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Monday, 31 October 2016

Weight Loss - How To Eliminate Menopausal Weight Gain

How To Eliminate Menopausal Weight Gain

About 70 percent of ladies worldwide gain weight throughout their menopausal years, which makes their metabolism to decrease rapidly.

Research shows that this menopausal weight gain is due to lack of progesterone.  During the menopausal years of a woman, progesterone tends to declines greater than estrogen. This then makes estrogen the dominant hormone.  And estrogen causes weight gain.  

Ladies burn calories during their menstrual cycle.  The avoidance of this cycle without having a decrease in calories also contributes to extra weight. 

A significant variety of menopausal and pre menopausal women are bothered by fatigue.  Fatigue prevents women from performing everyday activities and exercising. This is yet another contribution to unwanted weight gain.


1. Eat Nutritious Diets.

How To Eliminate Menopausal Weight Gain
To eliminate fatigue you must eat a nutritious diet.  Blood sugar imbalances is one of the causes of fatigue. Make sure you eliminate sugar and processed foods from your diet in other to get rid of weight gain. 

2. Go For Exercise.

Stress is another reason for fatigue. As you probably know exercise will decrease your stress. 
How To Eliminate Menopausal Weight Gain

Although during menopause it is harder to exercise as you are too tired to exercise and exercise is what you should engage in to help beat the fatigue.  So you need to make every effort to exercise even if you are tired.Defeat those extra calories by exercising more. 

Menopausal women put on pounds around their midsection. Studies have shown that this is the worst place to gain pounds.  Exercise is most effective way to get rid of fat in this area. Studies show that conjugated linoleic acid allows you to trim your waistline. And it helps to build muscle tissue too.

Starting a normal weight loss program before or during menopause is essential. If you don't, in a short while those extra five, ten or even fifteen pounds will creep up on you.  And that excess weight will be tough to lose.

3. B- complex and Ginseng.

Supplementing with the B-complex vitamins can also help your fatigue. Ginseng can also help get rid of fatigue.  

4. Use Progesterone Cream.

Make use of  a natural progesterone cream by rubbing it onto the skin daily. This can help the estrogen and progesterone balance equally. Progesterone likewise helps to turn fat into energy and possesses a thermogenic impact on the body.

5. Reduce Your Calories Intake.

 Decrease your calories intake, that is if your are really serious about eliminating menopausal weight gain. Instead of calories drinks, go for natural fruits and vegetables.
How To Eliminate Menopausal Weight Gain

It is much easier to maintain your weight than to lose it. If you are pre menopausal, now is the time to boost your exercise and reduce your calories. 


If you decide to go on with a hormone replacement , choose natural method instead of synthetic method.  Natural method is a lot safer and it doesn't have any side effects as synthetic hormones.

A woman's energy are about fifteen percent less during and after menopause compared to when they are in their twenties.  Studies have shown that a woman gains  2 to 3 pounds a year during menopause and perimenopause, in other words ,this is putting on weight that can be about 30 pounds over those 10 years. 

Eating balanced diet can help you get through most menopausal problems. 

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