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Friday, 19 August 2016

Home Remedies For Cholera Treatment

 Home Remedies For Cholera Treatment
  Cholera is an infection in the small intestine called bacterium Vibrio cholerae. The main symptoms are profuse watery Stool (diarrhea ) and vomiting. The infection occurs primarily when water or food contaminated.
  The severity of cholera is diarrhea and vomiting which can lead to rapid dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. The primary therapyfor this is using oral rehydration solution (ORS) .
Antibiotics are important for patients with this severe disease.

 Signs of dehydration

The  signs of a dehydrated person as follows:

1.Dry mouth and skin
2."Glassy" eyes without tears
3.State of confusion, lethargy and drowsiness.
4.Rapid pulse.
5.Decreased urine output or not.
6.Serious thirst.

Home Remedies

  1. Oral Rehydration.
  The first and important way  for the treating cholera is to keep the body hydrated. Therefore, oral rehydration solution should be kept ready and used as much as possible.
 If you experience profuse vomiting, you should visit the hospital.

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2.Lemon Juice.
 Take fresh squeezed lemon juice on a regular basis every day. This helps kill cholera bacterium. This is one of the useful home remedies for cholera.

  For years, the onion is considered one in the best natural home remedies for cholera. To do this, grind about 30 grams of onion with black pepper 7.5. take this mixture several times a day.
Onions are also beneficial in the cure of cholera. It takes about 30 grams of onions and peppers black 10.7. Grind a combination and give the sufferer in 2 to three doses per day.

4. Cucumber Leaves.
 Make a glass of juice from cucumber leaves. Add a glass of coconut water. take  30-60 ml daily.
This works great to stop instances of anger as well as helps to reduce excessive thirst. This is one of the good home cures for cholera.
5. Water.
 Another best method to deal with cholera, obviously is to have plenty of water. It is very important to keep your body hydrated, so ensure that water intake is high. However, be sure that you filter your drinking water before consumption.

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