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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Health and Fitness - How to Lower your Cholesterol the Natural Way


  How to Lower your Cholesterol the Natural Way

   Are you often constipated, and do you feel that you have a lot of food left in your body, with so much you still need to let go? Have you been diagnosed with high cholesterol levels, or do you have a family history of atherosclerosis? Has your doctor asked you to take a high-fiber supplement, or get more fiber into your diet? You might want to try ProFibe by incorporating it into your diet.                 
  ProFibe is a water-soluble powder containing soluble, fermentable fibers. It takes its fiber from soy proteins, guar gum, and a compound called citrus pectin. These ingredients are generally recognized as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration (or US FDA), and are accepted as safe by the World Health Organization (WHO).

 If you have high levels of cholesterol in your blood, you are a candidate for heart disease. Although the ability of your body to break down cholesterol is largely determined by heredity, you can still lower your cholesterol levels by a good diet, regular exercise, and meeting the recommended daily allowance of both soluble and insoluble fiber.
   Both soluble and insoluble fibers benefit the body in numerous ways. Soluble fibers are fermented in the large intestines, releasing short chain amino acids that can do your body all kinds of good, from strengthening the immune system to lowering the levels of cholesterol in your bloodstream.

  Insoluble fibers are not completely digested in the body, but they can attract toxins and allow your stool to soften, making it pass quickly out of your large intestine. And because many foods containing fibers can also feel heavy on the stomach, they can act as natural appetite suppressants, minus the dangerous side effects that most medicinal appetite suppressants have.
  However, it can be difficult to eat fiber every day, since most of the best dietary fiber is present in fresh fruits and vegetables, which can be hard to come by for a variety of reasons. A serving of ProFibe has all the soluble fibers, thanks to citrus pectin, equal to two grapefruits, down to their rinds and seeds.
 Grapefruit pectin and grapefruit in general have long been studied for their healthful effects on the body. In clinical studies, grapefruit consumption resulted in lower blood pressure, as well as lower cholesterol levels. A small study also showed that grapefruit can benefit people suffering from eczema. In other studies, grapefruit pectin also showed that it can fight bacteria, fungi, parasites, and toxins.

  According to studies, ProFibe can lower cholesterol, and can improve your tolerance to glucose, make the condition of your teeth better, lower your blood pressure, and improve circulation to your kidney arteries, among others.

  If you plan on using ProFibe, you still need to supplement your regimen with a balanced diet, moderate exercise, measures to control your blood pressure, proper stress management, and total elimination of poor lifestyle habits, such as alcohol consumption and smoking.