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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Marriage - 5 Communication Styles Between Couples

5 Communication Styles Between Couples
 Communication between  couples is a channel through which the human emotional force is convey in words which may be transferred to actions that control the atmosphere of the marriage.

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Marriage peace is channeled through communication and human emotions are often expressed in words.
Our manner of communication give meaning to the words we use, and it is now proved that styles of communication make more impact on our emotion than the idea being communicated. See Our Sponsors Here

The feedback or reaction to a piece of information depends on the style. The emotion behind the words is what gives it a meaning. People pay more attention to the style in which an idea is communicated. The communication style determines the next action, either positive or negative, sooner or later.

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Until the individuals understand the styles of communication among couples, they will communicate but won't respond emotionally. Marriage without effective communication never works and the effectiveness of any communication is determine by how much you understand the style of the communicator.

Communication in marriage is not communication until the styles are fully understood by both couples. The misunderstanding in marriage or among couples and other kinds of relationship often starts with communication and ends with communication.

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Every marriage is built by someone and every marriage stands on styles of communication. Using this method will help you understand your partner better in your emotional engagement in marriage and relationship through styles of communication.


1. By Sermonizing.
 Thus when couples communicate by sermonizing. Both couples here are straightforward and they  give direct answers to all possible criticism. Both couples use arguments and they also show some level of anger in their engagement or communication.

2. Communicate By Compliments.
This is when couples communicate by compliments and affirming each other with doses of advice.Both couples also put words into each other's mouth. They always prefer one thing to another in their conversations, they are not always open. They communicate by touching each other to be sure they are listening and understanding.

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3.Communication By Summary.
This is when couples communicate in a summarized form. They make short statements in order not to be misunderstood. They love to talk last in a gathering and they are always controversial in their ideas and opinions.

4.Communication By Command 
This is when couples communicate using command tones and shouting. They preach aggressively, and aggressive words are at their beck and call and their words must be obey by all. They have no apology and they are always  ready for action.

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5.Communication By Lamenting.
This is when couples communicate by lamenting. both couples uses poetic manner for expression. They also express their anger in lamenting, using sighs and they also use phrases like ''in short you won't understand''.

The above are what is typically found in some marriages out there. Do your best to communicate in a romantic manner so as to enjoy your marriage effectively.
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