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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

5 Stomach Pain Signs As A Result Of Appendicitis

5 Stomach Pain  Signs As A Result Of Appendicitis
Appendicitis occurs as a result of inflammatioyn in the appendix. This happens when something like a worm-like organ attached itself to the large intestines (appendix), then becomes inflamed and later burst if not removed surgically. 

Appendicitis is a common aliment that can be life threatening when it is allowed to burst or ruptured in the stomach.

Removing an appendix is very safe for the human body and it doesn't result to any negative medical issues for the body, it even allows you to eat anything you desire after removing it. 

Appendix surgery is a very quick one without any side effects if no severe damage has been done to it. But in  cases where it bursts, it becomes a life threatening issue to the patient.



1. Pain in your Navel

Appendicitis sometimes comes in form of pain around your navel area, also moving to the lower right side of the stomach with pain, which gets worse with signs of coughing, bumpy movement around the stomach area.

2. Fever and Rising Temperature

Another sign of appendicitis is high fever and rigor and severe pain making movement almost impossible.
At this time walking around becomes an uphill task.Most times an unbearable pain in the lower abdomen.

3. Severe Pain in the Lower Abdomen

Most times it comes with an unbearable pain in the lower abdomen,with each passing moment, the pain gets severe around the abdomen. It becomes so intense moment after moment.

4. Nausea and Vomiting

If you experience nausea, vomiting and an overall loss of appetite with a low right side abdominal pain persistently, then it's time to see your doctor especially where it gets worse with each passing day.

5. Softness of the abdomen

When you try to push on the lower right of the stomach and you feel pain when releasing the pressure, which is known as a rebound tenderness that is used to check for appendicitis , then it's time to seek for medical help as it may be appendicitis. when you notice this pain, DO NOT try the rebound tenderness again.


Its important to seek for medical help immediately you notice any of the above signs, because doing this will ultimately go a long way to save your life.

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