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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Marriage Counseling - How To Avoid A Rocky Marriage

How To Avoid A Rocky Marriage

   In other to avoid a rocky marriage, You have to trash out important matters before you walk down the aisle with your intending spouse. Because there is a popular saying that prevention is better than cure, then it becomes very necessary for individuals that are courting, engaged, or if you are in a committed relationship to discuss the following issues to avoid a rocky marriage.

 How To Avoid A Rocky Marriage

1.How To Ease Work stress.
   This is an important area of pre-marriage conversations between intending couples that many people hardly bother discuss.

  People have different ways for relaxing after a long days work, and it's important for talk about it. In other to avoid issues of feeling tired and not paying attention to each other's feelings after a longs days work. Discussing this will help both you and your intending spouse to make adjustment where necessary or even know what to expect after saying ''I do''.

2.Handling In-laws
   The matter experiencing bad in-laws is quite unimaginable, that even some ladies pray for having good in-laws or even praying for not to meet their in-laws.
Its best for you to prepare your mind in relating with them positively,because they will be very present in your marriage.

  There is a tendency that couples may feel divided or even threatened by in-laws, it is very important to discuss how you and your intending couple relate with your individual parents in other to find out if there is any form of serious ties like being a mummy's boy or daddy's girl or being matured to stand up and resist any interference from both mummy or daddy. You must sit down and address this matter to avoid a rocky marriage.

3.Ask Financial Questions
    Though the issue an already laid down matter for discussion. Remember you have to ask the right questions in respect of monetary income.

   The main question here should not be how much he or she earns or how much he or she saves from the salary, your concern should be the questions of his or her relationship with money, that is to mean telling you of his or her history of financial dealings.

   You also have to ask questions about his or her financial strength and weakness, being able to save or not, and even find out if he or she is a waster of resources.

Please don't forget to ask about his or her financial dreams and goals, too.
How To Avoid A Rocky Marriage

4.The Place Of Sex.
   Talk about sex, because sex is a part of marriage as it could break or make it. You are getting married to your intending spouse because you are attracted to her or him sexually besides every other consideration.
  Don't be shy when discussing this matter, be clear,be honest and open with every questions and answer.

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 5.Having Babies and Using contraceptive .
   You should be able to discuss how many babies you both want And also the child spacing methods both of you would like to adopt. And finally, the kind of contraceptive methods both of you would like to use after childbirth and child spacing. These questions are really important, so don't forget to ask them. 

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