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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Wellness - Lemon Grass Health Benefits, What You Need to Know


It’s Spring season again and once more we have to deal with common colds, island traffic, flooding and for quite a lot of us slight fevers.

The best recipe is lemongrass tea with honey, guaranteed to keep your colds away.
It is actually quite common and easily cultivated

Here are what you need to know about Lemongrass.

1.It is a great colon cleanser and helps with stomach disorders. It helps in cleaning and flushing harmful toxic wastes from the body, as a result of its diuretic properties. This detoxification helps in regulating the various bodily organs, including the liver and kidney, while reducing the levels of uric acid as well. The diuretic effect of lemongrass helps in increasing the quantity and frequency of urination, which helps in maintaining digestive health, removing accrued fats, and assisting in maintaining a clean system.

2.Lemongrass is beneficial in treating Type-2 diabetes and helps fight cancer. Studies have shown that the citral present in lemongrass helps to maintain optimum levels of insulin and improves glucose tolerance in the body.

3.Besides helping to reduce body odour and other odoriferous items lemongrass  is often used in the manufacturing of perfumes, deodorants, polishes, candles and waxes, to add fragrance to soaps and cosmetic products and believe it or not to lure and attract honey bees for various commercial purposes in some countries.

4.It aids in fighting depression due to its aromatic presence as well as calming the muscles and nerves which helps in inducing deep sleep. Research has also shown that lemongrass tea has sedative and hypnotic properties which assists in increasing the length and quality of sleep.

5.It is known as the ‘fever grass’, owing to its advantageous effects in reducing fevers. The anti-pyretic and diaphoretic effect of lemongrass is extensively used in alternative medicines for curing fevers by inducing sweating.

6.Lemongrass is widely used in traditional medicine for its healing effects in treating coughs and colds. Along with other beneficial lemongrass lady components, the vitamin C content present in lemongrass helps in providing relief from nasal blockages, flu and other respiratory disorders such as bronchial asthma.

7.It is a treasured skin tonic worldwide and makes an effective cleanser for oily or acne-prone skin because of its astringent and antiseptic qualities. It helps in strengthening the skin tissues and toning up the pores while also sterilizing them. (Kindly note though that care should be taken while using lemongrass products, as the undiluted application might lead to dermal irritation in some cases.)