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Monday, 15 August 2016

Efective Home Remedies For Cervical Spondylosis

Efective Home Remedies For Cervical Spondylosis

    A Degenerative disease of the spinal region which ends up in shoulder and neck pain, frequent headaches and tightening of the muscles inside the neck and head region is recognized as cervical spondylosis. Some with the causes of cervical spondylosis are; lack of exercise, injury, faulty posture, wrong diet, stress, emotional problems, psychological strain and improper means of lifting weights. Some of the common symptoms are; nagging, giddiness, headache, numbness and tingling around the affected side, weak arm or hand muscles and acute or chronic stiffness.

Home Remedies

There are a couple of home remedies for cervical spondylosis that happen to be simple to follow and straightforward to use are as outlined below -

1. One of the most effective home remedies for cervical spondylosis is always to do some basic and simple exercises such as bicycling, walking and swimming. These exercises can provide the spinal disks an essential goodness and delay the entire process of deterioration.

2. Garlic is regarded as one of the efficient home cures for cervical spondylosis. All you need to do is eat two or three cloves of garlic every day, Or you can fry ten garlic cloves in oil (60 grams). Allow it to cool and then apply this oil around the affected part. Leave this oil around the area for around three hours and after that take a warm bath. Try this means of at least for fifteen days. 

3. One should also require a good care of his diet. A person experiencing cervical spondylosis really should have four meals in one day which may consist of whole-wheat bread sprouts, steamed vegetables, milk and salad. Try to have a diet containing calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, phosphorous and proteins.

4. Practice yoga two times a day for about 5 to 10 minutes. It can really show to be very effective for cervical spondylosis treatment.

5. Lemon juice is also one of the common and effective do-it-yourself solutions for cervical spondylosis. Mix some salt inside a lemon juice and drink it. Drink lemon juice 2-3 times per day in order to benefit from it.

6. Margosa or neem tree can be helpful for this problem. Make it a daily habit of consuming leaves and flowers from the tree.

7. Avoid smoking and cigarettes and tobacco products.

8. Do not take caffeine rich drinks such as coffee, tea and cola.

9. Try not to eat sweets, salty food and sour food.

10. Add fruit and vegetables in your diet like cabbage, tomato, lettuce, radish, cucumber etc.

11. Daily make it a habit of taking hot showers therefore it may be really helpful in case you wear a cervical collar.

12. Eat bitter vegetables like drumsticks and bitter gourd. Replace rice with wheat in what you eat. But avoid refined wheat like flour and semolina.

13. Avoid cold bath and also wrong posture while reading or writing and violent neck muscle exercise. Whenever you going out of the house remember to wear a scarf around your neck area.

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