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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Natural Remedies For Irregular Menstruation

Natural Remedies For Irregular Menstruation
    Menstrual periods can occasionally be a real pain. Experincing your menstrual periods can make you fall  sick, like having a headache or even a stomach ache. Yes, menstrual periods can be a genuine pain, and its a painful experince  when they become irregular.
 Irregular periods are the most common menstrual complaints around.Usually, irregular periods are not anything to be worried about, but sometimes, they do signal health complications.

What Is Irregular Menstrual Periods?

  Irregular Menstrual periods is known to be labeled each time a lady has a bleeding that isn't connected to the regular cycle, when periods are longer and heavier as evaluate on track.

  When time or there is a gap stuck between two periods which is longer or shorter in contrast to standard or if there is certainly any uterine bleeding, then also your situation falls under menstruation disorder or irregular menstruation.

Causes of Irregular Menstruation

1.Extra weight or Fat increase in a woman.

2.Too much exercise.

3.Hormonal Imbalance caused by poor nutrition.


5.Smoking causes irregular periods.

6.Excessive intake of coffee.

Drinking excessive alcohol.

Symptoms of Irregular Menstruation


2.Pelvic infection.

3.Inflammation in the uterus.

4.Weight gain or loss.

5.Prolapsed Uterus.

Natural Remedies for Irregular Menstruation

   Parsley (ajmoda) is a simple and effectual home cure for irregular menstruation.

 This is helpful for girls that either have painful or no menstrual flow.Take 1/2 cup of parsley juice. This juice is usually taken with vegetable extracts like carrot juice.

2. Sesame Seeds.
   Women with anemia suffer a lot during menstruation period. Sesame seeds are good home remedies for relief from the severe pain through the menstruation period.

  It also enhances blood flow during menstruation. Take 1-2 teaspoon of sesame seeds with a glass of water and boil it. Allow it to cool for some time, then drink one or two times daily.

3. Papaya.  
  Papaya is useful in treating menstrual problems. Women especially young females who experinces poor blood flow in their monthly period or individuals who experience severe pain all the way through their periods should eat raw papaya.
  Eating papaya strengtens the wall of the uterus, which allow for the proper circulation of blood.

4. Banana.
  Banana can be another useful fruit for irregular menstruation period. Women struggling with excessive hemorrhaging and severe pain in the stomach should take banana leaf,mix with oil curd.
 This remedy gives fast relief from pain and as well controls the excessive blood circulation.

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