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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How To Get Rid Of Flu Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Flu Naturally
     Flu is really a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. It can be a contagious illness which could spread by just coming in contact with the infected person who sneezes or coughs. Some of the common signs and symptoms of flu are dry cough, sore throat, body aches, chills, stuffy nose, fever and headache.

There are several home remedies for flu that happen to be very effective and will be used inside the comforts in your home. 

Here are 8 Home Remedies for Flu

1. Drink lots of water so as to keep your body hydrated. Water helps in hydrating the the respiratory system and dilutes the thick mucus formation as a result of respiratory infection. It is better if you drink warm liquids when experiencing upper respiratory infections. But remember to never drink alcohol, or tea as they can cause dehydration in your body.

2. In order to get rest from runny nose and congestion it is recommended to drink juices made of pomegranate, apple, cranberry, pear and dark grapes.

How To Get Rid Of Flu Naturally
3. Moist heat compresses are good to be among the efficient home remedies for flu.this solution is quite effective in giving respite from throbbing head and also helps with making it an easy task to breathe. All you need to do is heat some water until it might be warm enough. Now take a hand towel and soak it into this water. Squeeze the surplus water after which use this towel to moist compresses on the sinuses and cheeks.

4. Take one tablespoon of honey and make it lukewarm. Now mix 1 / 4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder inside it. Consume this mixture daily for one more three to four days. This will boost your immunity system and stop infection from virus and bacteria.

5. Before taking a bath try adding ten to twenty drops of essential oils for example lemon, tea tree, lavender or eucalyptus in the water. Now bathe using this type of water. This will ease the symptoms of flu and still provide strength to the immune system.

6. If the flu causes scratchy or sore throat then you can certainly use warm salt water solution to gargle. It will clear your throat of all accumulated secretions.

7. Avoid fried food , or smoke.

The above are do it yourself and they are proven to be effective.
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