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Thursday, 13 October 2016

How To Use Orange Peels To Make Your Skin Glow

How To Use Orange Peels To Make Your Skin Glow
Dried orange peels are really work wonders on your skin apart being used for other purposes like tea blends and so on.

As we all know orange is very rich in vitamin C which is known for optimal skin care. But the real good news here is that dried orange peel has its own beautiful effect on your skin.

It is good to know that orange peels works very well on your facial skin, making it radiant and beautiful. Orange peel is notable for skin lightening, and it contains an important antiseptic for your skin. 


In other to achieve the best result, you have to dry your orange peels either under the sun or better still use the microwave first before setting it under the sun. Dried orange skin are well known for lightening dark spots which occurs as a result of skin blemishes.


1. Dry the Orange Peels first, using the microwave and then under the sun.

2. Grind the dried orange peels into powder form very well.

3. Mix the powdered orange peel with yoghurt to form a paste

4. Wash your face and body thoroughly with your bath soap and clean your face well.

4. Apply the paste on already cleansed skin

5. Leave the paste on your skin for 20 mins

6. Rinse off and allow the skin to dry before applying your moisturizer .

The above tips has been proven to be 100% natural and excellent in its effects.

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