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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Beauty- Natural acne treatment options and Home Remedies


  Every day, adolescents from all over the world confront themselves with the same problem: acne. From blackheads to real nasty scars, acne can create some big problems. Now science offer many alternatives for acne cures, but the best acne treatment remain the natural way. Such king of acne treatments can be found in numerous places, for example in health food nutrition stores. All natural acne treatments are made from vitamin A and some combination of herbs. It is said that these natural acne treatments are safe, because they don?t have any side effects. If you don?t trust what doctors say about skin care products, than the best solution for you is to learn and do it yourself. You can now take care of your acne in the kitchen. Here are some homes remedies which will help you get rid of your acne:

 1.Make use of fresh orange peel: Mix fresh orange peel in bowl with some water with the help of a medium piece of stone and then apply this mixture to the affected areas.

2. Glycerin based soaps: To eliminate the extra sebum produced by your glands, wash the affected areas every day with special soaps, based on glycerin or sorbitol. This will remove the oil and left your skin soft and hydatate. 

3.Fenugreek: Prepare paste of fenugreek. It is said that this is an effective way to take care of your acne.

4. Garlic: Eat 3 seeds of garlic minimum everyday and rub the affected skin with raw garlic as often as you can every day.

5.Rooibis Tea: Japanese proved that rooibis tea is very efficient in treating acne.
6.Fruits and vegetables: If you want to eliminate the acne, then you should start cleaning your system too. In order to do this, consume large quantities of fruits and vegetables every day and drink at least 2 liters of water.

7.Baking soda : You can exfoliate your skin using baking soda. It is very easy and very cheap to made, and you already have the ingredients in your kitchen. Rub your face with it and you will eliminate dead skin that will eventually infect and create acne.

8. Aloe Vera : For many years, people have used aloe vera in their kitchen for burns, not knowing that aloe vera juice can also cure acne spots, preventing scars.

 Lemon, carrot juice and cucumber are all capable of helping your digestive system work properly.

9. Strawberry: Use strawberry leaves to reduce the swellings on the acne spots. 
10. Lemon: Reduce the acne and retard the inflammation with a gently massage with lemon and then wash with warm water.

11.Holy basil: Boil some leaves of tulsi (holy basil) for 5-6 minutes in water and then live them over night. Apply on the affected areas.

 If you want these methods to work, then you should commit to them. Don?t expect them to work in a few days, be patient and follow the treatment. After a few months you will see the results. No more blackheads or any other acne manifestation. At the end of these natural acne treatments your skin will be smooth and healthy.