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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Relationships - 7 Things To Avoid After A Breakup

7 Things To Avoid After A Breakup
   Many thoughts may have crossed your mind because of your breakup experience. And as a result negative urges or even thoughts must have springed up , but you have to learn to overcome them.

Heartbreaks Experience is not Good to Anyone 

 Yes of course, it can happen to anyone in their relationship, even after giving your best, you only find out later that the one you love have dumped you for another.

When this happens, you will experience emotional trauma like depression, anger an so on. But the truth is you have to accept the situation and move on.

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But when you receive the news of the breakup, what do you do is very important and can also determine your next phase of your life.

Things To Avoid After A Breakup

1. Don't Drink to stupor

This is for men out there, its not necessary to go drinking yourself out because the sorrow will still be there even after drinking yourself to stupor.Doing this will not help the situation. If you want my advise don't drink after getting the news of a breakup. Instead hangout with your positive friends that will console you in the positive.

2. Don't Shop till you Spend All Your Cash

Blowing a hole in your pocket to ease the pain of a breakup will not help. don't go around spending unnecessarily. Learn to control yourself  and buy the things you need only.

3. Don't Share On Social media 

Avoid writing threads on social media about your experience. and don't call names, because doing so will lead to self ridicule.
Taking about it on social media may seems right, but its not the best. What you need to know is that the people in social media or not your family, so don't share your breakup story on social media. 

4.Don't Reach Out to Your Ex
Stop every communication with your ex, block every communication line by all means. Though it may not be easy, but you just have to do it to help you move on.

5.Don't bully them on social media
Even if you have been treated badly, let it go. because anyone who treats you bad does not deserve your love. Learn to let the  pain go and don't waste your time in social media bullying your ex.
Don't even go close their social pages, avoid getting involved again.

6.Leave Sex Alone.
Sex is a temporal measure it not permanent measure, because going for sex will make you feel worst and even guilty.
Avoid sex, even if for the first person that comes your way afterwards.

7.Don't Pay Your Ex back
Don't pay your ex back, no matter how you feel. Don't talk about their personal secret on social media. learn to preserve the secret you have without letting a third party hear about it.

Overcoming Breakup is really not easy, sometimes it could take a long time to heal. But you have to compose yourself in other to get into the next phase of your life without allowing your experience to ward off your new prospect.

Please share this article to help someone out there and also feel free to drop your comments below.