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Monday, 19 September 2016

How To Save Your Relationship And Make It Work

How To Save Your Relationship And Make It Work
   If your relationship is going from bad to worse, it's sometimes challenging to see any solution to remedy the situation.  But the good news is that in spite of the negative situation you are in, you can still can remedy it.  Saving your relationship and making it work is not an easy step, nevertheless it can be easier once you discover or know exactly what to do.

3 Ultimate Ways To Save Your Relationship And Make It Work     

1.Discover The Reasons Behind The Problem.
   Try to discover the reason behind the issues in your relationship. Beacause behind every negative issues in a relationship there must be a concrete reason why things are going wrong. If your relationship has lost its bliss, then it could possibly mean that something has gone wrong between you and your partner, it could even be that you are not romantic anymore or perhaps you are not communicating effectively .

   Do you know that issues like cheating in a relationship is just a warning sign and not a contributing factor. For your partner to cheat you have to know that there is something definitely wrong. Because if you are in a happy relationship that is working you will hardly cheat.

   The best way to fix this kind of issue is for you and your partner to sit down and talk about what you don't like, i can tell you that this method works very well. Getting the issues out of your heart relives the tension within you and  stops every form of unhappiness. This situation calls for honestly in how you feel and also make a list of what both of you like.

2.Maintain Good Communication

   Good communication is the key to any thriving relationship.You have develop and maintain good communication in your relationship. In other to maintain good relationship there are 3 levels of communication you have to maintain well.

  • Forgiveness. Remember both of you are not saints. You should be able to erase any wrong in the past and start out clean. Forgive your partner and stop any attitude of pointing accusing fingers to your partner. In other to save your relationship you need to forgive  and let go.

  • Honesty . Be open in your dealings and make everything bear. Honesty resolve issues, though sometimes it can hurt but you need it to make your relationship work.

  • Good Listening. Communication goes beyond mere speaking. Communication entails sharing your emotions, being honest to each other and been able to listen effectively to each other. At this moment you need to focus at what your partner needs to say. 

3.Fix The Problem.

   Saving your relationship and making it work is a not a one man's work, it entails the effort of both couples. Its all about reaching an agreement collectively.

    When saving and trying to make your relationship work avoid any mistake of making it short term, as this would eventually make you unhappy as the issues that almost cost you your relationship would certainly sneak back in.
    To fix the problem you must make it a priority to tackle every issue one by one, deal with the difficult issues first and then face the other ones. If you are prompt to fixing issues in your relationship you will discover that the spark that once existed in your relationship will return without much effort. Remember if you and your partner  devote yourselves to fixing issues in your relationship you will end up saving your relationship. Make it a point of duty and reignite you love for each other by doing it.

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