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Friday, 7 October 2016

Natural Remedy - How To Reduce Your Sweat Naturally

How To Reduce Your Sweat Naturally

  When you sweat a little it is termed much more normal than when you sweat without control.
  Sweating when exercising is accepted, but sweating uncontrollable in the office or during your time out with your love one can be very disgusting. Also arm pit stains and sweating hands can be very humiliating.

You can control your sweat naturally by engaging in these simple natural remedy below.

How To Reduce Sweat Naturally

1.Don't Eat spicy foods/Caffeine

Spicy foods and caffeine stimulates sweat glands uncontrollably. Caffeine is responsible for the release of adrenaline which also causes you to sweat.
Reducing your daily intake of caffeine will help you control sweating.

How To Reduce Your Sweat Naturally

2.Drink a Lot of Water Daily
Drink 7 - 8 glasses of water daily in other to control your sweating. Water is know for its potential  to regulate the body temperature, making the body to be hydrated and thus reduce sweat.

3. Lime Juice
Lime juice can be used to control sweating by rubbing it under your armpit.
Get a lime juice and cut it into half, rub it under your arm pit. Doing this will reduce sweating effectively and will help keep you fresh.

4. Salt
Salt reduces the activity of your sweat glands. You can achieve this result by adding salt to your bath water or better still mix it with lime juice, then take your bath with it.

How To Reduce Your Sweat Naturally

5.Wear Natural Fabrics or Clothing's

Wearing natural fabrics like cotton allows air to penetrate freely around your body.

Avoid wearing nylon or polyester fabrics, as they are known to generate heat in your body and eventually make you sweat.
The next time you are buying clothing's for yourself, make sure they are all natural fabrics. This is to help you reduce sweating naturally.

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