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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Health - 5 Colours Of Urine And What They Mean

5 Colours Of Urine And What They Mean

  Urine colour varies and the colour of your urine can tell if some organs in your body are not functioning very well. Though your body deficiency are some indicators to look out for.

Your urine colour indicates the state of your health and is a good way to describe what goes on inside your body system or even the well being of your health. See Our Sponsors Here

You have to observe the colour of your urine, as it can tell if your organ are functioning well or not, like to know if your body is lacking some important vitamin or better still to know if you are lacking in some good diet.

5 Colours Of Urine And What They Mean

1. Clear Urine
This is a sign that your body is well hydrated. It means that you are consuming the required water that you should take daily. It is great to stay hydrated.

2. Dark Yellow Urine
This sign shows that you have to start increasing your water intake and also a sign of body is close to experiencing dehyration.
Take enough water to make your urine clear.

3. Brown Urine Colour
This may mean your body is dehydrated or better still a sign that there may be a liver problem. you need to see your physician for immediate treatment.

4. Orange Colour Urine
This sign is similar to brown urine colour, an indication that your body is experiencing dehydration and could possibly mean that there is a liver failure. Again see your doctor when you notice this colour of urine.

5. Red Colour Urine
When you see this colour of urine, it could be as a result of some coloured food intake. But cautionary you need to still see your doctor because if it's not caused by some coloured food intake , it could mean a bladder or prostrate cancer disease and so you have to check it out immediately by visiting your doctor and running some test.
Don't ever ignore this kind of urine colour as it could be dangerous. 

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