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Monday, 31 October 2016

For Women - 3 Things Men Notice In A Lady For The First Time

3 Things Men Notice In A Lady For The First Time

Do you know the very first impression noticed by men in a lady who they are seeing for the very first time really counts?

Some believe in love at first sight, though it works , but the very true impression on a man's mind for a lady who he's meeting for the very first instance is your attraction.

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Men tend to go for a ladies attraction. This is the attribute which will make the man fall in love with any lady.


1.Your Body Shape

This is the very first thing men take notice of when they get in contact with a lady for the first time.

When a man notices the attractive body of a lady they turn and look at the lady again and again, which will spark off a man's interest in you.
3 Things Men Notice In A Lady For The First Time

Though for some guys out there they get attracted to a lady's personality at first before considering thinks like your body shape and looks. But for other guys your body shape what really attracts them.

2.Your facial Looks

Your facial look is another attribute that can make a man have an interest in you. Even if he's meeting you for the very first time.

When your facial looks are set in a captivating and attractive manner, this will cause an attraction in a man's mind towards your direction.

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This is why almost every lady wears pretty faces and they are regarded as attractive even if their body shape is not great. So Ladies, it is important to wear good and attractive makeups in other to boost your facial appearance.

3.What You Wear

After making sure that your body shape and facial appearance are well kept as a lady, the next thing men look out for is your dressing or what you wear.

When you dress up, wear clothes that will always compliment you and make you look beautiful, that can spark off flames in any man that sets his eyes on you.

3 Things Men Notice In A Lady For The First Time
Men out there don't really care about your brand of clothing or the designer of your dress, or even the cost, even the shoes you put on. What guys really care about is your complimenting dressing that turns them on at the first sight.

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Don't dress and appear slutty or too hungry for attention. Let your dressing be natural, normal and thereby you will command attraction as it will flow naturally. 

Hope this article will help you get you get noticed as you apply these simple tips.

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