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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

4 Things Not Say To People With Anxiety Disorder

Unfortunately anxiety disorder is often misunderstood. Most of us deal with some nervousness or anxiousness in our lives. But this is not remotely similar to the tidal wave that hits someone who has anxiety disorder.
  Just a simple comment can wreck the emotional state of a person who is already carrying the burden of fear, anxiousness and nervousness. Highlighted below are four things that an individual should avoid telling a person suffering from anxiety:

Here are 4 Things Not Say To People With Anxiety Disorder

1.All you need to do is calm down: As the quote goes, "Telling someone with anxiety to just calm down is like telling someone with epilepsy to just stop having a seizure." The problem with anxiety disorders is that one cannot calm down just like that. Telling such a person to maintain composure is indicating that they themselves are responsible for triggering their anxiety episodes, which is not true. Nobody wants to suffer from a debilitating condition. Thus, in such a condition, it is better to ask how they can be supported in overcoming their anxieties.

 2. Don't think about it: "I have no idea how not to think." Absolutely! How will a person suffering from anxiety not think about it? For example, tell a person who is devoid of any mental disorders to not think about the last match that his team lost to their biggest opponents. He will think about it night and day, take more stress and get more anxious. In fact, a person who is suffering from anxiety experiences it more than this man. The thoughts overwhelm an anxious person incessantly and it is extremely hard to turn those thoughts off. So, it is always better to distract the person from such persistent thoughts, may be by taking him/her for a walk in nature, for example. Such an act can deviate his mind.

 3.Have a drink. it will ease your mind: Never ever ask a person with anxiety disorder to drink a few sips of wine, whiskey or beer. It will surely offer a calming effect but it is short-lived and will make matters worse in the long run. There is a tendency of getting addicted to alcohol and a continuous inflow of drinks into the system may aggravate the problem. Co-occurring disorders are harder to treat. Therefore, one should never inculcate the habit of drinking, especially when suffering from some mental issue. Consulting a doctor for a proper treatment should be the right step.

 4.Don't worry so much. it's no big deal anyway: "Just because I can't explain the feelings behind my anxiety, doesn't make them less valid." Whatever a person with anxiety is worrying about, it is a "big deal" to him. People who are not in his position will never understand. Instead, a friend or a family member can listen to his woes and concerns in a compassionate manner and support him.