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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Relationships - 4 Ultimate Reasons Older Couples are getting Divorced



  A lot of older couples are getting divorced and calling it quits. It has been observed that the divorce rate for those aged 50 and older doubled between 1990 and 2010. 

 Couples can divorce later in life for the same reasons younger couples split up as infidelity, financial pressures, regrets about earlier decisions, or a desire for greater independence. But when you’re over 50, these reasons are framed by aging and the realization that you have more years behind you than ahead of you.

Below are 5 Ultimate Reasons Older Couples are getting Divorced-

 1. Loneliness
A husband or wife tries to reach out to communicate a desire to spend more time together. He wants to go out more often. She says she’s too tired and besides, she can’t leave the kids at night. She asks to talk together more and tries to communicate her fears or frustrations. He says ‘it’s all good, stop worrying so much’ and does not give her the feeling that he is listening. These are missed indications that keep repeating themselves until a person just grows too weary and stops trying.

2. Becoming strangers to each other

Couples who have spent years parenting and working hard on their careers through their 20’s and 30’s surprisingly discover that they are not the same people they were when they began their journey together. Over the newly quiet dinner table they find awkwardness. Husband and wife realize that the person sitting across from them seems unfamiliar. Through all the chaos of the ‘wonder years’ they sometimes evolve into different people. They wake up one morning, the kids are gone and they don’t recognize the intimate stranger with whom they shared their lives with.

3. Withdrawal
When asked to extend oneself physically or emotionally, some individuals withdraw instead. Both men and women find it easy to discover different avenues where they seek a safe haven. These could be long nights on work projects, after office get-together, being consumed with a hobby or leisure activity, child rearing responsibilities, caring for aging parents, too many hours in the gym, community events or intense social friendships. Of course we all need outlets and personal space. But once we use these outlets as means of retreat from a spouse, the danger to future stability becomes obvious.

4. Loss of romance
With all the stress of daily living, it becomes easy for older couples to put off intimacy and romance. Long discussions about paying bills, school issues and difficulties with the children usually overtake their conversations. Sentimental walks and sweet talks between husband and wife seem to be part of a past life which has slipped away. Faced with new couple time after years of living all about the kids, this time together can feel strange. It becomes easy for husband and wife to lead separate lives each on their own laptops or mobile phones or in the daily newspapers. The empty nest is filled with silence; there is barely what to say to one another so their passion for each other is gone.