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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Women's Issues - 12 Kinds of Food to Eat at Ease


Many people worry about the body is too fat or a little fat, and believe that eating vegetables will not get them fat, so the vegetables are often eaten indiscriminately and uncontralbly.  In fact, too much food with high carbohydrate vegetables,will result into fat in the body. So, when you start eating to lose weight, what food you should eat?

 1 Cucumber
 Cucumber contains alcohol acid helps suppress various food carbohydrates into fat in the body.

 2. Radish
 Radish with spicy ingredients mustard oil, promote fat metabolism, can prevent the accumulation of fat in the skin. Leek don't containing more digestible fiber, can promote bowel movement, there is a strong laxative effect.

 3 Whole wheat bread calories
 Whole wheat bread is the lowest calorie bread, no bag, if you would not be happy , on the proposed breakfast or tea time you eat whole wheat bread to full your stomach.

  4 Broccoli calories
 Broccoli is rich of high fiber content, with tomatoes, onions, green peppers and other materials can burn into a thin soup when hungry is very useful, low-card and make you full.

 5 Asparagus heat
 Asparagus is rich in vitamin A and C, used to make salad is a good choice, or make a cup of cooked asparagus cooker leisure, watching TV when songs as snacks to eat, healthy and not fat.

 6 Eggplant
 Eggplant with scientific research that can play in the dinner meal to prevent absorption of fat and effect, and contains vitamins A, B and C, to the people of weighting loss, it?s really a kind of good food.

 7. Seafood
 Low-fat, high protein delicious title! Butterfish, croaker low in calories, good taste, and lean meat alternate food, so each meal is fresh and there is appetite!

 8 Lentils
 If you can mix with greens and edible, it can speed up the body's metabolism.

 9 Oranges
 Orange with natural sugar, more fiber and low Calories is the best choice. Used in place of candy, cakes, cookies and other desserts .

 10. Melons
 Gourd is rich in protein, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and carotene and so on. Containing alcohol acid can prevent the accumulation of body fat.

 11. Celery
 Contain vitamins A and C, but most of the water and cellulose, so the heat is low, not afraid to be fat if eat more.

 12 Mung bean sprouts
 Modern people are Lack of multi-fiber, so eat mung bean sprouts for health. When fried add a little vinegar to prevent the loss of vitamin B, it can also enhance weight loss.