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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

For Men Only - How To Be Attractive To Ladies

How To Be Attractive To Ladies
Your first impression and appearance matters a lot to get any lady attention.
  For you to become that guy that ladies will fall in love with, there are some simple steps and approach you need to build up.

How To Be Attractive To Ladies

1.Don't Appear Untidy
Keep your clothes, sneaker clean, even if you are in a rush. don't decide to put on over faded clothings, because it describes who you really are.

Always appear tidy,clean and smart.

2.Talk Smoothly.
Women like guys who are smooth talkers, guys who drop soft gently words. For you to be attractive to any lady learn to be a smooth talker.This is a plus for guys.

3.Stand On Your Words
To be attractive to any lady, you have to stand on your words no matter what. On ly say what you mean and mean it. Ladies have the tendency to trust guy's with such attributes.

4.Don’t Be Personal If You Are Rejected
Don't insult any lady who reject who advances. If you are not accepted , then move on to the next available lady. don't allow yourself to to be labelled no matter what.

5.Build your sense of humour
Guys are meant to be funny, and everybody do laugh. Build your sense as this will eventually help you get that lady you are seeking for. And she will in turn find you attractive.
Build your sense of humour to at least 70%. This will help you.

6.Maintain a Good Dress Sense.
Don't dress to kill, but maintain a very good dress sense as this will make you attractive.
Your dressing should be well fine tuned and funky.
Leave the dress to kill for your the lady.

7.Always Look Fit.
Try your best to look fit. Go for work out and get rid of those fat tummy.
You can go to the gym to attain this or even possibly do it at home with strict discipline. The reason for this is for you to look well built up and fitted up when you dress.

This tips is essential to be attractive. They are workable and achievable and can help you look attractive to any lady out there.

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