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Thursday, 28 July 2016

For Ladies - 13 Online Dating Tips For Single Ladies

13 Online Dating Tips For Single Ladies
   In my opinion, one of the main reasons for having your picture taken can be so that people will recognize you when they meet you directly.  If you speak to someone Online for the period of time and in the end agree to meet, bad as it may be it's supposed to work out when your profile pictures look practically nothing like you.
 Based on my own experiences with Online dating, in addition to my knowledge about photographing people for Online dating profiles.

 Here are 13 Online Dating Tips For Single Ladies

 1) Add a current picture of yourself to your profile.
 Be current, I mean use an image that was taken today.  If you are able to afford to have professional pictures taken, obviously any good selfie will suffice when the lighting is decent.  Just be sure to take head shots as well as full length photos which has a selfie stick or maybe hand your phone with a friend and enquire of him/her to snap quick pictures. 

 2) Never post an image of images. 
 The hairstyle and wardrobe from 1979, along with the flash reflecting off the print, make it painfully obvious that the picture was taken a long time ago and that you don't have any of your current pictures.
13 Online Dating Tips For Single Ladies

 3) Never make use of a group photo as your main profile picture. 
 How is your prospective future soulmate likely to figure out who you really are you are?  Avoiding using a lot of group pictures, generally speaking,is a very good idea.

 4) Take a few minutes to answer the essential questions in your profile. 
 I generally ignore or block ladies who write me whenever they haven't bothered to even fill in the most basic information in their profiles.  I don't have enough time to ask every one of them a great deal of questions only to find out if we've anything in accordance. The things that should be addressed when reading your  profiles should  include marital status, smoking habits, drinking habits, amount of pets in your own home, and quantity of children in your house etc.

 5) Never post an image of yourself that is digitally altered. 
 These modifications are often very obvious.  Also, when you meet someone personally and that person sees the real you, those airbrushed wrinkles and extra pounds will certainly stand out a lot more, and this is very discouraging.

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6) Don't lie inside your profile. 
 If you're a chain smoker, for an example, do not check the non-smoker box in your profile.   If a female has no problem lying about something as significant as smoking, l wonder what other things she has lied about and definately will continue lying about.
13 Online Dating Tips For Single Ladies

 7) Choose a username that says something both intriquing, notable and true about yourself. 
 For example, I've stumble upon some women's profiles with usernames like SmilesAlways721 or AlwaysSmiling823 and most of their pictures potrays them with big frowns on their own faces.  How can anyone take them seriously?

 8) Avoid posting multiple Online dating profiles on a single site. 
 It may sound preposterous but I have actually seen one woman post of a dozen profiles on a single site with slightly different usernames but with the same pictures.  It makes her look incredibly desperate. 

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9) Avoid Aerials. 
 If  a ladies picture, especially tight selfie head shots, are removed from way above her head, and she has no full-length shots, this indicates obvious if you ask me that jane is trying to disguise her obesity.

 10) Avoid hiding. 
 I have seen too many women hiding their behind trees, chairs, dogs, and other people inside their pictures.  The way I see it, if women is very overweight, she must be honest and open it up in her profile. I don't see how trying to deceive people,would possibly pay off.

 11) Avoid posting pictures of things that aren?t you, especially with your main profile picture.
 Too many women make the mistake of developing their house, car, dog, or perhaps some other random person in their main profile picture.  With tens of thousands of other Online dating profiles to pass through, who may have time to dig through pictures of dogs, cars, plants, houses, and also other random what to find the one picture of the baby who wrote the profile.
13 Online Dating Tips For Single Ladies

 12) Avoid posting pictures of yourself that have been taken in 1986. 
 This is associated with the first tip that I mentioned.  Although it appears outlandish, I've actually stumble on this type of thing a number of times.  One woman, for example, posted pictures of herself which was taken several years previously. 
This is not ideal as it will discourage whoever comes across your profile.

 13) Get your address right.
 Too many times, I run across women who claim to live in Houston, TX but after talking with them I find out that they reside in some city hundreds or perhaps thousands of miles away.  Obviously, I block them after I discover the lie.  If you live in Houston, then put that within your profile.  That way, nobody has their time wasted.  On many internet dating sites, it is possible to actually enter your exact zipcode so that folks who live nearby may well be more inclined to contact you.

 I hope these pointers will help you with your Online dating experience.