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Friday, 2 September 2016

Women Health - How To Maintain Your Pregnancy While Working

How To Maintain Your Pregnancy While Working
   Being pregnant is like a full-time job, particularly if you are gainfully employed. There is no harm being pregnant as well as an employee of an establishment.However, you have to be more cautious about your body system and your unborn child while carrying on your activities in the office. Below are Tips on how to maintain your pregnancy while working.


1. Eat Healthy Meals Daily:
   As a working Pregnant woman you need to eat nutritious snacks, vegetables, fruits, yoghurt, cheese, pulses, sprouts, soya chunks, milk, and egg products. These types of foods are highly nutritious and perfect for pregnant working women. During pregnancy months, you have to eat at least 3 to 5 healthy meals a day. Pregnant women also need to take nutritious supplements as prescribed by their doctor. It is also vital for a you to keep your mental and physical health in-check.

2. Keep Some Healthy Snacks At The Office:
  You need to carry some healthy snacks along while going to work. Snacks like popcorn, peanut butter, crackers, cheese, boiled eggs, and fruits are essential nutrients that expectant mothers should the during the day. You should be careful not to allow yourself to get hungry for long because when a pregnant woman gets hungry long hours it can result to nausea and dizziness. It is also essential as a pregnant working woman to learn how to keep yourself hydrated continually. 
How To Maintain Your Pregnancy While Working

3. Stay Organized:
 As a pregnant woman you should live an organised life, like keeping a diary handy and writing  reminders for yourself at your workplace and at home. You should also list all your doctor appointments and other responsibilities at workplace within your calendar. And try to keep your calendar within your reach both at home and in the office.Because it is important to hold track of all your tasks and adhere to your schedule to avoid been over worked and excessively fatigued.

4.Don't Miss Your Full Night's Sleep:
  A good night's sleep is significant in other to ensure the stable flow of blood to the baby. Good sleep will even help prevent swelling. As a pregnant woman you should ideally try to get ten or eleven hours of sleep per night.

5.Exercise Moderately:
  It is also very important for a pregnant working woman to try and do moderate exercises as instructed by a doctor. For example, taking a short walk round the office block, may help eliminate the chance of blood clots and swelling in the feet and legs. However, you need to avoid heavy exercises and strength straining during pregnancy.

I hope the above steps will help keep you and your unborn baby healthy till delivery time. But note to always keep in touch with your doctor when you experience any challenges.

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