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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

How To Know If You Are Emotionally Needy In Your Relationship

How To Know If You Are Emotionally Needy In Your Relationship

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Are you emotionally dependent on your partner? that you even rely on your partner for your well being.

Doing this will make you a big burden to your partner and will eventually wear him or her out.

If you are doing this,then you are truly exhausting your partner making them tired of you.

The question now lies for you to find out if you are truly emotionally independent?


1. Does all of your happiness depends on your partner?

2. Do you depend on them for your needs to be meet, whether in love or otherwise?

3. Can you make the right decisions on your own at all times without being monitored by your partner? 

4. Can you create activities to fill your day without being idle?

5. Does your relationship mean everything to you? and how is your relationship with your friends and family.?

6. Does you find it very annoying when your partner does not include you in every of his plans?

If you fall into any of these questions, then it means that you are too emotional in your relationship.

Now the good news is that there is a way out of being too emotional in your relationship by observing these 3 steps that will really help you out.

How To Know If You Are Emotionally Needy In Your Relationship
1.Be less-suffocating
Don't spend all of your time with him or her no matter how close you are.

2.Develop your self-esteem
Start doing things by yourself and  don't exhibit behaviors of being needy emotionally. And start learning how to be secured, also having the feeling of self assurance.

3.Drop Every Sign Of Distrust
You have to start working on your distrust character. develop yourself to start trusting your partner everyday. Doing this make you self secure and self encouraging.

Following the above tips will end up making you less independent and happier and ultimately make your partner value you very much.

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