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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Health Tips - How to Treat Frozen Shoulder Naturally

How to Treat Frozen Shoulder Naturally

     A Frozen shoulder is a condition when there is inflammation, pain and stiffness inside the shoulder region which can make it difficult for the shoulder joints move. 
 Some of the causes regarded as responsible for frozen shoulder are injury or trauma, autoimmune functioning and lack of fluids inside the joint. Symptoms of it may well basically include dull pain, pain in outer shoulder area and upper arm and pain whilst you move your arm. 

 People struggling with stroke, diabetes, arthritis, heart problems or lung disease are more likely to get impacted by frozen shoulder. It is mostly typical among people who are forty to sixty years old. 

 Women are twice prone to suffering from frozen shoulder than men. Those who have undergone a surgery for the shoulder or individuals who have sustained an accident in the shoulder could also develop frozen shoulder. There are basically three stages of frozen shoulder; painful stage, frozen or adhesive stage and thawing stage.

Here are Home Remedies for Frozen Shoulder

1. One in the effective natural home remedies for frozen shoulder is usually to do some stretching. It will improve your range of motion.

2. Heat pack can be considered to be one of the efficient home cures. It helps for making the stiff joints and muscles loosen up along with pain reduction. All you need to do is apply a hot compress for the affected region for fifteen minutes. Follow this method three to six times a day.

How to Treat Frozen Shoulder Naturally

3. Mix some mustard oil and warm it in a pan. Now take 3 or 4 cloves of garlic. Crush these garlic cloves and place them inside pan and wait till they turn dark brown. Allow this mixture to chill down a little bit. Massage your shoulder with this particular warm oil. It will lessen the pain.

4. Black sesame seeds are incredible in reducing the pain. All you need to do is have a spoonful of black sesame seeds and soak them in water. Allow it to steep overnight and the next morning ,you can consume these seeds with the water.

5. Allow the front of your body cross your arms. Now with assistance from other arm make an effort to press the affected arm towards chest. Practice this process for thirty seconds, double it in a day. This procedure is very effective in improving the mobility of your arm. It will also prevent further stiffness.

6. Eat warm and fresh meals only. Consume hot soups made with pulses, lentils or meat with dashes of long pepper, powdered ginger and black pepper.

8. Do not eat spicy, fried, pungent and oily foods. 

9. Eat oils in moderate amount in your meals. They will be very useful in lubricating the joints of the shoulder.

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