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Sunday, 16 October 2016

How Water Acts As Medicine In Your Body

Water works in your body creating resistance to diseases and increasing energy.

Water treatment in its three forms are known as Hydrotherapy. This include over twenty methods of treatment, washing, baths, effusion and wrap and so on.

We humans are warm blooded and react very sensitive to changes in temperature. Theses reaction activate all the important body systems and stabilize body functions.

Cold water for instance stimulates the body and increases the use of oxygen to the brain and quicken the elimination of toxins.
Hydrotherapy will achieve not only a well balanced body but also a healthy alert mind.

How Water Acts As Medicine

1.Water is one of the most important substances on earth. Humans can go without food for 40 days or longer, but can live only a few days without water.

2.The body of an adult consist of about 60% water. It is a part of every body cell. Children above 5 years of age may have about 75% water. Children need to drink even more water than adults compared to their body size.

3. Elderly people tend to develop a dehydrated state very easily too, because most elderly people only drink water when they feel thirsty.

4.Your body thirst center is not reliable enough to tell us how much you should drink for maximum health , as far as water is concerned, you should drink one third more than what the thirst center suggest as enough. In other words if you feel satisfied to drink one glass of water, you should drink one third glass of water.
5.Your kidneys filter about 1,600 liters of blood every day, yet only about one and half liters of urine is voided in a day. One half of a liter is lost in day through the breath, and about the same amount is lost through invisible or visible perspiration. Through the bowels about one third of a liter is lost in stool. So the average loss of water in a day from an adult's body is about two and half to three liters or more in 24 hours.

6.The body,through its chemistry produces water as an end product. Yet to keep the body's water balance where it is in healthy state, you should drink at least seven to eight glasses of water a day in a hot climate.

7.Many suffer from constipation because they do not drink sufficient water to keep the stool at a soft consistence. Also they may be constipated because of lack of fiber in the diet.

These and many more are the ways water acts as medicine in your body.

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