage work.

When you get married there are a lot of experiences you encounter, many new behavior springs up some may be good or even worst.


1.Love Life changes

The love life in the marriage can change for the better, or even for worse, but definitely there is going to be a change in the love you have for your each other as you spend more years in your marriage.

But in many cases, the love grows without any reduction.

2.Many Little Things Matter as the Big Ones.

This is very true, you will discover that little things you do for your partner are just as important as the other acts of love you show to him or her.

Actually in some marriages, the little things are more valued than the great ones.

3.Good Times and Bad Times Comes

Yes, they are different moods to be expected, good times do not always last forever, and also life itself is not always a bed of roses.

It is wise to always appreciate the good times while it last and stick by your spouse through the bad times. (This is the true test of love) These are the phases all marriages passes through, and how you handle these phases will play a great role on how lasting your marriage will be.

4. Go a Date Together Always

Dating doesn't stop when you get married, infact this is the moment real dating starts. Doing this keeps the bond together.

5.You know the Things That Matters

If your marriage will stand the test of time, both partners have to get to know the things that hold weight in the heart of the other, as in the things that should come first and also the burden of each other.

Both partners have to understand each other more, and realise what to put more emphasis and preference on.
7 Awesome Experiences In A Good Marriage

6.Your Sex Life Gets Better

It might not be as frequent as when you first got hitched, but then, it gets a lot better and really, that’s all that’s going to matter in the end.

7. Saying Thank You and Am Sorry Becomes Very Important

Remembering to always say a 'thank you' for every efforts your spouse makes remains very import, and as well as learning to defuse every tensed situations by giving prompt apologies are very vital  tools to ensure the longevity of your marriage life.


It is very important to know that every successful marriage is built, and still stands on the above mention points. Build your marital life on them and experience drastic changes in your marriage.