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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

10 Reasons Guys Don't Want To Date You

10 Reasons Guys Don't Want To Date You
  Do get rejected by men that much? that you wonder why guys just don't wish to date you? These seven reasons might really be the reason why.

 1. Bad Dressing/Presentation .
   I'm all for comfortable clothes just be sure you are trying to get yourself a guy or impress a man you don't wish to throw on your sweats along with your extra large sweater that hangs horrible for you.

  You may think you appear natural, casual, instead of concerned about how many other people think  which may be true , yet it's not going to make some guy want to see what's under it and yes it may even cause them to not notice you as being a potential partner.

   I've seen guys who literally don't noticed a lady at one time and when she changed her way of  dressing in the next gathering, the guy was around her because of same person but just different presentation and dressing

 2. You Wear Too Much Makeup.
  I have known women which are completely different as soon as they just wake and whenever they put their makeup on. I mean they are like a new person and yes it's apparent.

  You may think that you gaze hot but guys have a tendency to like ladies who are a much more on the natural from the makeup department. Let the real you emerge

 3. You Talk Way Too Much.
  It's a woman's trait right? they talk and talk and talk. The problem is that guys want to talk too. They also like been quiet occasionally.

  A part of communication is listening and understanding. Practice all kinds of communication when going out with a guy.

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 4. You Complain Too Much.
  You complain about people, things, events, and other things you can whine about. There is only much complaining that some persons will take and to be truthful it's not a thing that attracts website visitors to you.

 Try being more positive about things and seeing the brighter side of life.
10 Reasons Guys Don't Want To Date You
 5. You Are a Stick in The Mud.
 You don't reap the benefits of what our life is throwing at you. Life is intended to live! Start doing things that are from a comfort zone and start living. You will find a great time, and men, in the process.

 6. You Are Fake
  I'm not talking about flowing hair or eyelashes; I'm talking about pretending to being something that you are not. When you tell a person that you'll be able to play an acoustic guitar just to impress him you are able to bet that he can not be too impressed along with you when you don't know how to hold his guitar when he wants you to play.

 Just tell the truth and let your true self stand out.

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7. You Are Really Loud
  Some women talk and laugh much too loud. Whether they think they're being charming or cute I'm not sure as well as the most part it's annoying. I find that many girls who feel they have got something to prove are just like this.

If you find yourself in one of this category, try changing and find out how to will win the next guy's heart.

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