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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Healthy Skin - 5 Benefits Of Sesame Seeds On Your Skin

5 Benefits Of Sesame Seeds On Your Skin
Do you know that Sesame seeds are rich in antioxidants which contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. And the seeds gives your body and skin good blood flow and vitality. 

Sesame seeds contains omega 6, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and some important vitamins which are obtained from the seeds oil when extracted. And these extracts are also used for beauty products.


1.It Cleans up Your Skin
Sesame seeds oil is very rich in antioxidants which helps to detoxify your skin.

Mix a half cup of sesame seed oil together with apple cider vinegar. Apply this mixture after cleaning your face with water.

2.It Makes Your Skin Glow
Sesame seed oil extracts acts as a glowing agent for your skin. It also creates skin flexibility allowing the skin to be soft.

The oil extracts also help tighten the facial skin by pulling out toxins to reduce pimples:

3.It Contains Healing Properties
The extracted oil from sesame seeds has an antibacterial properties which helps fight fungi infections, and it can also fight and heal vaginal yeast infection when used and mixed with water.

4.It Heal sunburns
Sesame seed oil helps protects the skin from ultra violet rays which comes from the sun. It can also fight against wrinkles and skin cancer when used daily.

The seeds can be used to treat sun burns, and can act as a barrier against skin pollutants.
Use It daily to see dramatic results.

5.It Prevents Scalp Problems
finally sesame seeds contains rich vitamins , mineral and nutrients groups which helps maintain a healthy skin scalp.

Using sesame seed oil on your scalp helps fight against dryness and other things that causes hair loss. Though it is an anti-inflammatory property which helps fights against dandruff and other scalp infections effectively.

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