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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Relationship Tips - How to Save Your Relationships

 How to Save Your Relationships
  Does this sound familiar? You work very long hours trying to make a good living but your spouse does not feel that you are there for her like you should be. Your wife spends her time slaving over running the household such as taking care of the kids and does not seem to have any time for you. Yes this is typical for many. But what can be done to help a relationship that seems to be spiraling out of control.

  Listed below are 6 steps to saving a relationship 
1.Hard work
Yes, with hard work most relationships can be saved however you must decide that you and your spouse really want to make it work. If there is any reluctance from either of you there is little hope that the relationship can be saved.
2.committed to saving the relationship.
Saving a relationship has to be more than doing it for the children, which do not get more wrong is very admirable, however saving a relationship needs each party needs to show full commitment.
3.Identify the underlining problems of your relationship.
For example affairs seem to be the problem causing many breakups while in actuality the affair is just an underlining symptom of a much deeper problem. Many times a lack of intimacy leads to a spouse into an affair. Here the symptom is the affair but the real problem is the lack of intimacy. To save the relationship you must deal with the intimacy problem.
Your most recognize quickly that the symptoms of your problems are not the root cause for your problems.
Dealing with the core issues is where you much start to save your relationship.
 How to Save Your Relationships
4. Share your real thoughts.
What does this mean? Verbalization to each other of how you feel and truly listening to your spouse's concerns. Connect by holding your partner's hand as you each express how you feel. Look directly into her eyes as she speaks to you will show that you what to reconnect with her. You must do this even if you do not agree with what she may be saying. Talk about things that have hurt each other but keep your emotions in check as you do this. Getting deep into each of your feelings is what is needed to save the relationship.
5.Develop an action plan.
Yes develop an action plan on how you are going to solve the problems you have identified. In detail write them out on a piece of paper.
Write down when you are going to plan that next night out. Write down the day, time, and where you are going and then hold yourself to this plan.
Take turns in decided what activity you will engage in each week but again get a calender and write it down. Plan it out and commit it to paper. If communications is the problem write down that you will spend 15 minutes each day just talking alone to each other. Again keep an action chart or on your calender that you accomplished this. Both of you reviewing the actions you have taken is another way to improve the relationship.

6.Its an on-going work in progress.
Making your relationship is a process that takes time. You are going to have your good days but you are also going to have some bad days. You are going to laugh but there will also be tears.
when problems do arise be quick to say I am sorry and do not look to point blame at your spouse.