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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Diabetes - Diabetes and Exercise What You Should Know!


     Diabetes if not controlled with the help of medicines can lead to a lot of complications. It is a slow killer and that is why people are lax about it. But the truth is that diabetes is among the top ten causes of deaths in the world! But why take only the medicines when there is an even better and healthier way to control diabetes? The best alternative which will go a long way in controlling diabetes is exercise. In fact, exercise and diabetes should always go hand in hand.
  In diabetes, body loses the ability to synthesize glucose. When glucose builds up in the body and becomes life threatening; while you cannot change your genetic disposition you can certainly take care of two things, diet and fitness. Managing diabetic health becomes really easy if you support your medicinal treatment with the right exercise. 

  Fitness and diabetes when combined together help to reduce diabetes related problems. Exercise increases glucose uptake by the cells and decreases production of glucose by the liver. Also, exercise burns up energy that is stored in the muscle cells. This makes cells hungry for more glucose. Thus, glucose moves from the blood into cells, preventing the conversion of glucose to fat. It also helps to improve the use of insulin by the body and burn excess body fat which helps to decrease and control weight. Muscle and bone strength and bone density also improves. It helps to lower blood pressure. It increases body’s bad LDL cholesterol count and increase its good HDL count. It also improves blood circulation thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. It also reduces stress, tension and anxiety and helps to relax. Thus diabetic control is possible by following a proper exercise program.

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  Personal training and diabetes coupled together has a profound effect on the health of diabetic people.
The best form of exercise is outdoor exercises in fresh air where sweating occurs. If you have not been exercising then start with 15 minutes of exercise and gradually increase it to 30 minutes. A brisk walk can do wonders for your diabetes and health. Other aerobic exercises that can help in management of diabetes include jogging, aerobic dance or cycling. If you have problems with the nerves in your feet or legs, do an exercise that won't put stress on your feet. These exercises include swimming, rowing or chair exercises.

  People with diabetes should take the advice of the doctor about the right type of exercise for them.
They should check their blood sugar level before and after exercising. Checking the feet for blisters and sores is also important since wounds in diabetic people take long time to heal. Ensure that you are wearing correct footwear and drinking plenty of fluids during exercise. Never forget to do the customary warm-up before the exercise. Keep a snack handy in case your blood sugar level drops too low.

Reduce the consumption of refined grains, instead eat fiber rich food. A good exercise and diet routine can help you not only control diabetes but also prevent its side effects like blindness, heart diseases, limb amputation etc.