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Friday, 19 August 2016

Marriage And Godly Character- Part 1

Marriage And Godly Character- Part 1
  Character simply means the qualities that forms someone's behavioral pattern. character is who you are especially in the dark or when no one is there and you are alone. it is your personality or the way you think,feel and behave. Character is the attribute or feature that makes up or distinguishes an individual.
  Character is important to the success of one's marriage. your character is ''you''it is what informs the way you behave,relate,speak and perceive things. many homes today have succeeded because the partners involved are men and women of characters. we also have some marriages that have failed because the partners involved are men and women of bad characters. most of the problems in the home of believers today are traceable to lack of good character. this is the reason for separation in marriages, consistent fights and misunderstandings.
  Anything that goes wrong in a marriage is the man's fault . although, a woman can make mistakes but the man determines what happens next.
  Immaturity is a factor that will make you sit on a problem and turn it into a separation. a man of character knows when he is wrong; you do not need to tell him. No matter your position, whatever brings you out of your home,shows that you are not mature physically, emotionally and spiritually. therefore, couples who always point accusing fingers at each other, should look inward first. the Bible says if God should mark iniquity, who can stand? both parties are not perfect and they are bound to make some new discoveries when they get married. it is the character of the people involved that determines the outcome of the kind of marriage they would experience. seperation and divorce are for babies. The Bible says that what God has joined together, let no man put asunder.
Marriage And Godly Character- Part 1

  Marriage is the acceptance of responsibilities. everything about your spouse, good or bad becomes your responsibilities. what you do not want about the woman, you confront it and vice versa. your physical beauty is not enough.


1.To bring Glory to God.
 Any character or conduct that does not bring glory to God is Bad.

2, For a Testimony.
To have a testimony towards all men so that in your absence the majority will speak in your favour, you have to know that people are watching you.

3.To Enjoy Favour.
When you are god, you command favour.

4.You will not Miss Heaven.
When you are born again and you join it with godly character, then your heaven is sure and your crown in heaven will be super. this will make your work on earth count.

5.To have a successful home.


 Godly character is visible and can be discerned, below are ways to know a godly character-

1. By the way you Talk.

  Many do not know what to say, when to say , how to say, when to say and it: and even where to say it. before you talk, be reasonable and think about the outcome of what you are about to say, will it stir up trouble or will it bring about peace?
you can know a godly character through the way the person talks.
when your utterances are dirty, it shows your person is dirty and you lack character.

2.The way you act.
your actions speak louder than words. it has been said that character is like smoke, you cannot cover it because ti will still find a way of expressing itself.

To Be Continued