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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Marriage Counseling - How To Be Hospitable In Your Marriage

 Hospitality is the friendly or generous reception and entertainment of guest, visitors and strangers or the act of being friendly and welcoming guest and visitors. Hospitality is about serving each other. it is treating each other like a royalty. it is good treatment.
  If there is one place we would like to feel welcomed and treated as royalty, it would be at home. Given examples in the Bible shows that hospitality is rewarded;the shunammite woman, Abraham, Lot and so on are Biblical examples of hospitality. It is important to hospitable towards all.
  When you marry,one of the commitments you assume is to care for your wife or husband. this is not luxury but the basic thing to do.
Apparently, many couples still don't understand that an emotionally bankrupt marriage is responsible for failures in marriage. Below are tips to been Hospitable in Your marriage


1. Yourself. 
  Be hospitable to yourself. until you love, care and accept yourself, you will find it difficult to do likewise to others.

2.Your Partner.
  Be hospitable to your partner. let your partner feel your hospitality. he/she needs, yearns and longs for it.

3. Your Parents And Children.
 Be hospitable to your parents and children. this is what  parents and children must share from you.

4. Your in laws. 
  Be hospitable to your in-laws. it shows of your love and care for them. No in-law hates or speaks against hospitable. in-laws commends when it is present.

5.Friends and Strangers.
 You are commanded to love and be hospitable to all; both friends and strangers.

6.Your Enemies.
 If you have any enemy, you are commanded to love them because by so doing you would be pouring hot coals on them. but note you are not to have enemies, but where they exist, the Bible admonishes us to be hospitable towards them.


1. Present Yourself.
Come out and meet your partner or visitor.

Learn to welcome your partner or visitor with good smile.

 The next things to do is greeting. greet respectively and honorably.

Give a Helping Hand.
  Receive his/her bag, if any.

5. Usher in and make him/her feel welcomed.

Offer something to drink/eat or both.

 Be there to communicate and lively.

Get the room ready if he/she is to pass the night.


1. Love for people.

2. Condition your mind to receive and accept people (visitors).

3.Do not see people as a burden.

4.Consciously plan to receive guest.

5.Be determined to make people feel comfortable, welcomed and relaxed around you.

6. Be ready to make sacrifice.

Following the above Tips and instructions you will discover that been Hospitable wil never be a problem.
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