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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How I lost 21KG in 3 months By Debbie Ebube

How I lost 21KG in 3 months By Debbie Ebube
  This is a blog post by Debbie Ebube… Losing weight can be hard especially with all the greasy yet delicious meals and fizzy drinks that can be so addictive…
  I used to be a really big chunky girl and this was a problem. Weighing a staggering 100kg, I knew I had to do something about it. I hated how I looked, I hated how fat I was and I hated the effect it had on my health.
  Now let’s be honest. Fat shaming aside, there’s really no gain in being obese; whilst it is bad for the health, it also has its way of messing with your self-esteem and your mental health.
  So you can imagine. I was obese and depressed. Have it in mind that I was just about to leave for NYSC and with just two months and some weeks to go; I had to lose weight so as to not become a form of ridicule in the eyes of the soldiers in camp.
  I decided that it was high time I started doing something about my weight, and that was how my weight loss journey began.


  I started dieting. Yup! I did. I made a list of unhealthy foods that got me to 100kg and I started ruling them out one after the other.

  I started by cutting down on ‘carbs’, I was a huge fan of bread so this was really hard for me. I stopped eating white bread and started eating wheat bread until I eventually stopped eating bread for a while.

  I also ruled out carbonated drinks (p.s: carbonated drinks are straight off from the pit of hell *crying emoji* lol. Horrible for the waistline) and in place of that, I increased my water intake and once in a while treated myself to a glass of fruit juice.

   I ate more of beans, sweet potatoes, unripe plantains, chicken breasts, fish and vegetables. Fruits also became a huge part of my daily meals.


  This is the part that a lot of people are not excited to hear about and trust me, I wasn’t either at first. My sister used to rant about how I could not lose weight without exercising but I didn’t realize its importance until I lost a lot of weight and I had so much loose skin.

  The thing is, a healthier diet made me lose weight but because I wasn’t exercising, my skin was flabby.
Gradually, I started working out; from squats to planks to jumping jacks, I became a huge fan and I loved the results. My skin became firmer, I knew I was stronger and my skin was glowing! Hallelujah!!

Have a positive mindset

A lot of people asked me after I had lost 21kg; “who motivated you?” “Did you go to a gym?” “Did you have a trainer?” my responses usually were: “nobody”, “nope”, “nope”.

So how did I do it then? I simply focused on carving my mindset, from being negative and always saying “I can’t” to being positive and always saying “I can and I will”.

Having a positive mindset kept me going; I was motivated and fully charged to do it. I had some days when I felt like I couldn’t push myself, but I’d stare at my reflection in the mirror and I’d tell myself that I can and I will do it.

Now I’m a lot healthier, I haven’t reached my goal weight yet but I’m almost there and it makes me happy knowing that I’ve come this far and if I did it, you can do it as well!

Start today, make healthier substitutions, take a walk, drink water and watch your skin glow and your mental health get better.

I hope you eventually do it so your story can motivate someone to do it too. Remember “I can do all things…” I believe in you so make sure you believe too!

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