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Saturday, 16 July 2016

How To Cure Procrastination


'Productivity is simply getting the result you want. If you get the result you want, then you are productive. If you don't get the result you want, then you're not productive. When you define productivity this way, it keeps you from confusing being 'busy' with productivity.
 ' The key to creating a happy, successful, satisfied life is learning to get the results you want rather than the results that other people want you to have. Wake Up Productive is about designing your life so it happens AUTOMATICALLY.

 ' Use your willpower to create new habits. Once you build a new habit, then you don't need to use your willpower anymore, because you do the new behavior naturally and automatically.
 ' We are creatures of habit. We think, feel and do the same things, day after day. Maybe in a little different order, but we are basically doing the same stuff every day... in habitual patterns and combinations. Habits are the internal paths of least resistance.
 ' So where is the place we can invest our energy to get the biggest return? It's in creating new habits - and specifically, habits that bring us the highest possible success and returns. This is the path to accelerating your success in life.
 ' In the beginning, you need a lot of extra energy to overcome the gravity of your original habits. I call this 'Habit Gravity'... and I call the point where you get free of the pull of your old habits 'Escape Velocity.'
 ' When doing a new habit, you actually get a couple or few days of help... because you're excited and optimistic, but things quickly change, as your system goes into resistance.
 ' Days 1-10: Optimism that turns rapidly into avoidance and even defiance.
 ' Days 10-20: Strong resistance that begins shifting to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
 ' Days 20-30: Acclimation & increase in productivity - becomes a natural part you.
 ' You have to set things up so that you DO this new habit every day, so that it takes root, and  becomes a part of you.
 ' Tip: Do new habits early in the day, when you still have willpower.
 ' Inevitability: Set up your environment to make success automatic - and inevitable.
 ' 'Start Now, Don't Deviate!'
 ' Put this reminder sheet somewhere that you'll see every night before bed, and first thing in the morning when you wake up - to get you on the right track.
 The 10x Productivity Factor  ' Productivity is unexpectedly powerful: In most areas of life, the most you can hope to improve things is maybe 10% or 20%, but productivity is one of those incredibly rare areas in life where you can multiply... not 10% or 20%, but 100% or 200%... or even 1,000%.
 ' In business it's more valuable to work on your product and marketing than almost anything else. Why? Because your product and your marketing form the engine of the economic machine called your BUSINESS. These are worth multiple times, ten times, and maybe even a hundred times the value of doing something 'ordinary' like checking mail or running errands. It's a big difference - not 10% or 20% more valuable - again, more like 100% to 1000% more valuable.
 ' You're 10x as productive when you're doing your very highest value activities, in focused, uninterrupted blocks of time. This means that if you just spend 20% of your time doing your highest value work, you can double your productivity.
 ' Deep Rejuvenation: It's better to completely unplug and relax into 'Deep Rejuvenation' - than it is to do most things with your spare or discretionary time.
 ' Rejuvenation is the FUEL or the basic building block of energetic focus - of the flow state itself.
 ' No rejuvenation, no energy. No energy, no focus. No focus, no flow... and no productivity.
 ' If you spend 30 minutes taking a break, doing deep rejuvenation and relaxation, it gives you back your energy and focus for the next couple of hours in your business. It doesn't pay you back 10% or 20% more, it pays you back 100% or 1000% more.
 ' Task-switching is inefficient; this is why distraction and interruption cost you so much. It takes about 20 minutes to get back to where you were before you were interrupted If you're interrupted every 20 minutes, you'll end the day having gotten NOTHING productive done.
 ' Schedule Interruptions: Set up voicemail and email auto responders that give people the information, and let them know the rules. Don't respond to emails immediately.
 Enlightened Multi-Tasking: Do a couple of sessions a day of multi-tasking, but pre-plan them.  ' Use the 60-60-30 solution, to work in two blocks of focused, uninterrupted time on your
 ' Tip: Use a timer for your focused blocks of high-value work time - it frees your mind.
 ' Put this sheet of tips up somewhere so you see it at the beginning and end of each day!